Desperation grows aboard cruise ship with coronavirus

By | February 16, 2020

Desperation grows aboard cruise ship with coronavirus
Desperation grows aboard cruise ship with coronavirus
To Japan, in the growing desperation on board a cruise ship, we’re coronavirus, cases are growing. Doesn’T the new cases confirm today and now we’re that hundreds of American passengers trapped on board or about to be rescued? The US government set to Air Lift passenger directly from that ship quarantine here at home. This is the first fatality from that sickness is confirmed in Europe. Abcs Maggie Rulli has the latest in Japan. I need to take the nearly 400 American back to the u. s. is landing today, but they are concerned that don’t have to spend an additional 14 days in quarantine on a US military base.

Tensions are running pretty high after the announcement was made Princess Cruises, confirming 67 new cases of a new coronavirus on board, including five Americans, bringing the total infections on the ship to at least two hundred and eighty-five. The CDC says American passengers will have to additional screening, for they can come to the US. The fact that more and more positive test keep coming is has made us lose a little bit of faith in this quarantine process. There’S more worldwide and at least 1,600 people are confirmed to have died from the virus, mostly in mainland China and France.

The first person outside of Asia has died official saying an 80 year old Chinese stores have been in isolation since late January. The CDC says: Aristo Americans is still low. The US announcing it will now be testing for cobit, 19 and 5 major cities in cases where flu test were negative and Seattle, San Francisco Los Angeles to Chicago and New York, part of the multi-layered public health approach, so that we have an early-warning system. In the event that the virus is spreading side, this 3M Factory in South Dakota working around the clock, making face, masks and respirators to combat the global shortages of supplies and even going to work, and it seems like day after day the mood on this boat is Filled with more fear and frustration, event, coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News at 4.

Dozens of new cases were confirmed Saturday on a ship containing hundreds of American passengers.




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