DOJ drops Andrew McCabe probe. Watch his reaction.

By | February 16, 2020

DOJ drops Andrew McCabe probe. Watch his reaction.
DOJ drops Andrew McCabe probe. Watch his reaction.
Department of Justice is dropping an investigation into a frequent Target of President Trump’s former FBI, deputy director Andrew McCabe, who I am currently going to be joined by and just give us a sense of the reaction of hearing this honestly. I don’t know if I can give you a sense of it is to have this horrific black cloud. That’S been hanging over me in my family for almost the last 2 years to have that finally lifted is just an unbeliever. It’S a relief that I am not sure I can really explain to you adequately.

It’S it’s a just a very emotional moment for, for my whole family, tell me tell me what it’s been like then. I know it may be difficult to even absorbed this news, which is so fresh, but what is it been like all this time? Having that as you describe it a black hanging over you, you know it was. It was traumatic to leave the FBI. , Certainly in the way that I did and that’s been tough to, and this the added insult and suspicions that comes with being under criminal investigation just made the entire experience a million times worse, and I have to say that I Am that the justice department and the DC us attorney’s office finally decided to do the right thing today.

It is an absolute disgrace that they took 2 years and put my family through this experience. Two years before they finally drew the obvious conclusion and when they could have drawn a long long time ago, and they believe it to not have Merit to your point that it doesn’t have Merit. Obviously, you are not a completely objective party in that right, but so I just want to put that out there that there are a lot of observers, independent Observer, to look at this and said this doesn’t make sense, as you have said, knowing how would you know How do you describe what happened? Did you feel like this was especially during the week where we seen a lot of Retribution is, is does this fit into that category? For you certainly look alike? All-Americans.

I’Ve been greatly concerned by what I’ve seen take place in the White House and in the Department of Justice. Quite frankly, in the last week, and certainly the president kind of Revenge tirade file following his acquittal in the impeachment proceeding is only kind of Amplified. My concerns about what would happen in my own case. I have said from the very first day, the very first day that we were notified by the Department of Justice that that news of what should have been a confidential investigation was leaked to the public that if they follow the law, and they followed the fax that I would have nothing to worry about, but, as as the president’s interest in pursuing his perceived political enemies continued over the last two years, we were getting more and more concerned about where, where this would end up cuz, quite frankly, we are seeing things happen every day In this country that many of us never ever thought we’d see hear the pursuit of political enemies in the use of the criminal justice system in criminal investigations to exact some sort of Revenge on those political enemies is not.

That should be happening in the United States of America. You are familiar with all kinds of Investigations that the justice department and the FBI does. How often do you have one that is this protracted and it just ends in a big, nothing Burger. It’S exceedingly rare, I’m not aware of a similar situation in my 21 years in the FBI. This was a very simple situation and it was a very simple set of facts. Uncontested facts TIG makes criminal referrals to the Department of Justice based on their investigations many times a year and in almost all of those cases, those referrals are declined often times before.

The ink is even dry on the ig’s report and, for some reason, this one dragged on despite the Simplicity, the small number of witnesses involved dragged on for almost 2 years, against the backdrop of how we have seen the politicization of investigations. I just think that’s incredibly concerning, and it should be concerning to all Americans believe this was done on the president’s order. Well, I don’t know I don’t know the answer to that. Hits show me the timing this week coming on the Tails of all the controversy of the Rodger Stone.

Sentencing is curious again it’s a decision that I and my attorneys feel confident that they could have come to long long time ago, but never the last. They did the right thing today by by acknowledging that there was no place to take this and that no criminal charges should ever should ever be brought on it. It was hanging over your head, as you left your position as deputy director of the FBI, facing a lot of criticism from the president. What are what are your next steps? No just right away.

I really am looking forward to celebrating with my family and friends when it’s been so unbelievably tents and just the such an incredible pressure on all of us. They were all very, very happy, and I’m just I’m just so glad my kids don’t have to live with this anymore and then, beyond that you know I I am enjoying finally having the opportunity to speak Pub about things that I believe deeply in about concerns that That we all have about about our country in the way things are going, and I look forward to continuing doing that, working and trying to add to the conversation in the most productive ways that I can former deputy director of the FBI.

Thank you. So much for joining us thanks, Freon appreciate it, and this decision on the McCabe investigation comes less than 24 hours. After Attorney General, William Barr seemed to Signal his independence from President Trump in an interview bar said that President Trump’s tweets on the justice department or troubling for him. He said they make his job impossible, but bars take on the tweets weren’t unknown to the president. Barrhead. Actually raise the issue with the president before the interview took place would have tipped him off, so the White House wouldn’t have actually been caught completely by surprise by comments like these things were doing at the department sort of that give Grist to the mill and that’s Why I think it’s time to stop the tweeting about Department of Justice Criminal Case squeeze made about the department about people in the department? Are our men and women hear about cases pending in the department and about Judges before whom we have cases make it impossible? For me to do my job and to assure the and the prosecutors in the in the department that we’re doing our work with integrity, it’s making it impossible to do his job.

He also said quote: I don’t look at tweets. He also said put, I don’t pay attention to tweets and quote it doesn’t affect my decision. Just talk to us about your impression of this interview when you also add it to the mechanic investigation being dropped, which the president is not going to be happy about. Even as the president is happy that the justice department intervened in a very questionable way to lower the sentencing recommendation for the presidents, former confidant Rodger Stone going on in what year was trying to accomplish yesterday, he was trying to Telegraph a message to the troops inside The department he knew that people inside we’re getting very, very upset at end and certainly questioning the leadership apartment because of the recent events in the Rodger Stone case Brianna.

But you know just be clear about one thing and it, and that is Bill. Barr was also saying in that interview that he was standing by the way he handled the Rodger Stone matter that he overturned the recommendation from career prosecutors, who were following the rules that we need the rules under the Trump Administration right, which is there supposed to be Tough on crime they were supposed to supposed lines of. The department says that they are supposed to follow. The rules on sentencing so 79 years is exactly what the Trump Administration says is the policy, and so these guys he’s prosecuted ended up getting in trouble with bar for following the very rules that the department and and and President Trump say you know they want to Be tough on crime at the Indy interesting thing is on Tuesday the very day that all this went down.

There bar gave a very tough on crime speech to a group of sheriffs who are in town and spoke all of the things about how we have to be very, very tough on people who are committing crimes. And then you know, obviously just a few hours later says that they want to go lenient on Rodger Stone. So that’s one of the things that I think stuff for people inside the department to sort of understand. Where are we on our own? This policy? Are we going to be tough, or are we just going to be tough on people not associated with the president? That’S been the biggest problem for the Attorney General.

I think that’s one of the things trying to accomplish in. In those comments to ABC yesterday.
The Department of Justice has dropped its criminal investigation into former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe without bringing charges.

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