Ex-ambassador Heyman: Trudau said nothing offensive towards Trump

By | December 10, 2019

Ex-ambassador Heyman: Trudau said nothing offensive towards Trump
Ex-ambassador Heyman: Trudau said nothing offensive towards Trump
All right meantime, a British prime minister, Boris Johnson, was also seen on that tape and he was asked about the conversation that went on a short time ago. Listen to this ambassador to Canada and he’s standing by in Chicago Bruce great to have you on the show. Now, and of course, is always what do you make of this story? So it’s it’s Trump at his usual his normal. He is creating a traction and he needs a distraction. We have one of the most significant events in US history taking place simultaneously with this, and that is those are impeachment. Hearings of a president only happened three previous times. The prime minister did not say anything that was offencive and anybody making it seem to. He did is wrong and if the president made those statements and then backtracked on them and then joked about him, look he’s creating a meeting and possibly not even between these two men. No, I don’t think so. I think in in all reality that Canada is our best friend. It’S our greatest trading partner. It’S our greatest Ally, historically and you know, is Trump – is very transactional. That’S what he’s all about. He doesn’t have deep relationships with any of these leaders. It’S clear and he’s just coming in blustering talking about his 2 % and doing his thing and the reality is that we as a country or facing a significant issue with regard to his presidency and he needs every distraction he can get right now. You know you were an Insider as an ambassador for a long time and what I find fascinating about these kind of stories, no is that the cover gets pulled back a little bit. We kind of see some of these Frank conversations that go on in this case. You got the leaders of Canada and the Netherlands and France in the UK all huddled around talking about Donald Trump for each one of those countries. Their relationship with the US, of course very important. Is it surprising that wears this kind of stuff happen all the time? If you hope world leaders find the time to have a more casual conversation to build relationships Beyond these formal meetings that take place, staffers all next to a reading, talking points. So that’s that’s what the side meetings are all about at Buckingham Palace or whether it happens at G7 meetings or even at other meetings that take place. So it’s important that they do that, and this was a social conversation that was taking place. I don’t like anything that was anything that was said was wrong and, yes, everything was delayed because Donald Trump, yes, his staffers, probably drop to draw when he was talking about the next juice meeting at Camp David or talking about retaliation against our NATO allies. And so I’m sure the staffers, you know we’re taking back by some of his comments and I think he was just being frank: Olivia asked you as well on you know. Obviously the headline they were now is going to Trump says that Trudeau is two-faced, but of course he went on to say, but he’s also a nice guy as well so they’re sort of two messages that are coming out from the president. At the same time yeah. I think it’s just a distraction, you know I I know the Prime Minister, I’ve never known him to be two-faced in all of my interactions with him. We work closely. We talked even through this 2 % level. By the way, the president has that all wrong. He keeps talking about AOS Troopers that they always 2 %. We don’t owe anybody anything as a country, and you don’t either it’s all about the percentage. Spending of your defense spending is part of your GDP. Canada has always been there for us. They were were there with us in Afghanistan, you had higher fatality rates than we did and you sacrificed so much as part of NATO as part of the response, and so look I’m grateful for the relationship we have. This will not impact it. Long-Term will be a very short-term story about his lost in all of this, the courses is the actual meeting that happened with the NATO members of the military Alliance, self Donald Trump, not holding a closing press conference as well. Do you think the president at least there’s a lot of noise? So can you cut through it for us and tell us what you think Trump really thinks about NATO? I don’t know what Trump really got a lot of things. Honestly, I’m going to be honest with you. I think that if you talked to members of Congress talk to our military, if you talk to most of the leaders within the United States, we value NATO. We value that Alliance. It has been in place since post World War and it is defended Europe and all of them against attacks, and I think that the president is just off on some Don Quixote type Mission here to try to do some transaction and make people pay more for something Bit pay for all they’re doing is investing in military spending. So where does Donald Trump feel about this? Your guess is about as good as mine about where he really feels about some of these things, but that will not change before relationship long-term. I think the structure of the United States is holding firm even in this crazy presidency, brucehaven former ambassador to Canada from the United States joining us today from Chicago and Illinois Bruce. Thank you so much for always
Former U.S. ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman says Prime Minister Trudeau did not say anything that was offensive, and that U.S. President Trump is “creating a distraction” amid the impeachment hearings.

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