Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed receives Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo

By | December 11, 2019

Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed receives Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo
Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed receives Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo
This is Zion Africa. Ethiopia is the Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech on the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of peace and Algerian Court convicts two former Prime Ministers of the allies of long-time president and the famous Victoria Falls runs dry. Its worst drought in a century has deutz natural wonder to a trickle of its usual self. Ethiopia’S prime minister accepted on Tuesday for his efforts to resolve the to a decades-long conflict with neighboring Eritrea I’ll be himself served in the army during the war and said that experience fueled his desire for peace, Sean Amelia mean with morons ceremony in the challenges still facing The Prime Minister, Nobel Middle presented for bringing peace between his country, Ethiopia and former neighboring enemy Eritrea without hesitation Ethiopian Prime Minister abiy Ahmed dedicated the prize to Ethiopian and Eritrean the like, as well as his political counterpart, president 4K, was good. Will trust trust and commitment in ending. deadlock between our countries to stay only a day and a half in the Norwegian Capital refusing any media interaction for the duration at a time when countries torn by ethnic violence and when the implementation of the reconciliation process with Eritrea Is at a standstill to be a Battleground for super powers, nor a hideouts for the merchants of Terror in Brokers of Despair and misery. We want the Horn of Africa to become a treasury of peace and progress in the months following his inauguration. In April 2018, the young leader puts an end to 20 years of deadly war between the two countries, but the momentum of democratization initiated in his country, favor, the affirmation of ethnic identities lost of Tober ncrb demonstrations, let into ethnic clashes, leaving nearly 90 people did a Reaction from the capitol Gardner, how is Abby’s speech being received by the public there bye. I like to chew anytime soon, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his International Peace efforts? So how does the prime minister’s domestic agenda? How does it match with this image of him as a peacemaker on the continent? Well, I mean the first thing to say is that he is a peacemaker, which is also being reflected in Ethiopia as well is any gelatin winning, not big enough? I mean Tom Gardner in Addis Ababa. Thank you so much for your reporting. Next to developing story out of Somalia al-shabaab. The militant group has confirmed it is behind the gun battle at the asyl hotel police said they killed two attackers and rescued 82 people from inside the hotel is popular with government officials and llama, and it isn’t the first time it’s been targeted by al-shabaab. The group frequently launches bomb and gun raids in Mogadishu and attempts to topple Smalley is UN fact. Government. At least two people are dead in Northwestern Madagascar after the first tropical storm of the Season hit. The nation Cyclone has left more than 1,400 people homeless in the coastal town of Sue allowed and authorities say 3 people are still missing. Member of Parliament said the storms. Winds blew off or just lodged 80 % of roofs there. Water is still Rising across the city. Madagascar, as prime minister will be flying to Bilal to assess the damage next, a landmark verdicts in Algeria Today, a court, their sentence, two former Prime Ministers to Long prison terms for corruption. They were allies of former president abdelaziz Boutte speaker who stepped down I’m coming down. Just two days before a presidential election, which is bitterly opposed by the protest movie 2x Prime Ministers, sentenced to more than a decade behind running for office and the seizure of assets for president abdelaziz bouteflika, organize Bluetooth speakers, election campaigns that you were among 19 defendants tried On charges, including money laundering and abusive office on former industry, minister of this lamp, bushwa Rap On The Run abroad, was sentenced 20 years prison or two others was sentenced to 10 years. Defense lawyers Blanco to the trial and influenced by Design. The sentence isn’t fair. It doesn’t go far enough is Jutsu elected president to replace route Africa, who resigned in April off the master, ministrations the country’s protest movements by the regime to cling on to power. Finally, on the program we take you to one of the natural wonders of the world Victoria Falls located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The UNESCO world heritage site draws millions of visitors each year, but Falling record drought in the region largest waterfall in the world has almost completely dried up. Romper stasher takes us. There waterfalls one stood as a testament to the power of nature, but months of drought have reduced. The world-famous Victoria Falls to a mere Trickle. What states the longest dry season with ever had has unusually long dry season, could kill one of the Region’s biggest tourist attractions, which country draws millions of visitors each year, but Southern worst drought in a century is already having disastrous consequences for local population, dried-up, riverbeds and Crop failures have left around 45 million people in need of food Aid in the region, 18 Lockport Rd. This Is Us climate change intensifies. Experts predict that sites like Victoria Falls could become completely dried up, and then you future Region, 5 tickets from now will be unrecognisable compared to the region we are. We are living in today. Zimbabwe and Zambia have also been suffering frequent power Cuts in recent months. Both rely heavily on a hydroelectric dams Downstream of Victoria Falls.
In tonight’s edition: Ethiopia’s Prime Minister receives the Nobel Peace Prize. In his acceptance speech Abiy Ahmed dedicated the award to “those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of peace.”  An Algerian court convicts two former prime ministers of corruption. The allies of long-time President Abdelaziz Bouteflika were handed hefty jail sentences. And the famous Victoria Falls runs dry. The worst drought in a century has reduced the natural wonder to a trickle of its usual self. 

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