Democratic rivals take aim at Mike Bloomberg

By | February 14, 2020

Democratic rivals take aim at Mike Bloomberg
Democratic rivals take aim at Mike Bloomberg
The Democratic presidential nomination is far from decided and, as the nominees turn, their attention to Nevada and South Carolina are also focusing on a new Target Mike Bloomberg. The new attacks on the former New York city mayor come as some of his past comments of resurfaced. Cbs News Chief Washington, correspondent, Major Garrett reports. He is being criticized for his support policies like stop-and-frisk and redlining housing practices which armed minority communities, Donald Trump, add multiple events in Houston in North Carolina, Michael Bloomberg, continued aggressive a text on President Trump as Democratic Rivals, turn their fire on Bloomberg.

For the first time, I don’t think you can buy an election Bloomberg apologize for his support of stop-and-frisk policy is to fight crime in New York history. My mistakes and use those listen to do right by black and brown communities who have suffered losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, pounced on Bloomberg. 2008 remarks that attributed some of the mortgage crisis toy rollback of lining Congress got involved local elected officials as well and said. Oh, that’s not fair. These people should be able to get credit on the racist Legacy of redlining a systematic effort to deny minority access to, among other things, Home Loans prices would not have been averted if the banks had been able to be racist and anyone.

Leader of our party, alright Major Garrett, from Washington with a whole lot more shifting this race, and it’s important to note that, because just last week and the week before that and Iowa New Hampshire Democrats kept talking about unity in the need not to hit each other. Too hard whoever the eventual nominee is, they went, got to Rally behind so don’t say anything about each other or criticize each other too strongly don’t say anything in other words, that you can’t take back. I’M going to leave to have an odor of Discord around this Democratic nomination process.

That’S the way every other Democrat was treating each other, not this weekend. , my Bloomberg, the attacks are sharpening. Opposition research is building. His record is getting scrutinized. That tells us one undeniable fact. Other Democrats now treat Michael Bloomberg, not as they had before as an abstraction or a theoretical challenge, or an ocean or a concept, but he’s a real threat is rising in the polls. He’S looking to be a very strong competitor in the super Tuesday states that he is strategically identified and Democrats or save themselves, we cannot longer treat this as sort of an abstraction.

Michael Bloomberg threat is real and if we don’t start engaging and start raising questions about his record, he could become something if not Unstoppable, a real real factor in this race and there now Lily turning their attention, but their barbs in his Direction. Attempting at least he used some of his Bloomberg’s comments against him as well sure, but that is a net positive for Mike Bloomberg. There is no question about every time. President Trump and Gage is Michael Bloomberg and tries to insult him or questioned his height or abilities or whatever Michael Bloomberg.

Look at the audience and Stacy he’s already attacking me and I’m going to attack him just as aggressively I’m a New Yorker. I know to deal with this. I know the lingo. I know how New Yorkers quarrel with each other fight each other and I’m ready to do it so when the president gauge is Mike Bloomberg, he in this context and in this conversation only helps him because remember it’s just these campaigns move quickly. So, just two weeks ago who was saying he got the Lion’s Share, the prize detention, Joe Biden.

Well, that’s not true Anymore. Joe Biden doesn’t get the attention almost anyone anymore right now, he’s got to fight for everything he gets in terms of attention, but my Bloomberg is now moving into the president’s Twitter feed. That’S a net-positive! What major the polls show that he is support is rising among black voters, including a siphoning of that support that Joe Biden former Vice President Joe Biden enjoyed early on kind of in the weeds. But the fact that you had Vice President Biden on the national scene for so many years associated with a president that Democrats, love and Bernie Sanders who ran for president four years ago and it’s time and many years to build up this Outreach with African American voters.

What is behind the rise of Michael Bloomberg with African-American voters, because here in this city, and maybe a lot of Americans are not familiar with African Americans in this city – he’s actually having to apologize. If I did not once not twice but two or three times what are, the reasons is because his apology seems kind of scripted and he has to look down on his paperwork needs to get much more authentic and genuine about that. Why are they supported? Why did you think it was wrong? What’S the remedy going forward this and it’s important to say, Michael Bloomberg, never endorse redlining as a construct, but he said part of the mortgage crisis was felled by 4th rather or fed, rather by banking practices that allowed people who might not under previous regimes or organizational Structures get home loans which maybe put some bad Home Loans into the system, and that’s stressed the entire mortgage entities.

Well, that’s a complicated argument: it sounds like it’s racially insensitive and Michael Bloomberg’s can have to do with that. But why is he rising in the polls? A couple of things, the money he spends on these digital and television advertising is Cigna and when you’re constantly telling people what a great record you have and how successful you are and how you going to get it done at least an impression. What other aspect of this and it’s an important when you look at Michael Bloomberg’s endorsements? He has the endorsements now of more than a hundred mayors Mayors deal with things at the urban level and they deal with things in a practical generally speaking, nonpartisan way.

That also benefits my Bloomberg, because the reputational glow of being a successful marriage, even if it’s not YouTube at least successful and the mayor of the biggest most important city in America. That’S New York gives you a bit of a glow and African-American voters, at least as the polls indicate are now shopping. The whole Biden thing is becoming less and less Realty. The electability argument no longer Cuts with them or didn’t cut as well as it did two or three weeks ago. So as you shop around Michael Bloomberg for the moment is looking at least nominally attractive boat like a monolithic sage, and I think what we’re seeing now more than even previous elections as it’s definitely not the case and and you know obviously there’s a division paint.

Our conversation about the fill in the blank vote, billions of dollars, that he is spending down himself on them on Democrats win over the nominee, is and on races in the house and in the Senate. So, while attacking him for being a billionaire, I wonder if in a couple of months, if he’s not the nominee, we’re going to be talking about, you know Democrat because he’s providing for their campaigns and one reinforces the other. I mean one thing: that is absolutely true. True in Iowa to New Hampshire, it’s going to be true throughout this process.

Democrats want to win this feels like a prime Alexa Central moment for the future. The party many Democrats believe it’s crucial for the future of the country. The very institutions of our country, Democrats believe, are not only being threatened by Donald Trump’s presidency, but in some measure dismantled before Arbor. So they want a democratic nominee who can win? Who has the resources to go toe-to-toe with President Trump and who is Not Afraid in any way shape or form of the president? And this idea that was around the nominee or not Michael Bloomberg, says I’m going to pour 10.

If millions of dollars reinforces that at both levels and when Democrats say wait, a minute, who’s got the resources. Who can we be certain, can take on Donald Trump and not be outspent and not be out competed when it comes to Dollars and Mobility, they think strategically? Well, Bloomberg can do that and his pledged to do that either for himself or for the party or fees. The nominee potentially both so that is part of the calculus it’s going on now, and it gives at least some Credence to this very unusual approach.

Bloomberg took I’m skipping the first 4 I’m going to stake my claim on super Tuesday and that process forward. It’S beginning to play out not as a universal success, but it looks a heck of a lot more credible as a paw ability that it did six weeks ago indeed appreciate it.
As Democratic presidential candidates turn their attention to Nevada and South Carolina, they’re also taking aim at Mike Bloomberg, criticizing the former New York City mayor after some of his past comments on controversial policies resurfaced. CBS news chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett joined CBSN to discuss what this means for the Democratic field.

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