Exiled Turkish novelist Asli Erdogan acquitted in terror trial

By | February 16, 2020

Exiled Turkish novelist Asli Erdogan acquitted in terror trial
Exiled Turkish novelist Asli Erdogan acquitted in terror trial
She had been facing more than nine years in prison on terror charges, but this is Dan Bull Cortez, now a quit it writer us we are don’t want for her lawyer. It’S a victory for the freedom of expression in Turkey, Mississippi Press case. It’S a case of freedom of thought and expression. From now on, we hope found comes like this, for all journalists under arrest and on trial. President, everyone is a renowned Turkish writer whose novels have been translated into several languages in 2016.

She was one of thousands to taint in the president’s opposition Crackdown following a failed coup against him arrested for her link to a pro-kurdish newspaper. She spent four months in prison in pre-trial detention. Sparking International outcry now some for years on to can perhaps begin to leave the case behind acquitted of the terror charges against her, including belonging to a terrorist group and disrupting the unity of the state. Another charge of spreading Terror propaganda was dropped.

A verdict, that’s relieved, her mother, I took Look to You and I can’t believe it. I was expecting it, but I still couldn’t believe it. I asked many times if she was really acquitted. I could only believe it after I had the word acquittal, nine or 10 times, I’m so happy. The 52-year old rider now lives in self-imposed Exile in Germany.
A Turkish court on Friday acquitted renowned novelist Asli Erdogan on charges of membership of an armed terror organisation.

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