Democrats defend impeachment case, predict articles by end of week

By | December 10, 2019

Democrats defend impeachment case, predict articles by end of week
Democrats defend impeachment case, predict articles by end of week
We’Re going to have a hearing tomorrow, I wish the intelligence committee is going to present the evidence and you will be hearing evidence about the Mueller investigation and Report during tomorrow’s trial. That includes so will bring articles of impeachment, presumably before the committee at some point later. In the week, any Administration is Justified in investing corruption. You believe Ukraine metal in the American election 2016. I do, and I think there is considerable evidence. Did President Trump ever explain to you why he was holding up US military aid to Ukraine, an ally? It was and is an apparent war with Russia and at no time did impact on United States. National security should be broadened out beyond the issue of Ukraine. To my internal discussions with my colleagues, but I will say that I think we should focus on those provide the greatest threat to the country in the malicious conduct investigations inviting other countries Rudy Giuliani. Even this week is in Ukraine furthering his plot fact that we can’t get through the truth is matter. Cuz Giuliani is not willing to testify in the president. Knighted states is holding back witnesses that can give her the American people insights into true breadth and depth of this corruption is weird but he’s over there, and I’m grateful that very soon after I made those comments on CNN the president and explain his that the Democrats Now have the 216 votes they would need to impeach this President, I think there is no question that the evidence that has been developed over the course of this investigation or this inquiry is overwhelming uncontested, and I fully expect that the that the vast majority of the Members of Congress from the Democratic caucus will accept that evidence and we’ll move forward articles MPG 1998, Jerry Nadler. I was saying that it was ripping Vo does sunder to pursue a partisan impeachment. Impeachment would be legitimate if it was primarily supported by one party and opposed by another. We will impeach him an adequate and Urgent grounds to defend our Democratic Republic.
Lawmakers answered questions on television Dec. 8 about the impeachment inquiry of President Trump and the House Judiciary Committee hearing expected to take place the next day. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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