Facial recognition | AFP Animé

By | February 17, 2020

Facial recognition | AFP Animé
Facial recognition | AFP Animé
Facial recognition is a biometric technology used to authenticate or identify an individual from a photograph for a facial image. The technique makes it possible to authenticate identity. Visual is who he or she claims to be the Emojis compared to an existing image in a database, a person can also be identified in a group placed image or database from a still from video. Software generates an image based on the faces, unique traits. The base of the ears, the distance between the two pupils, the shape of the nose eyebrows, uneven skin gray, hair and clothes are not taking into account.

The next step is to compare the face print with images in database to reduce the margin of error. The quality of the image must be good: the face of a well-lit full face of the correct distance from the lens originally used to fight crime. Facial-Recognition now has more mundane uses such as accessing bank accounts and social media platforms, but there are worries it could also presented a threat to privacy and individual liberties. Technology also raises questions about the use of databases.
Videographic on facial recognition. Amid fears of a Big Brother-style society ruled by machines, the EU will urge authorities and companies to think hard before rolling out facial recognition technology. But the bloc, which will make a much-anticipated announcement this week on the role of artificial intelligence (AI), will stop short of imposing an outright ban, a top official said.VIDEOGRAPHICS

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