Dwight Howard: Everything will come full circle in the dunk contest | NBA on ESPN

By | February 16, 2020

Dwight Howard: Everything will come full circle in the dunk contest | NBA on ESPN
Dwight Howard: Everything will come full circle in the dunk contest | NBA on ESPN
When you were last in the slam, dunk contest you listed at 6 foot 11 and they always say it’s hard for a big man to win the slam. Dunk contest easier to win the slam. Dunk contest az-69 that its 6:11 I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to get out there from the fans and put on a great show, Bissell greatest dunk contest, but you always thought that that, like the big man can’t be a great dunker. So how long have you been preparing? What’S your preparations preparing, since the last Dunk Contest sign with the Lakers, went to Venice Beach, I saw one of the doctors there.

What kind of had like a impromptu Duncan, I feel pretty serious. It was my age and everybody was like the way you know. You’Re, like the oldest person ever do the dunk contest. I was like what I think dr. J was like 39. Have, you talked to any other, be players who have gone through major injuries. You would way you’ve been able to rebound, especially at your age. Have you talked to anybody, or do you think you could offer advice so young? Well? I haven’t really spoken to anybody in the past from dealing with injuries, but you know for myself having two back surgeries tear my labrum just all ages that I’ve had over my career.

I was just saying never give up. No. I had always been on yourself in a lot of people tend to once they go through problems or they get. You know her and stuff like that. They tend to just fade away in. You know not try to unify to push through it. For me, it’s like that. Never stop believing no matter what anybody says. Friends, family anybody on TV, whatever maybe never stop believing in yourself can be because you might hit another wall or another situation is just like. You know what you never quit cuz.

You know when your breakthrough is you never know when your breakthrough is coming, so you know I just really keep fighting keep fighting fighting them cuz. I know one day around the corner and sun going to shine again. Can you reveal what the plan was that I could get you sold him on? Was a tough sell? Have you realized? You were the best player on your team know, I don’t you know even with thinking that I’m the best player on the team, I never would try to do anything to go against my tea room teammates and I always wanted everybody to to come up and I’m Not myself with everybody on my team, it’s not always believed in myself, but to know that’s just not, who I am weather is bad you’re not going to make it.

So I was like you know what I want to go out everyday and prove to myself that you know I can do anything if I put my mind to it and I was mighty made in school, yet I blocked it blocked it. I came down and my legs just snapped and then it was it was crazy. Nobody thought I ever play basketball again bike, so I don’t like in your mind, like oh my God. , I was upset because they were about to play Waterboy on TV for the first time and I was so mad cuz I was like now. I can’t go home and watch water, but I was waiting family movie.

I was very excited Network TV. . I was like I got to watch waterboy and I end up breaking my leg and I miss the whole movie. It took me a while, but then I was like know what I just got to let go of the fear and just jump, and I actually wasn’t a good dunker up until after I broke my leg. I just started really believe in that you know whatever I jump and I just try to go touch the moon or the stars and that’s always been my goal and jump as high as I can. . Well, maybe this is primed white right now.

Let me ask you this, so maybe you didn’t know when you were the best player team, like I’m, not the best player on my team. Never, I don’t ever think that way. It’S always whatever I can do for my teammates to lift them up. You know these are my brothers. These are people that I go to battle with every day and it’s not about me somebody else talking to her like it’s crazy, how it was probably saying in high school, are AAU team. You know we were teammates with Josh Smith, so Joshua used to always just trying to see who can dunk the hardest.

The highest Josh had incredible left art. So what’s the strategy is his height is height was always been your strategy? What’S the strategy, what are you going to use to make it happen? Okay, let me see this year. I will say everything is well Circle. That’S all I can say thanks for watching ESPN, on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app for live streaming.
Dwight Howard sits down with Brian Windhorst to reflect on his second stint with the Los Angeles Lakers, his earliest memories of flying above the rim and previews his plans for the 2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Howard even hints at his plans to involve Kobe Bryant.
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