Families of Ethiopian Airlines crash victims get long-awaited apology

By | February 14, 2020

Families of Ethiopian Airlines crash victims get long-awaited apology
Families of Ethiopian Airlines crash victims get long-awaited apology
They came with photos of loved ones, they say they’re government forgot 11 months to have this meeting to me. It feels like Danielle and the rest of the 18 Canadian died and just disappear because nobody in our the Canadian government talk about it. You know sleeping dogs lie and that’s the problem. With this government Danielle died last March biologist. She was on her way to a un assembly when are playing a Boeing 737 Max crash in Ethiopia, killing 18 Canadiens. It was the second deadly crash involving a Max in 5 months, countries around the world swiftly moved to ground the fleet. Canada’S transport Minister waited 3 days, making Canada one of the last countries to pull the planes from the sky for him to make a decision powder. Oggy lost his mother-in-law, wife and three young children in the Ethiopian crash that loss, he said was made worse this week, when Justin Trudeau visited a memorial to the crash victims during his trip to Africa, even though he knew met with victims, families, it has taken him. 11 months, why did he even he didn’t even mean to do that to Stanley’s? When is the meeting wanting to know what Canada new after the first plane crash and why it took so long to ground a plane after talking to Darnell for more than 3 hours? Today, families came out with an apology that it took so long to arrange the meeting made a mistake and they can’t take that back. They they got some answers today, but still have many more questions about why their loved ones died and if anything could have been done to prevent it.
The families of Canadian Ethiopian Airlines victims met with Transport Minister Marc Garneau and got the apology they waited 11 months for.

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