Day 7, Part 13: Closing statements in Judiciary impeachment hearing

By | December 10, 2019

Day 7, Part 13: Closing statements in Judiciary impeachment hearing
Day 7, Part 13: Closing statements in Judiciary impeachment hearing
With that who says, I’m not being pressured, I’m not being there’s nothing here. It’S just amazing that we continue to propagate that math here tonight. Here are some things we did learn today should be doing again, but no one will hold a member accountable. He also we found out today, which is really into staff, can determine what’s relevant. I actually talked about this all, so it just is another thing. We learned today that the chairman continues to just disregard house rule just completely. What is the use of an already hearing day, if you’re going to have evidence about the mark-up if you get the confirmation after markup itself? Even your most heated debate on getting rid of this present does not show any way that can be fair and in the end, both parties are in. If you destroy the institutional Integrity, which again the staff have talked about that, we destroy the Integrity that there’s nothing else for us to do. Una Pista present over Kali had with the Ukrainian president and presents Lansky which took place. There was a look at how it happened in 2016. Democrats are seeking and peace the present over that and we’re seeing the problems with Russia. Investigation play out again in front of our eyes. Ukraine is the same thing using the same Playbook colluding against the president drops to ensure they can get him and they are blowing out blowing through every procedure and principle of fairness and honesty to ensure they get him in time. So what happened today? General report, application Crossfire hurricane investigation, well drinks include exculpatory information in the visor. The FBI did not cooperate a huge amount of information in the page fisa. The FBI chose to defensively brief candidate Clinton, not candidates Trump. The FBI reporting was going directly to the Clinton campaign to mislead what about whether Carter page had actually been a you jealous intelligent Source. The bottom line that shows the page fisa never been a time. If you don’t have the page five that you don’t have a Russian investigation, if you don’t have to rush investigation, you can’t knock out the present as a candidate the time in 26 election and you can’t hamstring the presents first, two years with a special counsel investigation. I could go on, but miss who’s already weighed in has the next batch of this and we’ll see where it goes. But I do want to take one last thing from our side, because it’s undoubtedly will be the last hearing, because we have no desire to hear anything from our side from an already hearing or otherwise. I want to text from Democrat donors and pain dismiss Castor masculine. Usually work for in alongside members of Congress and fellow public servant to highlight their investigators and also the ones that have been brought in over these Publix, I’m sorry to choose. This is where we’re at, but I would like to thank them for their work today. I’D like to thank them for their work on our behalf, but also, I think, really for all the ones listening here. If you look around the room, this is what’s happening. The American people, by the end of the day, most of the members of meteor begging, to go somewhere else, because at the end of the day, UK sitting made, and one thing to just keeps amazingly said for mr. Goldman – to make the chairman. major. The fact that I say I disagree, and you say you don’t just as the chairman predicted almost 20 years ago, when we willingly accept from someone else, a project or a report that we don’t investigate ourselves and with that. That is the problem we have, and that is the forest called. Would U District impeachment cam today I go back. Did the center of a scheme to pressure Ukraine to announce confirm this personal involvement on the White House lawn? We know that there are no excuses, for this kind of it is no excuse is no excuse that he insisted that there was no only after. We know that the President also compromised the Integrity of our elections for a corrupt political purpose, Congressional subpoenas for documents and and subpoenas related to the impeachment inquiry, and that is attempts to solicit of political favor from the government did a pattern of conduct that the president Established in 2016, when he solicited political assistance from the government of Russia that pattern of misconduct, Fair elections in abusing his office in this matter and an obstructing the investigation that followed President Trump, his country, serious scrutiny of the evidence at hand in the president’s defense. I suspect that is because are the president’s actions President Trump put himself before his country. That remedy is impeachment. The facts are clear: the danger to our democracy is clear and that is clear. President Trump violated he plays his own private interests. I had security and integrity and constitutes a threat to the Integrity of a democratic system of government. This committee will proceed accordingly. This concludes today’s hearing. We thank for participating without objection. All members were at 5 legislative days to submit additional written questions for the presenters or additional materials for the record without objection. The hearing is adjourned.
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and Ranking Member Doug Collins gave closing remarks after hours of testimony on the findings of dueling Democratic and Republican reports on the Trump impeachment inquiry.

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