Day 7, Part 2: Doug Collins’ opening statement

By | December 10, 2019

Day 7, Part 2: Doug Collins’ opening statement
Day 7, Part 2: Doug Collins’ opening statement
I now recognize the ranking members in the gentleman from Georgia.. Are you not going to recognize the possible motion before me? Unanimous consent Miss chairman 111 you’re willing to immediately schedule a minority hearing day. That is not a proper point of order. In today’s hearing violating the rules of the house, if we considered articles of impeachment before holding a hearing, that is not the purpose of today’s hearing and a point of order is not Timely. Gentleman from Georgia that got us started again. The chairman completely not answering question it is timely and it’s not up to his discretion, but again again, we’ve not really cared about that from the start. To begin with, so my question is just scheduled hearing, but undoubtedly that’s not what they want out there now that is recognized at that point. I’Ll tell you this. I can’t win next year. If he’s that’s, why we’re here today – and it really was true because last Wednesday, after we had a long play of hearing here the next morning, appreciate that the majority practice for 2 days this weekend? Why couldn’t we just say, there’s probably none of which I think after this hearing today, the American people can honestly look at and see if there was overwhelming evidence and bipartisan, all of which we are not. So why not? Why are we here? Well, I think we can do this. Look at this. Look at the three things that typically associated with making your case or a crime against. He said I think they have motive. That means, and they have opportunity what’s their motive is November 2020. It’S been said over and over and over again the chairman said it again. This morning it’s been said all along that we have to do this because the reason is showing as clearly as last week and the grocery store this weekend, he said, keep doing what you’re doing. I’ve never seen an economy this good. He said he said paper being taken care of, and this is just a Fatal Distraction on the president that they don’t like Spider-Man talking about. Now is the time for impeachment. We see tweet after tweezing. Now, let’s get at it’s amazing that they start with impeachment, and then they spent two years trying to figure out what do we impeach him on? Well, the means became what we see now. It’S always talk about impeachment. To always say this Brothers doing something wrong say he is illegitimate, as the chairman has said before, that he’s not even president, yet you’ve been constantly tear down at a present who is working on the house, American people when we go through this chairman said something was Inching he said, they’re present should not be above. The law should be held accountable for the oath of their office. I think Congress ought to be held accountable for their oath of office as well and not to do what we’re doing right now, and that is funny process that doesn’t fit fairness or decorum to run a process and a fact pattern that you’re having to force against A president, you don’t like what was the opportunity opportunity came last November when they got the majority and they began their impeachment run. They began in the process would be the best person for impeachment. This is November of last year before we had any hearings before we had sworn into this Congress for anyone, the media or watching on TV or watching in this room, for anyone to think that this was not a baked deal is not being honest with themselves. Is now become the standard instead of proof, it should cause anyone to begin to question, because the entire case is built on a presumption, Elementary steam line. He said nobody ever told him that when it’s online even ask the president directly, he said: what do you want? The present I want nothing I was with you to do what he ran on Ukraine, did nothing and got the 8th anyway, past three weeks when the chairman of the intelligence committee is absent today, guess he can’t back up his own report, but he started his own Hearing by making up the facts will call when he made it. He started the ferry we’re having today. If you can’t even put the transcript in the right context, just read it chairmanship couldn’t even read the transcripts he had to make it up, because if he didn’t make it up, it didn’t sound as bad. It didn’t sound. What was the transcript? The chairman misled the American people as an attorney as a chairman as a member of Congress, who swore an oath to tell the base of the to be honest with the American people and uphold the Constitution. That was such a massive malpractice. I’Ve never seen because you know why, again, they don’t care about what actually was in the transcript. They don’t actually care what happened and they don’t even care their narrative. What else happened? This is also the chairmanship who also said that they had seen collusion in plain sight, just not stop commenting on chairmanship and his goddess, because I may end up on the next phone records subpoena as we go forward, you see we’ve taking a dangerous turn in this Congress subpoenas are fine, properly done and should be done properly, but they should never be at the expense of a political, Endeavor and Vendetta. Professor Charlie impeachment of American president, it didn’t go real well, so we had a lot of hearing didn’t go well and they said this is going to be. The movie version comic book Renditions that breathes life into the motherboard and it didn’t work the movie version. They guess what they wasn’t, convinced what you doing today. I guess it’s. The movie version of the shift report. Robert Mueller testified against Ken Starr testified. The author of the shift report is not here. Instead, he sending his staff to do his job for him. I guess that’s what you get when you’re, making up impeachment as you go forward 20 of time to discuss the factual case for this, and the statements are not been made. What is very detrimental to me, though, is this: this committee is not hearing from a factual witness. This committee is doing anything passed hearing from law, school professors and staff. We not been given to the chairman said something about the present not being able to come. Show me where he would actually have a proper process in this is not talking to staff and not talking to law school Professor. When we can actually have witnesses, it would be babosada. I love this institution I was here is a nineteen-year-old. Kid is an intern. Almost 32 years ago, this institution, as we see it today, is in danger. We see chairman for issuing subpoenas for personal vendettas. We see committees such as mini mini substitute hearing, has been the very center point of impeachment being used as a rubber stamp, because we are marching orders from this committee. We needed it because we’re rubber-stamp. I love this institution within the last 3 days is over last year for 3 or 4 days. I’Ve seen stuff that just bother me to know when it should bother everyone. The speaker, the house. After hearing one day of testimony, District committee Citgo write articles on Al Green, but he told us he wasn’t going to come instead hide behind his staff. He also told us that we’re going to keep investigating because they know this is going nowhere in the Senate and they’re desperate to have a impeachment vote on this Friday. The economy’s good job creation is military, strong, our country is safe and the Judiciary Committee has been relegated to this because they have the means they have the motive. They have the opportunity and, at the end of the day, all this is about is about a clock and a calendar because they can’t get over the fact. Donald Trump is president of the United States, and they don’t have a candidate that they think can beat him. It’S awful as we have talked about before this is a show. Unfortunately, today the witness who is supposed to be the star witness, chose to take a pass and let a staff answer for that Border close to Jay one of rule 11 requires you to schedule a minority hearing date not to consider it not to meet to discuss, But the schedule 1 and schedule it at a reasonable time, not after articles have been drawn not after there’s been a vote on articles of impeachment. I inquire and insist, mr. chairman, that you immediately schedule assuring day or tell us why you are up up ignoring the rules remember several times and considering Menards request. If you think we would be violating the rules of the house will be considered articles of impeachment before holding inventory day hearing it’s not the purpose of today’s hearing and the point of order is not in order as chairman, since I don’t okay, the point of injection. You right, you brought my name is nowhere close to actually following your duty as a chairman to follow the rules, and so I think the problem is very well taken. I think the issue that we have is not, I think your timing is the show me please in the show me in the rule, for you come to a time of actually being able to deny this up a certain point meeting where we are considering art.of.the, reserving The right to eject, we will now hear presentation. It was not a cognizable point of order, it was not in the order. It was not weather at this time. To make that point of order. There is no ruling to appeal an order to appeal. We are doing what we have to do Under the rules. We will now your presentation of evidence. What is this meeting will because the steering will be considered and will be considered in an orderly fashion. The gentleman will not yell out and you will not attempt to disrupt the proceedings. We will now hear presentations of evidence from Council to the Judiciary Committee for up to 60 minutes equal to you have one minute to conclude your testimony when the light turns red is expired, show me the girl, then nothing out
“Where’s the impeachable offense? Why are we here?,” said House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins, a Republican from Georgia, in his opening statement at the impeachment inquiry hearing on Monday, December 9.

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