Day 7, Part 9: Committee members grill witnesses on impeachment evidence

By | December 10, 2019

Day 7, Part 9: Committee members grill witnesses on impeachment evidence
Day 7, Part 9: Committee members grill witnesses on impeachment evidence
Now we will engage in questions under the five-minute rule myself, 5 minutes for the purpose of questioning the witness’s. Can you please explain the difference between trips to Ukraine earlier this year, the Ukrainian president to remove the corrupt prosecutor-general with an international consensus. The entire European Union support that he was referring to, and so International communities consensus and when President Trump is asking for this investigation of Joe Biden has every single testified that that had nothing to do with official US policy. I know personal political benefit. Where is President Trump’s requested? Yes, in fact, if Witnesses testified that corrupt prosecutor-general we’re actually removed, it would be cuz, he was not Prosecuting corruption, so the witnesses said that, by removing that prosecutor-general and corruption in Ukraine is it related to the Barista accompany which is son was on the board of Very basic and usual investigative practice where people involved in their records and just to be very clear. It is only call to call from and Link content of the calls or the text messages list and there are no risks to that. And so what we did is for the people, maybe there’s additional Communications, that we were unaware of what We’ve Ended as we took the call records and we match it up with important events that occur during the scheme. In this case, it just so happened. People who were involved in the President Trump’s keep communicating the president’s lawyer. Congress, of course, did not at all seek in any way shape or form to do any investigation on anyone, a member of Congress or a staff member of Congress. It just happened to be that they were in communication with people involved. President ski, we never heard from the White House Council that we other than the letters which basically just said we will not at all cooperate with this investigation in any way shape or form they. Never reached out engage in this accommodation process. It was a complete Stonewall. Not only will the White House not participate and not cooperate and not respond to the subpoenas of Congress, every other executive branch agency to delete years building substantial case records. What is the strength of the record year compelling seal? The president’s conduct yes participate in these parts inquiry under the circumstances. Now the investigative committee two were directed not to appear and ultimately they did not appear. Thank you very much. My time is expired. I can believe it or not. We want to pause briefly to welcome our viewers from our CVS stations on Tanya Rivero in New York, CBS Special Report. We now take you back to the hearing they called in the metadata is not the content why these released? Here’S! The problem you took the committee – and this is why I want to know who ordered it. The committee made a choice: German Shuffle, I’m assuming cuz he’s not here or you who didn’t get to come. At least thank you for showing up made a conscious choice to put these records into the report. It was a drive-by. It was a drive-by that you wanted to smear the ranking member or smear these others, because they were in those numbers they were connected to that. You just admit it just a second ago: it was simply they were contacting these people. The problem I have with that is is you could have just as easily put if you’re really wanting to do it professional non smear report? It said congressperson one or congress person to reporter one reporter to because if they did not actually contribute to your report, it is nothing but a drive-by. That’S the problem I have here. I have no problem with you working. I have no problem with her. That was nothing but show the American people, but at least for a moment shift report became a partisan smear against other members we don’t like because I have no problem – is, I said, doing proper oversight. I’Ve had a lot of issues, but don’t make it up and don’t not tell me or the rest of this committee who ordered that that was nothing more than a smear campaign and just say it’s not as being – and I don’t understand you know, except how we Can say this is okay, how we say this is fine. This is how we have Duvall in the members on the majority. Now, maybe members of the minority at some point and if we’re setting the standard for this is where we’re going with these kind of Investigations, then we’re in trouble we’re in deep trouble cuz. This is another thing that the founders you and others today, mister Burkett, said earlier. The founders were deeply concerned about a lot of things. One of the biggest things ever concerned about is opposed to a now. I’M glad everybody is now an originalist, except this. They also were concerned about a partisan impeachment apartment in peace, because you don’t like his policies, you don’t like what he said. You don’t like has the backing of the International Community what we have become as a Perpetual state of impeachment, and that is the problem that everyone has died, should have, but don’t come here and be a person who is a witness witness and not answer the question.. You don’t come here and say: I’m not going to say, because you know good and well sometime at some conference at some committee and some little run for somebody said: Hey cuz. I have Devin Nunez phone number that number matches and we’re going to put in the report, not because we think Devin Nunez is a part of this, because he had a phone call with somebody that we were investigating you hispanitas Congress, and that is why I have Such a problem with this, and then you leaked further information. This is the problem here and we can be righteous about trying to get this press or not, but when it comes to this, this is why people are getting so. This just turned off by this whole thing. We understand that that is the problem. I have cuz, you could have handled this different, you and Mister ship. I don’t blame the chairman because I remember the one responsible. Unfortunately, he sent you and you had to take it. That’S wrong and deserves better California’s. Recognized of the question here is the potential of abuse of the president’s power to benefit himself in the next election. Where is based on free and fair elections and after Russia interfered in the 2016 election, the American people are rightfully concerned about ensuring that the next election doves free of Ford interference and keeping that in mind, I’d like to mr. Goldman, the following question and faster song. When testified that, according to Rudy Giuliani, quote President Trump wanted a public statement from president salinsky committing to investigations of brisma and 2016 election, isn’t that correct and a bastard song when testified, as the screen in front of you shows at present, solinsky quote had to announce The investigations you didn’t actually have to do them, cracked experienced former prosecutor. Is it common to announce an investigation but not actually to conduct the investigation? What’S the investigation because you want to develop as much evidence while it’s not while it’s not public, because if it’s public, then you run into problems of people matching up testimony and Witnesses tailoring their their testimony, which is part of the reason why the clothes depositions in Our investigation we’re so important about play, conducting them whatever he claims. The president claims about his desire, corruption, even if you assume that these investigations are purpose, as he has stated, it undermines that because he doesn’t actually care if the investigations are done. You just wanted the Public Announcement, the private confirmation was not enough and that’s an indication that he wanted the political benefit from them. It looks to me that the announcement of the investigation could benefit the president politically because he announced the loan could be Twitter fighter between now and the next election to smear political rival. That’S consistent with the findings in a President Nixon attempted to corrupt elections and his agents, Democratic party headquarters, to get a leg up on the election, and then he tried to cover it up, just as we’ve seen some obstruction here, but even more concerning in this case, President Trump not only appear reviews The Power of his office to help his own re-election campaign, use the Ford government to do his bidding and use military aid as leverage to get the job done now. This Aid was approved by Congress, was appropriated on a partisan basis for Ukraine to fight Russia, food invaded them and well. This age was with hell. People died, while this age was being ultimately the aid release that there was not a problem that mr. Goldman isn’t it true that the egg was released only after the president got caught, and only after Congress learned of the scheme to make life or death a conditional On this announcement of Investigation of his political rival, The Whistleblower complaint with circulating around the White House, the congressional committees announced their own investigation and then the perhaps they’re watching the post office on September 5th, linking the two and then the Inspector General by the committee that There was this whistleblower complaint that was being withheld by the Trump Administration inquiry, but the direct evidence is very damning and the price hasn’t offered any evidence to the contrary. We’ve as we subpoenaed we’ve invited the president and nothing has come forward if he had evidence of His innocence, why wouldn’t he bring It Forward? This is a very serious matter that strikes at the heart of our Constitution and it’s a concern that we are here, but I’ve heard over and over again that this is too fast will miss Jackson, Lee and I were talking both members of this committee during the Clinton impeachment that took 73 days for here on the 76 day. We need to proceed and I thank you. Mr. Goldman, if your hard work and for your presentation I yield back yesterday, fat injection for sharing will stand in recess for 15 minutes.
House Judiciary Committee members were allotted 5 minutes each to question the witnesses, House Intelligence Committee senior adviser and director of investigations Daniel Goldman and senior investigative counsel Stephen Castor, about the Democratic and Republican impeachment inquiry reports. Chairman Jerry Nadler, Ranking Republican Doug Collins, and Democrat Zoe Lofgren led this round of questioning.

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