Democratic Debate: The Biggest Moments From New Hampshire | TIME

By | February 14, 2020

Democratic Debate: The Biggest Moments From New Hampshire | TIME
Democratic Debate: The Biggest Moments From New Hampshire | TIME
I took a hit in Iowa and I’ll probably take it here. Traditionally, Bernie won by 20 points. Last time. With regard to the Senator Sanders, the president wants very much to take a label on every candidate, we’re going to win this time and Bernese labeled himself. Not me a Democratic Socialist, I think that’s the label that the trailer is going to lay on everyone running with Bernie. If he’s a nominate and he’s a he’s, a mayor of a small City who has done some good things, but it has not demonstrated his ability to and will soon find out to get a broad scope of support across the Spectrum, including African-Americans and Latinos concerned, about Having a democratic socialists, the top of the democratic ticket, I’m not all the time, but I think we are not going to be able to out divide the divider and cheek, and I think we need someone to head up this ticket that actually brings people with her.

Instead of shutting them out, how do you like it, but is it going to be able to get the support that he needs some Republicans, I like Bernie, just fine trying to fall back on the familiar or trying to unite this country at a moment when we Need that kind of unification, when our nominee is dividing people with a politics that says, if you don’t The Edge, it doesn’t count in politics. It says it’s my way or the highway is by presenting an agenda that works for the work people of this country, not for the billionaire class.

We had a moment the last few weeks mayor and that moment was he’s impeachment hearings, and there was a lot of Courage that you saw from only a few people use that it was exhausting to and that you wanted to turn the channel and watch cartoons. It is easy to go after Washington cuz, that’s a popular thing to do. It is much harder, as I see Center shaking in the front row such a leader. It is harder to lie. Are you kidding me? We have a very diverse party, the heart and soul of this party is Varsity black people, Latinos API people, Native Americans and white people can education and employment in entrepreneurship to make this country a country of opportunity for everyone, no matter the color of their skin.

Last two years ago, we had virtually no gun control legislation at all, and I represented. Perspective. The world has changed in Vermont and New Hampshire by the mass shootings that we have seen in the gun, violence that we’ve seen the world is changing. My views have changed.
On Friday, seven Democratic presidential candidates squared off in a debate in New Hampshire, just a few days before voters in the state head to the polls for the first primary of the election cycle.

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Democratic Debate: The Biggest Moments From New Hampshire

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