Demonstrations across Canada in a show of solidarity for the Wet’suwet’en Nation

By | February 14, 2020

Demonstrations across Canada in a show of solidarity for the Wet’suwet’en Nation
Demonstrations across Canada in a show of solidarity for the Wet’suwet’en Nation
Would you get live over Union Station where it’s another night of cancellations for many VIA Rail passengers trying to get east of the city, the block ages, food entering a new phase of the possibility of a significant shutdown good evening CN rail says it may have no Choice, the temporarily shutter big parts of its network is showing no sign of letting down the latest developments and joins us live with the details, Hirata 4 doors. If the blockheads continue. Dozens of Passenger and freight trains have already been cancelled from Toronto to Ottawa and Montreal, and it doesn’t appear as if this will be resolved anytime soon, as support for the wet to what nation continues to grow cross.

The country, the Mohawk warrior flag waves over the train tracks in Belleville to tyendinaga Mohawk encampment, now effectively disrupting rail service. Since Thursday, stranding thousands of rain passengers protesters showing no signs of backing down. This. This is insane. We keep tearing open mother-earth. We keep pushing through pipelines in the name of capitalism. This is unsustainable for everyone, Knox indigenous people, but Sutler people dance in solidarity with the wet sweat nation in British Columbia who are protesting. The construction of a pipeline that crosses, what’s when territory, support coming not just from Belleville but from communities across the country in Winnipeg Canada, protesters blocking downtown streets overnight.

Meanwhile, outside the BC legislature, hundreds of protesters blocked entrances and held at midday rally on the front steps. This, on the same day, the province held its Throne speech. The session delayed lawmakers unable to get inside and back here in Toronto protesters camp out overnight, occupying the office of crown indigenous relations Minister Carolyn Bennett, and has no right sending the RCMP to forcibly remove them. Demanding and getting a meeting with the minister this morning vowing to continue to Rally until the RCMP leave northern BC.
CN Rail says it is now planning to stop service in key corridors if the ongoing blockade just east of Belleville, Ont. continues

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