Democrats and Republicans present final cases in House impeachment inquiry hearing

By | December 10, 2019

Democrats and Republicans present final cases in House impeachment inquiry hearing
Democrats and Republicans present final cases in House impeachment inquiry hearing
Every fact lệch by The Whistleblower has been substantiated by multiple Witnesses again and again, each of who has been questioned extensively by Democrats and Republicans alike that Donald J Trump, the president of the United States, he’s put himself before his country. He has violated his most basic responsibilities to the people he has broken his oath. He also told us they were going to keep investigating because they know this is going nowhere in the Senate and they’re desperate to have a impeachment vote on this present. Reserving the right to be in order at the meeting where we are considering art of the reserving the right to eject, we will now border. He is saying again, this vulnerable Nation dependent on us support militarily and otherwise again, he’s telling them what to do, and, unlike in 2016, when he only had a campaign platform which do stand rotational foreign power, the levers of government in his control to not only request It and invite a bunch of pressure that country to do it to president who 63 million people voted for over 8 signs in a call transcript is bologna. This unfair process reflects the degree to which Democrats are obsessed with impeaching the president. The Democrats went searching for a set of facts on which to impeach the president. The emoluments clause has the president’s business and financial records the Mueller report allegations of obstruction before landing on the Ukraine phone call. I would like to turn to the evidence of President Trump’s conduct concerning Ukraine. My calling mr. Pastor just said that it revolves around eight lines in one called record, but that’s sorely ignores the vast amount of evidence that we collected of a months-long scheme. President Trump’s persistent continuing effort to coerce a foreign country to help him cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections and to our national security. There is a legit. Is President Trump to have concern about Hunter Biden’s role on Business board Witnesses testified that the allocation of Ukrainian influence in the 2016 election examine wherever you want, and you have the same rules in District after In fairness, you’ll be at you’ll, be able to answer. Questions asked by minority Council when it’s their turn at 45 minutes. So let me ask Pastor, if I can finish, and that was let me finish, it was it you or the chairmanship is that why we’re doing this list see if this matches chairman Nunez a number? Let’S see if this matches remember the press’s number somebody along the way, just didn’t all of a sudden have an epiphany for under the bus that these numbers might match. So who did it? Was it chairmanship or was it you? You are here without a pain, because your chairman will not testify that says all we need to hear. He don’t even stand and he sends you. I hope it works out for you, I’m done it this one. I turned over to ask you: are you? Are you trying to say that that I was trying to say here, but by the way I didn’t get anything close to $ 1000000 remotely? So I don’t. We want ship in that chair, not you and you, one elected by anybody and you’re here, giving his testimony in place of the chairman fission about being fair, it’s not about due process. This is about a kangaroo system and let me tell you those that think you’ve done something special here. You have set the bar, so low political donations make it very important to support candidates for office. I think are funny, I don’t know, and I don’t surprise you open more than a hundred thousand. You might have been able to ask questions and answer them sister birthday, who personally asked president salinsky to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden, President Trump, who stood on the White House lawn and confirmed that he wanted Ukraine Vice President Biden, President Trump should also investigate. Vice President Biden, President Trump as to anything that we do not know in this investigation who has blocked us from going President Trump in the white house, so as it relates to President Trump, is he an incidental player or a central player in this game? President Trump is the central player in this game.
The House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from Democratic and Republican lawyers on Dec. 9. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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