Deputy Conservative leader questions anti-Scheer voices

By | December 10, 2019

Deputy Conservative leader questions anti-Scheer voices
Deputy Conservative leader questions anti-Scheer voices
Now in studio, is the new Deputy leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Leona alleslev great, to have you in studio. Congratulations on the new job bro, and you said I don’t recognize the party now, the country economically, politically or socially. Under Stephen Harper, Stephen Harper is pulling higher in Monks conservice, then Andrew Scheer. How can conserve cost you? As the deputy leader, we’ve only been at conservative for 14 months and you’ve condemned 10 years of Stephen Harper’s government extend your question correctly. What you’re asking me is, can I really be a conservative because of time conservative and the conservative party is about shared vision for the country, shared values and beliefs and is what I wrote. So you said in 2015 you don’t recognize the country under Stephen Harper, lighter college at work for Stephen Harper that work in that government. Do you have you changed your you now? Do you think 10 years of Stephen Harper was great, for the country party is made up of the people who are in it at the time and what the country needs at the time and what this country needs right now is these people and this party and The conservative government load it liberal – can become conservative, especially in Ontario and around the greater Toronto area, the right weapon for that. But it may be. The wrong battle right, however, sure doesn’t need to recruit. Liberals he’s got a recruit conservative there’s an open, nonprofit organization that wants to outfit Andrew Scheer. There’S a lot of conservatives who plays offside on social conservative issues. Do you think he needs to change? We have more conservatives voted in the last election than ever before, and so we do, and so we need people who didn’t vote for us last time to vote for us this time, but even before we get to that point, we have to do some real work In the House of Commons we have to look at the economy, we have to look at National Indemnity. We have to liquid translation. I really don’t. I think there are certain, obviously disgruntled people and I’m very disappointed in them, because if they really cared about the country and they really cared about the conservative movement, they would wait for the extra review that we are investing in to find out exactly where we can Do better in the park because if they haven’t got all the info one of the issues, some of many prominent conservatives have said Andrew shears position on same-sex marriage is has not been strong enough and you’ve had failed. Can a simple backgammon earful this past week in Quebec? Has you know, he’s a liability there? Let me ask you a personal: do you support same-sex marriage and you do need to recalibrate his position on that conservative party there’s room for All Views, not only in the political parties with his View, it is built on inclusiveness, diversity, tolerance. We have room for everyone to like what we need to know is what will he do as prime minister and he has clearly said that as prime minister the issues are solved and the debate is proud he’s not changing his. You know I’m saying we need to understand what exactly we need to do differently to win the next election, but until we have that information, there’s no value former communications director was on the show coming of Corryton, I choose one of the senior conservative spearheading. This thing called conservative Victory and nonprofit host Andres you’re, making reside and actually rerun Again by the way Stockwell day. What’S your message did that group of outspoken conservative, as if you care about the country and you care about the conservative party, then you need to make sure that we are united or focused on what we need to do. Canadian with a carbon tax year on record. When you were a liberal of supporting the carbon tax, do you still support a carbon tax? Absolutely not plan is not an environmental plan. It’S a tax plan and they’re, forcing Canadians to be even more economically disadvantaged where, yes, you want them to change Behavior, but in places like Aurora Oak ridge’s, Richmond Hill, where you have no flow ability to change your behavior because there isn’t public transit, you have no Other mechanism other than to sit in traffic. What exactly are they offering us to do? Instead, they’re, just simply making life more affordable, undermining and punishing some critical Ella economy and making us less productive so 14 months ago you supported the car. Now you don’t you, people can change. Okay, the conservative team is as fraction as we’ve ever been public, as we ever seen publicly right, they will look. Look little hyperbolic II. Think that they’re, obviously wanting to make Focus around things that we need to do better. A leadership task that is mandatory in April what the constitution of the party says he’s got to get 50 %, plus 1 %, Stephen Harper 8 %. What does Andrew Scheer need to get in the April leadership race can maintain. His leadership. 70 is 75 is 80 %. What is it? I think? We’Ve got a long time between now and then we need to be focused on what we’re doing now in the House of Commons were Canadians support for leader in your party when he is under attack. In your mind, does he have to get a threshold over 75 %? What is the acceptable threshold that confidence? You think so you’re looking at me and telling me that that and if you’re at the hearts and minds of conservative, even after you’re, fully gotten come back even after you’ve got all this stuff popping up all over the place to do better. But that doesn’t mean that they think that this isn’t the leader to do it, and I support Andrew Scheer and even replace them yet so now, there’s just kind of why didn’t you find a new team right now? What’S the holdup. And and we’re working to make sure that we get ourselves organized, that’s where we are at the moment, or will you march in a gay pride parade? I did for three years as a liberal for years, and then certainly I did as a conservative as well as set the alarm. Any ways that you can show your advocacy and your support and a parade marching in a parade is only one of them that everybody feels comfortable marching in a parade. Let’S talk truth: you got to fix this problem. Cuz, it’s been doggin you since the election. Have you told him that is some things differently, because he is focused on doing things for Canadians and so of course, there’s things that he’s going to work on a challenging new job. Thank you.
Deputy Conservative Leader Leona Alleslev says she’s disappointed in the disgruntled people within the party calling for Andrew Scheer to resign.

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