Derrick Jones Jr. knew Aaron Gordon’s Tacko Fall dunk wasn’t a 50 | 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend

By | February 16, 2020

Derrick Jones Jr. knew Aaron Gordon’s Tacko Fall dunk wasn’t a 50 | 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend
Derrick Jones Jr. knew Aaron Gordon’s Tacko Fall dunk wasn’t a 50 | 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend
How you doing will take first question on the right side on Argyle, so I can borrow a few weeks ago. You had talked about how this was important for you. How does it feel when it is your birthday been able to get an achievement like this? On a day like this – and I was just a special for me – and this is a day that I’m a I’m a I’m going to tell my kids just make sure that they know that this is a day for me, standing DJ. Congratulations! Thank you. Can you take us through the wave of emotions when you got the 48? Did you think, did you think it was over? Were you surprised that he got a 47 and one of the last few minutes then like where this thing all sinks in when I got that 4800 stuff cuz? That was that was a dunk that I was doing that since high school – and I know that’s 50 worthy there’s no way I should have got a 48, but he he he he g-clip Taco head when he had did that dunk.

So I know they they couldn’t. They couldn’t game with. I would have respected today to give him another 48, so we can go again right here on the side on the decision to dump on Taco Bell, but once it just took so long to the given a result. I know it was something fishy. I know that it wasn’t going to get on that 50. They couldn’t think 12 years old. The last time Dwight Howard want to die, he’s just a goofy guy. You know you just see one of those guys. You have fun with you know when he’s all he when he’s there is always a joke in time.

You know, because you always laughing and having fun but he’s a great guy and just just found to be able to be back here, and you know that donkey pay homage the Superman that was Salisbury great over here third row. Aaron Gordon failed to Zach LaVine. Last time, so it was that the inspiration was that the key to taking them down trophy – and I wasn’t worried about – was in front of me who had to go behind me to go before me and all I was worried about. Was this the trophy right here? Jumping over 5 foot 8 Chance.

The Rapper – I wonder if you share that sentiment, jumping over human being is very hard is difficult. Is a big he’s, a big star right now in in in the rap industry, and bring him out that was smart and now he’s from Chicago? You know he’s going to have the fan so bring them out was a smart thing to do. Hey Valencia canvas like sports, happy birthday to you mentioned that you can tell your kids about what does it mean for you to come to represent your family and kids back home or your feet? Look up to be back home, they say I’m their hero or you know.

I do remember that they look up to me. I’M a role model to know this is this is for them, and I just just so that they know that wherever you from you know, wherever you came from, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to as a kid I told my father, I was going To win one – and I got it so I’mma go get another one. Next year, yeah one of them standing over here, Randy Bachman’s in Cleveland 19 News you don’t usually anticipate going into overtime during the dunk contest. Was there ever a time where you put you were freestyling out? There know I got a whole lot, even if it went overtime not playing.

I planned this. You could have gone if I needed to you for sure Tony. I just turned 23 Derrick. Congratulations. I know it’s a lot to process In the Heat of the Moment, but have you had a chance to think about where this Dunk Contest going to rank? Historically? Imma? Be honest with you this it’s looking for like a dream – and I only dreamt of this moment and I’m having his Hardware right here, taking it back to mine with me, so just wants to just wants to stop feeling like a dream. How’S it going Christian Winfield New York daily news did first did Bam.

Winning the skills contest. Give you any added motivation to go out there and win the dunk on descendants II. Did you and Bam winning? This are y’all going to try to pressure Jimmy. Go get that all started because I’ve been pressing, baman and Jamie about going to get that all star MVP, since we knew they was in the game. That’S that’s something that I told you them. If you want to go out there and play ain’t, no need to call. , you goddamn go, get that I’m just like. I went out there and got my man got hit in the skills he wanted Duncan and get to 3.

So we can have a Miami sweep on Saturday, so maybe we’ll settle for two out of three right now: Heather yako, with a lot of being at work. I know you mentioned that this was all planned and you could have went. You know a few more if you had two. However, at the end there, you kind of look surprised, almost shocked, rather that you you were able to get the trophy like. I said that don’t that Aaron did was very difficult. Taco is 7677, if I’m not mistaken. So he’s a very tall human being and then able to get over him, that’s difficult.

I thought of the earlier. How did it perfect scores in dunk contest history? What’S your reaction to being part of such a historic on toes, I am the best dunker in the NBA, so I got that down now it’s time to go fighting that, so we can get out of that home seen the playoffs. This is for you next season. If they call me I’m here Derrick, you mention that you would be willing to defend his title as there’s somebody currently in the NBA that you would go head-to-head with whoever want to step out there. I’M not naming no names.

I don’t want to call nobody Outback. I want to step out there in front of me: I’m there I’m not going to stay away from nobody thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube from or sports highlights and Analysis, be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming.
Miami Heat’s Derrick Jones Jr. speaks with the media following his 2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest victory over Aaron Gordon and reacts to the competition’s final slam, where Gordon dunked over Boston Celtics big man Tacko Fall.
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