EU outlines ‘Green Deal’ to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

By | December 11, 2019

EU outlines ‘Green Deal’ to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050
EU outlines ‘Green Deal’ to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050
Add a drawstring to you at Flagship. You do just finished presenting this Flagship policy to the Europeans when it contains 50 policy measures, know some of the biggest ones are monetarily, the biggest with a 100 billion Euro just transition fund, which will help evenly spread out the burden of the energy there’s going to Be a carbon border tax or carbon motor mechanism that she’s calling it that’s designed to make sure that production and companies don’t move outside of Europe to avoid stringent climate legislation was also going to be a new Industrial G and agricultural strategy to as Funderland put it Completely changed the way that the EU sees economic growth, make a new growth Paradigm. Now they’re real Flagship element of this proposal is, as you mentioned, that Target to completely decarbonize the EU by 2050. Now they would get to what’s called Net Zero emission. That means that they would almost completely reduce emissions and whatever emissions are left will be made up for by project that absorb carbon planting trees, so that, in the end, your app isn’t contributing any carbon emissions to the world. Now, the European Parliament, where she’s just presented this she’s kind of preaching to the choir there, they that’s the idea – is very popular there, there’s only like they far 8 Mbps. That are resisting that. But, of course, members of the European Parliament aren’t the ones that would have to implement these decisions. That’S the national governments and their Thunder lion faces a lot more skepticism sulfates, our first big step here at the European Council tomorrow at the summit. When member states will again consider the political endorsement of that 2050 decarbonization strategy. Hungary and the Czech Republic are resisting that now they probably wanted more money on that 100 billion. Just transition fund is designed to get them on board. I’M hearing that they probably will end their veto at that Summit tomorrow, the main reason being, but in this green deal, finder Logan says she will propose a legally-binding 2050 Target in March, whether or not Poland and it’s Vito, and so in the end that legislation would Just be have to be passed by a majority. This is really Poland’s take-it-or-leave-it Moana. Either you take this funding and then DeVito now or we’re going ahead anyway without you and you probably won’t get the funding is Walt’s Evangeline is trying to achieve these feel like SM. I’D rather ambitious goals for the European Union will the target distilled 30 years away. So it’s kind of hard to measure that right now it’s going to a lot on technology and a lot on societal changes. What we can measure more concretely is the inter in 20-30 Target right now that you had said that at 40 %, but Funderland in this proposal wants to increase at 2:50 or even 55 %. Ambitious and business groups are already saying: that’s not really feasible. The 2050 Target everyone kind of interested because it seems far away and the provisions are still vague at this point, but that 20/30 increase to 55 %. That’S going to get a lot of back, especially from industry groups who say it’s just not possible that even the 40 % that the EU already agreed is going to be very difficult. So I think that’s a big battle. We have coming up on that 20-30 interim Target Brussels. Thank you very much indeed.
The European Union’s new executive launched a Green Deal policy package to tackle climate change on Wednesday, trumpeting it as the bloc’s “man on the moon moment” – but fossil fuel-reliant eastern European states looked set to stall the initiative.

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