Dwight Howard: Kobe Bryant memories & dunk contest preparation | 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day

By | February 16, 2020

Dwight Howard: Kobe Bryant memories & dunk contest preparation | 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day
Dwight Howard: Kobe Bryant memories & dunk contest preparation | 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day
This is amazing man, I’m just so grateful to be here. Just in this moment wasn’t expecting all this, so this is a this is amazing time, and this is such a blessing to be back in all-star weekend and I’m looking forward to tonight. Well, you know last you when I was going through my injuries and stuff, like that. I just kept telling myself that you know I’m not going to give up my keep pushing and I think the next year’s going to be my one of my best years of my life and my career. So I just kept telling myself to be prepare for anyting.

Just go out every day, push myself to the Limit and good things that happen. How smart I am was I dumb as a basketball player? Oh man, you just you, can never stop believing in yourself. You know it’s lot of people’s. I was going to tell you that you can’t do something. It just got to keep believing you know. It starts with yourself, and you know for me, that’s what I last summer in the evening summer, coming into The Season’s just thinking you know I got to. I got to continue to believe you know. I know a lot of people counting me out, but I can’t allow any any outside know is to affect you know who I am as a person and as a player, and you know even with people.

You know I feel like there were times where, because of everything that was going on, I want you know shy away from people, and now it’s like no, I can’t do that. That’S not who I am. I’Ve never been that way embrace the moment and Brace people and just enjoyed is this. Is this is once-in-a-lifetime correct? Well, I think that I know during All-Star Weekend a lot of the guys want to make sure they get ready for the second go to season. So it’s pretty tough to want to get those guys in the dunk contest, but you know this is an event that I enjoyed.

You know I enjoyed Duncan I’ve been ducking. My whole life basically and the last summer had a chance to have a dunk contest Street darker on Venice Beach and after we finish drunk, and I was like man that feel really good to really get the crowd into it and just enjoy Duncan the basketball again And I was super surprised that I was able to get up at dunk like that, so I said from that moment on I’m going to try to get myself ready for the dunk contest and they’re. Here we are here today. This is great. My favorite well just actually been being on the team with him.

You know, after coming after the season that we were having you know it just fit, it seem like at the time you know we couldn’t get things going and then I’ll for us to come out here, come out to all-star weekend and play on the same team. I thought that that was amazing. We spent a lot of time together on the plane and all the way up until we got to the game. You know, so we just great just to spend some time with him basketball to get to know who he is. As a person, I thought that was great and you know I always have those memories in my head.

You know my heart, you know just not the basketball memories, but just just the off the court stuff that you know me and Kobe share. Well, I don’t think it would. I think it was just more so I decided that coming in this year that I wasn’t going to allow anything steal, my joy, no matter what goes on. I have a smile on my face and enjoy the moment. I think life is just too short to to think about the past and just I just want to get away from there. What is the difference? Think it’s a different time, different combinations.

You know the first time I came and no expectations were a little bit and you know I think that the biggest issue at the time you know for all of us is that we weren’t in the right place and mentally to to be a championship-caliber team. But I think the guys that we have now it knows no egos – has no Pride, it’s all about winning and represent the Lakers the right way, and I’m just very thankful and grateful to be a part of the team. Well – and I haven’t been to my goal in awhile, but I I enjoyed my time there – I really enjoyed it one of the places that I’ve been that I never once thought I was being Mongolia.

I really enjoyed it, but tonight for the dunk contest is for everybody. You know I just want to have fun with with the fans and just so excited to be back. You know I couldn’t sleep last night jumping around my room, I was like man. I can’t wait to get out there and just feel the atmosphere and just enjoy the dunk contest say it again. I think it would be fun if they had an All-Star one-on-one competition. You know a lot of times. You know we play one-on-one and practice and stuff like that, and then guys that you never would think that that could play one-on-one.

That actually good. So I think that’ll be a good idea to have one-on-one in the All-Star Game who, which I want to do what I want to face Anybody Everybody, yes that again. Well, I think everybody was in the dark. Is this year has a great opportunity to win? I can’t focus on Erin or any of the other guys. I got to stay focused on what I got to do for the dunk contest and I’m really looking forward to it is Superman in the building. Today, I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you soon as you’re right now, but I can’t tell you about tonight: I can’t do it yet.

You know what I just want to go out there and have fun it doesn’t matter what anybody else is predicting nobody for I’ll, be playing with the Lakers or anything this year in and our team being very successful, so I’ll just want to enjoy the moment. You know and have fun with the crowd have fun with all the fans and even the guys in the dunk contest cuz, you know, like I said you know this is this. Is the moment that you can’t get back you know, so I won’t enjoy it to the fullest and I want these guys to enjoy to I never with thought.

I never would have thought that 12 years after being in the dunk contest I’ll be back in it. But you know my body feels amazing. Just looking forward to going up there and put on a great show, you know, being healthy is a everything you know and, like I told you guys early in the season, I think health is really the well. That’S where you you want to live long, you know, and I’ll just try to put myself and my body in a great position to where you know what I have looks like this are in the game that I’m mentally physically and spiritually.

Prepare for a point that I ever worried about it, you know going through a process healing you know there will be times where you know you might be down, but I think for myself and just anybody if you want to heal you can’t have any stress you Got to always stay positive and you got to believe that you going to make it out of any situation say it again. How is Kobe’s absence? You know it’s a very tough subject for me to continue to talk about smear Kobe. We’Ve had some differences, and you know early in our careers and stuff like that, but he meant a lot to me and one thing that you know.

I wish that you know I would have had a chance. Tell him how much I really appreciate it him and the growth and change that I saw him as a as a from a player to retire from the NBA and all the stuff he did with his with the girls, and you know, starting a basketball program, and You know really catering to women. You know that that was very special to me and I just wanted to tell him how thankful I was for that and and that opportunity to play with him and and how appreciative I was just for all the things that we we had went through together.

As players and also Brothers, you know and something that still hurts today, I think about it everyday, and I just would just tell are you know why you here on this Earth You Know, enjoy everybody enjoy every single moment that you have to be gracious? Be gracious cuz, you never know when it could be your last, and you know I really wish I would have had a chance to tell grateful I was and the dunk contest champion. That would be amazing amazing how to be really good. I can’t say yeah gotonight. Well, somebody asked me if I was saying my favorite Kobe memory in general was after you tore his Achilles.

I went to his house to check up on. You see how you was and he came out the room. It was like the way you lie just got finished, watching pitch Pitch Perfect and I was like I was thinking to myself like and I was like that’s crazy. I never would have thought that Kobe Bryant with in his room, watching a movie like Pitch Perfect. So after after he told me about that, I started watching a movie and I end up liking the movie myself and watching it all the time so that it be from the hour is recovery for the second half of the season.

Oh that I could come back. I would probably say last time I asked you before I sign with the Lakers. I was at one Lifetime Fitness in Atlanta and I was having like a dunk contest with somebody, and I was like man, I’m still touching the same spots on the backboard. I was touching when I was younger, so let me see what happens if I get in the dunk contest and that I everybody was asking me should I do used to do the dunk contest and I was like what I don’t know yet and now here I Am crazy said again if I had a chance to go over any Dockers, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins & Vince Carter, all the time all the time you know I enjoyed Duncan it’s a passion of mine and I think a lot of people are like what he’s tall.

So it’s easy so hopefully tonight you know God’s will see. You know some things that I would say have never been down in the dunk contest. I did nothing last year I’ll be talkin about you know I would even be here, you know, so I just want to say to the most high how grateful and thankful I am just to have this moment to be able to share with my kids. They wasn’t able to be here the first time I was going to dunk contest. So I get to share that moment with my kids and my family and where everybody here in Chicago and being a part of the NBA and all-star weekend.

So I’m very grateful and thankful, and I’m looking forward to seeing everybody tonight at the dunk contests and I’m so excited. I want to do it right now, so I got to go. How am I taking his moment every moment matters you know, so I just want to enjoy all of this cuz. This is something that you know after today, it’ll be over, and I just want to make sure that we all enjoy all these moments that we have. You know it just be grateful, just be very grateful and I’m just grateful and thankful that I have this opportunity to see all you guys.

I never thought that I will be back up here, but this is amazing and I I’m excited about tonight – I’m looking forward to putting on a great show and entertaining the crowd. I’Ve been up all night thinking about how I’m going to you know just get everything going filling out. The Viber Chicago and tonight is going to be great.
Dwight’s best dunk contest moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8qtf8uZz4A
Los Angeles Lakers big man Dwight Howard fields questions at 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day ahead of participating in the Slam Dunk Contest.
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