Emotional moment girl hugs donor for first time | Humankind

By | February 14, 2020

Emotional moment girl hugs donor for first time | Humankind
Emotional moment girl hugs donor for first time | Humankind
And everything but but when, when I saw her it wasn’t it wasn’t about any of that, it was just a normal kid until one day and then our whole world cup flipped upside down. We went through 16 months of not having an answer and trying to figure out with all the tests and everything and then two finally to get an answer is not the answer you wanted to hear, but it was an answer. Basically, myself can fight the bad stuff, but I can’t really stop fighting where my immune cells started fighting. I think the hardest part was the first time I was in the living room and they were going to tell me everything I was going to go through, which was my hair.

Have chemo not look the same and the finding a match? Just not words. You want to hear for yourself, and it’s certain words you want to hear. Tell me that I was. I was the best match for a 10 year old girl had to had to pull over, because I icon stop crying. It was one of the best days of my life. I got the call saying: one person isn’t perfect match they not only agreed to Safeway was life, but they said they were excited and capital letters any other kid 6th grader. I go to school five days a week. What date is different from everyone else is.

I do take medications and the morning right when I get home from school before I go to bed, I have blood work once a month just to see how my accounts are, how I’m hurting you are too, and I’m so to hear that she’s doing. Okay, if it puts me at ease, happy that you’re okay, all I could ever want an extraordinary way we’re connected now. I just want to say thank you for the second chance. I don’t know why.
You mean the world to me and I love you.” Her donor saved her life and became family in the process.
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