Does the NATO alliance need a revamp to stay relevant?

By | December 10, 2019

Does the NATO alliance need a revamp to stay relevant?
Does the NATO alliance need a revamp to stay relevant?
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L Davis he’s a senior fellow at the French defense priorities and Joints me from Washington and, as you are in the United States, I will call you lieutenant. Thank you so much glad you could be with us for your mind. How do you think that was going like he was contemplating a penalty for countries that didn’t pay their fair share? What he was asked, whether or not he would defend them if they pay less than 1 % a price to pay for that, so to speak. all the presidents all the way back through his always. You know periodically said something about that: NATO members special European members are not paying their fair share and they need to do more, but there’s never been any consequence play most of the European countries have continued to pay very small amount willing to challenge the status quo. On that and say we’re going to continue to have this, he comes to the conclusion that is not going to do what they say: they’re going to do what they’ve agreed to do, then it’s not at all inconceivable that he may say you know what we’re going To take some some actual actions here and maybe scaled-back American participate, as opposed to just say, we’re not going to defend them, but they’re probably needs to be some teeth if we’re going to be accurate. At the same time, you’ve got now tension between Trump and macron, because macron said that it was brain dead which was indirectly or directly related directed towards President Trump for pulling soldiers out of Northern Syria. Now we have Trump saying: well, you shouldn’t speaks Corley, so negatively of NATO. How do you see Trump and macron which they used to have a bromance now getting back on track, using some pretty pretty direct and diplomatic language? Also, some of the German officials there also making some ways because it seems like the people are starting to go more and more in their own direction, from the unified NATO View, and I think that’s you’re, probably going to say continuing that there was a revamp of Nato do you think NATO is still relevant dramatically different than Europe was very weak. You know their economies were shattered from the second world war, and the Menace from the East was a real and large and an overwhelming the Western European to the United States interests. That is no longer the case. Then. Now the European nations are very strong. Their economies are comparatively much stronger than desire to do. You know more aggressive thinks they don’t have the physical capacity to do so or to maintain it, and so I think it’s important actually provided for in terms of Financial Resources. Those things need to come into reality with what exists right now. Okay, thank you. So much for that!
Lt. Col. Daniel Lewis discusses Prime Minister Trudeau’s meetings at the NATO summit and if the alliance is still working.

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