Donald Trump Jr. discusses media ‘double standard’ in exclusive interview

By | February 16, 2020

Donald Trump Jr. discusses media ‘double standard’ in exclusive interview
Donald Trump Jr. discusses media ‘double standard’ in exclusive interview
The president sign an executive VP, the Trump organization, Donald Trump jr. . You must agree with everything I just said their 100 % legal dissertation. I watching you this week as it’s playing other thing. Well, what Trump did Trump tweeted about it to his millions of followers? All over the rocky tweeted about something that already happened, meaning the verdict against own right they’re, trying to say that that is the same. When the right was outraged. That Loretta Lynch met with Bill Quinn on a private plane on a Tarmac in Arizona to talk about dolphin grandkid is were dropped and things weren’t pursued after that Bill Clinton meeting.

But we have no idea. Trump sends a tweet to billions of people around the world. After the fact and he’s somehow getting in there and he’s meddling with, what’s going on, I mean the sickness has been trying for three years. They can. You can’t do the Russia hope they can’t do this so now they’re going to impeach Bill Hart on to the next thing. I think what your father has done he’s very focused on the issue of fairness, but you know Hillary delete 30,000 emails, nothing in a land and Trump’s get into Stone in McCabe airtime on TV to talk about the in justices.

The double standard is what sickening and I think that’s what might so frustrating. Like. I don’t care if we play hardball or if we play t-ball. When is all of the things they say Trump is but isn’t corrupt, slow, not particularly bright you, corrupt, family and kids. The Congress – you think I’d be here right now or when I go to bed and that’s the reality. I did 30 hours of testimony unsolicited meeting set up and paid for by the DNC Hunter takes million from a corrupt Ukraine. Well Company, he doesn’t speak Ukrainian.

He knows nothing about oil or gas, but that’s okay. They don’t even need to hear from him a little loan get in trouble for it and that’s. What’S disgusting to the American people looks like there is not your Equal justice under you’re, one of them you’re good. You can get away with any of these things if you are one of the Trump people, but flip on Trump you’re, all so good right if you’re drunk guy right over, I bought now all of a sudden he’s here and we we just met Joe Biden. I mean the guy looks like a beaten down ghosts and he really limped out a New Hampshire.

What what do you think’s next for sleepy Joe retirement for the last six months, we’ve been watching him say like well, it’s really beautiful here in Florida, and I did that once he’s got here would have dementia. Is there something else? Joe Biden doesn’t know where he is right: 50 % of the time he’s going to happen, I mean Bernie looks like he’s, got a lot of whatever they can get screwed by Bloomberg, or some combination of both Elizabeth Warren is over 1024 of a campaign left and Right but she’s going to sit there because she is going to play let’s break up Bernie for the DNC and they’ll take care of her with some sort of other pro quo later.

I just filled till figured at the convention voter away from him, so he can’t win so they’re. All working together against Bernie would just sort of amazing to see cuz honestly, the last time the DNC use their brilliant tactics, 2 rigged primary. They gave us Hillary Clinton back. Thank you. So much usually does with a great result in New Hampshire, the other day and the crowd started. Number forty-five forty-six is next, was Ivanka jealous or were they chanting for Ivanka? What is a little bit after my speech to so that was like the third time I heard that would honestly wasn’t it it’s it’s a great honour, it’s incredibly humbling, there’s, no greater compliment and heading that money, Real Americans just being into you by the way he Didn’T like the chance to see this winning continue, you’re seeing the results of the people, there are seeing the results of the people at the little stores and places that we stopped in, like 20, stops throughout New Hampshire along the way.

The other dates are all coming up with. Everyone knows, I’m going all right for that.
President Trump’s son and executive vice president of the Trump Organization, Donald Trump Jr., joins Jesse Watters on ‘Watters’ World.’ #FoxNews

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