École Polytechnique massacre remembered 30 years later

By | December 10, 2019

École Polytechnique massacre remembered 30 years later
École Polytechnique massacre remembered 30 years later
Shannon Hogan gooseneck hitch lock Supercuts it’s important to realize that this is not a Joel’s violence against women. Women have always been victims of violence, and they will probably always a problem goodnight before you with you, I feel quite tender on the 6th of December 1989. They got up early in the morning, trusting in the future and not just their future, but also our future lives and destinies were shattered, with the obligation to reflect on this loss of deep scars for many in Quebec 30 years ago. Today, math Lapine walked into a colored polytechnique. He enter the classroom, full. He separated the men from the women said he hated feminism and then it started shooting mostly all these years. It took us a long time to even acknowledge here in Quebec that this was indeed a crime against women, that this was an act of terrorism. He was a women because they were women, but he was actually aiming women because he wanted to send a message of anti-feminism and I think it took us well until now, actually to look siding in the eye. This Memorial park is dedicated to the victims of the attack, and this year the city change the wording on the commemorative sign to specifically refer to the act as an anti-feminist attack. Instead of Simply a tragedy, some say: that’s an important distinction. This was a crime about what was happening between men and women and for me that is the lesson of the Montreal Massacre. We never thought this would happen to such an extent that addictive girl that was very generous with people around very discreet, but there’s a generous. She was helping a lot of people just receive the prize girl, especially math every year. I remember that I have girls, try to tell them the story, so they will refrigerated memory and I think that’s important. I just graduated from Mario and to hear that the horrific tragedy that had occurred at ecole polytechnique has has stayed with me first for the last 30 years and I think it kind of galvanized me she wants to do the opposite of what the gunman had wanted To happen where he would discourage women from going into Engineering, in fact, encouraged been more women to come into engineering. Can you describe the gist of that? Is yes, and so in the summer Play-Doh to some of my fellow Dean said it was the 30th Anniversary. I thought that we should be doing something to commemorate and Mark this event, since it had such an impact on our community. And so myself and a fellow Dean who is Suzanne. Preston decided that we wanted to put a different lens on what it happened and to look at women and profile women that had graduated or were in school around the time of the massacre. And so we’re deeply touch by what has happened personally but then had gone onto the fill their potential in terms of their engineering, careers. And so are we invited all the schools of engineering across the country that had an accredited engineering program in 99 to submit profile of an alumna engineering and what women bring to the profession and profiling? You know the lives of these women and finding things you were in tune with. Is there any specific story that really stood out for you will look it up? 30 women were profiling, we have an astronaut, Julie, piatt. We have women that went on to be University. Presidents, one’s a current University president right now, the Rector at Laval, Sophie Dunmore. We have women that have gone on to take senior leadership roles in the financial industry and we women that have gone, how to create their own companies. A couple of them went on to create very, very successful companies, and all of them really wanted to do things to improve and help light for other people. So they’re just a great diversity of prospectus and terms of the careers that they’ve been able to achieve as engine. Let me know, after middle of famished Spirit of solidarity and tenderness. We all turn into tragedy into a Triumph of the human spirit.
Canadians marked the 30th anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre by remembering the 14 women killed. This is the first time the mass shooting was officially recognized as an anti-feminist attack, with many vowing to do more to prevent violence against women.

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