Democrats gear up for Nevada and South Carolina contests

By | February 16, 2020

Democrats gear up for Nevada and South Carolina contests
Democrats gear up for Nevada and South Carolina contests
A week before election day, we getting a fresh look at how the race, in Nevada, shaping up between the top Democratic contenders for the White House Apple release Friday, but by the Las Vegas, Review-Journal and AARP Nevada or pulls, is leading the state. As you see that he currently has a full-time, 25 % of likely Democratic caucus go is Vice. President Joe Biden comes in second some seven points behind the Vermont Senator about it will hold its nominating contests on February 22nd, Hello by South Carolina a week after that CBS News campaign 20/20 reporters achoo because yesterday was signed his first big day back on the campaign Trail after that win in New Hampshire, but I get the sense that the Democratic establishment, if the, if you can kind of car to rise, it isn’t so excited at Biden, winning I’m just wondering how is the campaign feeling as they head into the next few contest? Publican President Trump, the health, healthcare industry, the fossil fuel industry, people that they’re going to go up against and he also names the Democratic establishment Arrow, sometimes that line on the Democratic establishment bring some of the largest Applause of any of stander’s, some stump speech.

So when we hear these reports coming from, maybe President Barack Obama or secretary hurled, Hillary Clinton, other flags that have worked for Democrats across the years saying that Sanders represent a a narrow base in and he wouldn’t be able to Galvanize all Democrats. Specially moderate Democrats, the Sanders campaign and braces that Grassroots movement of young people of working people of people of color, and eventually they think, once we do that, once we win the primaries approach when it comes to criticizing some of his Democratic opponents, it up is, if He stop naming Rivals like people to judge in my Bloomberg, who is taking up a lot of 10th Amendment.

Is that accurate? And why is the campaign I taking that direction? Renaming people like me and and Mayor Bloomberg, saying that Mayor Bloomberg is buying the election because he’s a billionaire saying that mayor Pete is funded by these billionaires contrast that, with his own fundraising, we were at the height of something moving into the New Hampshire primary. When Sanders with naming buttigieg on a daily basis, he was campaigning in North Carolina and Texas, and I was with him in and he was mentioning campaign fundraising in making distinctions between the way that he does it and others do it.

But he was not naming these candidates, even though the senator may not be naming opponents. People around him Center Nina Turner is, is one of Senator Sanders. National campaign co-chair too often travels with outdoor around the country without him campaigning for the senator, and I said yesterday that Mayor Bloomberg was simply apologizing for some of his record as mayor of New York weather with stop-and-frisk or redlining. According to Senator Turner, I was only apologizing in order to win the presidency that it wasn’t an authentic apology, apology and she said that we are not for sale.

It was really really strong rhetoric in Charlotte North Carolina with a very diverse crowd. They were eating it up, so so we see this. This contrast, sometimes between Senator Sanders and his surrogate and we’re going to continue to see that kind of beat Marchand. They are not happy with the way that Bloomberg is being treated by the media and and the DNC, so they can continue to draw that distinction into anybody. A common defense he keeps making about the criticism Sanders faces that he come pull a democratic Coalition or the potty in general.

Together should he be the nominee? What is the saddest Coalition, and how is the campaign responding to that narrative? What defines us are we? The party of working people are we, the party of minorities, obviously people that are zeroing in on people that have never before we see a lot of his campaign. Events in smaller towns that are largely minority or or not not wealthy areas in in certain States. So we’re going to continue to see her focus on that party for pro-life Democrats and you very simply said know if you are a Democrat.

That means that you need to be pro-choice. Kind of can show you how Sanders and his campaign are trying to steer the Democratic party into what they consider to be woman fuzzy. He doesn’t like wishing people happy birthday, but he says he understands that the criticism he wants to work on that. So just something to consider. I do want to get to South Carolina Lecrae senator Amy Klobuchar saucer ginseng in the New Hampshire primaries. I’M wondering if you seeing any momentum will that having an impact in South Carolina since she too has been criticized to not have any more diverse base of democratic support are alive here too early States battle for them, because I think that’s Senator Klobuchar.

She is The Little Engine That Could and the senator says, look the more people that hear about her and her policies and that she can beat and has, I think, one every she’s running and she’s beaten Republican opponents and everyone of a republican opponent has left politics. After she’s done so she said she will be impressed, but it is, as you say, an uphill battle. I want to ask you about endorsements because and South Carolina announced such an endorsement from state representative j a more earlier this week.

How significant is that for the full mamaia, considering he too needs to show that that support from World of us Bass really significant, looking at him before two more last week from a small town that has more – and I think for others – he’s also are dads that Have featured, are you being hot now? We are all these minutes into this conversation and we have yet to even mention former Vice President Joe Biden, the perceived front-runner and coming into the school buses and primaries, I’m his campaign not having the Hope results in Iowa or New Hampshire.

How is the campaign recalibrating readjusting the former vice president saying definitively? He will win South Carolina so so what is the plan now for the Biden campaign? Well I’ll tell you. . I think those are different. Demographics. It has been sent. The vice president is the week ahead in the primaries people on the ground that are going to be actively working for these supporting him from the this is where you know: they’re, okay, with him not having those first, alright from drones to police and fire sirens campaign Report is all real, soon Starbuck Ray Mitchell and Cara Cody.

Thank you both so much for joining us.
We’re getting a fresh look at how the race is shaping up in Nevada among Democratic contenders for the White House. CBS News 2020 campaign reporters Cara Korte and LaCrai Mitchell join CBSN from Las Vegas and Charleston, South Carolina.

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