Does Hip Hop Reject Women?: The Story Behind the Story

By | December 10, 2019

Does Hip Hop Reject Women?: The Story Behind the Story
Does Hip Hop Reject Women?: The Story Behind the Story
Don’T worry, this thing for hip hop Rose a lot more females with taking charge because we want to be depicted in the way we’re not the way it is people against each other. The number one song that comes to my head, anytime, I think about women and Hip Hop. Is you and I Queen Latifah married? That’S all I did was the first rapper ever met in my life, seen pepper from salt and pepper, and I just stood still the whole time and it’s my mom was like you know, talk to her and say hello and she was super cool with me. I love you cuz. I wasn’t even looking I’d like a woman rapping, I was just kind of like cheese., hard-working moms to hip-hop, or you know you going to give me some respect. Instead of because you have to be perfect, like one slip-up, it could cost you your career, twin, pregnancy, hip-hop, I started playing now. You got to watch your mouth cuz, there’s a lady in the room exit stage right eventually female and probably going to be your boss.
Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have become rap royalty. Not only did both women have to fight for success in a notoriously male-dominated industry, but they have also constantly been pitted against one another. Hip Hop industry personalities, Steph Lova and D-Stroy, discuss how this rivalry is just one element of struggle that female rappers have to contend with in an industry that often sees women as disposable.

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