Day 7, Part 12: Final rounds of questioning on impeachment reports

By | December 10, 2019

Day 7, Part 12: Final rounds of questioning on impeachment reports
Day 7, Part 12: Final rounds of questioning on impeachment reports
Mr. neguse, thank you mr. chairman, and we approach the ninth hour of this hearing. I want to thank both mr. Goldman and mr. caster for being here today and for your testimony. There’S been a lot of discussion about whether or not the facts in this matter are contestant. I believe they are not contesting, and so I’d like to level set here and and give you both an opportunity to address some of the facts that I believe are not in dispute, and I want to begin by addressing something that I think we all know for Certain and that’s that Russia interfered in our 2016 election, so it was two Goldman. After 2 years of Investigation, the special counsel concluded that Russia interfered in our elections, in quote sweeping and systemic fashion, is that right and mr. Correct that 0 intelligence agencies have publicly stated that Ukraine attacked our elections in 2016. That right, that’s right! I don’t even think that the minority is alleging that the Ukrainian government system play in any meaningful way interfere. I think this is just based on a couple of news articles. The president. There were some significant Ukrainian, and you said that previously I guess I’m asking you what happened to Ukrainian government former Homeland Security advisor said that the idea of Ukraine, for example, hacking, the DNC server, was quote, not only a conspiracy theory. It is completely developed. President Trump’s Homeland Security advisor that said that you see on the screen of my interview, witnesses that appeared before your committee testified in support of the theory that Ukraine somehow interfere in our elections. Is that right? Mr. Goldman? That is absolutely correct. It’S your caster, it’s cracked, but thank you did Russia is impart perpetrating this false theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 elections, because Russia wants to deflect blame for its own involvement. That is correct. We had evidence that, and I think that it’s very important to emphasize what is evidence and what is Pur media reports or speculation, because there is no evidence in our investigation. Ukraine interfered in 2016 election on the screen in front of you, both for mr. Holmes as well as dr. Fiona Hill. Ukraine government did not interfere in our election 2016. This is a fictional narrative that is being perpetrated and propagated by the Russian Security Services themselves. Define that, in addition to the Ukrainian officials, who made a couple of disparaging comments about President Trump, there are officials from countries all around the world who also made disparaging comments about President Trump and his doctor Hill said they’re. Military since was not put on hold so giving your testimony and giving yours as well Master Caster. It strikes me that there are in fact for uncontested facts. First, Russia attacked our 2016 elections. Agencies have independently confirm that this is true II. Ukraine did not attack or 2016-elections there’s, no, absolutely no evidence that this baseless are 2016 elections and, finally, the Russia benefits from the u.s. investigating Ukraine, which was made clear to public testimony before your committee show. Mr. Goldman, is it fair to say that the intelligence Community agrees? These four conclusions definitely agrees with one and two dr. Hill testified to 3, as well as there’s a public statement from mr. Putin and yes, certainly, the witnesses size 4 that Russia benefits from this, and we saw in my opening statement President Putin’s comment that it’s good Now that Ukraine is that is all the talk Theory already disproved by the entirety of the intelligence community that actually helps our adversary, a country that is attacking our elections in real time without you, German parliamentary inquiry about schedule screen after my question I’ll make an announcement About schedule shortly and not to apply when Republicans and mr. Berg who been elected to congress, Hillary Clinton Obama deferred prosecution for tax fraud. The fact witness and makes sense he’s a white collar criminal defense lawyer, I’m sure he didn’t want to incriminate himself. This is a series of reports as early as October 27th, two years ago, on his opinion as to whether President Trump obstructed Justin Justice included with Russia watching the charade. This is who was sitting at the top of the dice. Next to the chairman, acting like a member of this committee, a partisan New York lawyer with written single fact witness. As appeared in front of this committee, we have been denied a minority hearing day, which I ask for the last hearing. 2016 elections from Ukraine. Tim answered correct. An investigation in a meeting with President Trump Mister Casper earrings for an open hearings occur. I hope so also been held up. Yes, mr. Goldman, on October, 2nd, the New York Times reported that The Whistleblower quote approached a house intelligence committee with his concerns about mr. Trump. Is that accurate on October, 2nd, the New York Times reported that have you had any Communications with the Whistleblower response to questions for your colleagues? Communicated with the Whistleblower is not relevant to this report, at least including our report, because the evidence has been outstripped and surpassed by the 17 witnesses that we have had come in to testify. Refusing to answer weather American people want. Gentlemen. The time of the gentleman has expired, Tramadol the unanimous consent fire dated January 11th. 2010. I will, if you give it to her staff, will take a look at it and we’ll make it instead recognize before I recognize Miss mcbath. I want to announce that, with respect to scheduling this hearing will proceed until the votes to called be nice, then we will recess for the votes and will reconvene here as soon as the votes on the floor over it’s going to be a close call will see. I was further announcing schedule of the committee Beyond hearing New York Cardinals schedule schedule bring the future schedule. Okay are constitutional Scholars about last week the investigative committee’s found evidence that President Trump intimidated, threatened and tampered with prospective and actual Witnesses in the impeachment inquiry. Correct and mr. Goldman, it is a federal crime to intimidate or to seek to intimidate appearing before Congress. Is that right, there’s a little bit more to it, but that’s the gist of it. Yes, President Trump publicly attacked Witnesses before, after an even during their testimony, Ambassador Bill Taylor Valor for doing his duty to tell the truth to the American people. Correct also attacked other Trump Administration officials who testified before the intelligence committee, including Lieutenant Colonel Alexander s. Vinman. Who is the director for Ukraine on the National Security and Jennifer Williams, the special adviser on Europe and Russia, with the office of the vice president? Am I right treatment of Ambassador jovanovic when you question Ambassador yovanovitch, you asked her about the president’s remark that she wouldn’t go through. Some things sounded like a threat. Is that right and Democratic Administration? She was once caught and live Crossfire during a coup attempt and here’s. How she described that experience in her very own words in Moscow in 1993, during the attempted coup in Moscow and Russia, I was caught in crossfire between presidential and parliamentary forces. It took us three tries to get into a vehicle to go to the Embassy. We went because the Ambassador asked us to come and we went because it was our duty duty, even you’re such a public servant. Who did she testify before you and the intelligence committee the present during the testimony? Yes, I just have to say I am so deeply saddened that our president has attacked our brave Public Service. These attacks are in a buse of his power and they betray our national interest myrepublic. How long until now have agreed with me that this behavior is not that in America we protect Witnesses and people who tell the truth, we want people to come forward, protect Witnesses in our community. That was a military officer in his opening statement to the intelligence committee. Mr. venneman said – and I quote, I want to say that the character attacks on these distinguished and Congress, because I care urgently about the healthcare and our veteran policies for me and many of my colleagues. But these Witnesses public servant told the truth and I must be courageous and stand up for them as well, and are you back the balance of my time Antigo mr. Biggs, I’ve been unfair that record on the investigative committee’s had access to all witness deposition David already Was given equal time to the majority for every single interview, deposition or hearing that we did, and then they were also allowed to call their own Witnesses for the depositions they chose not to do that. The only witness they requested for the deposition was chairmanship. Who is not a fact witness to this investigation? Initial depositions behind-closed-doors the information closed and the reason is exactly the day before his deposition. He spoke with secretary Perry about his testimony. That is the type of tailoring that can happen when people are engaged in misconduct and they try to line up their stories. So if you keep the information line up their stories – and I think frankly, part of the reason why Ambassador Volker and Ambassador Sunland public hearing testimony was so different from their deposition. Testimony is because, before we then release all the transcripts to the public – and this isn’t unprecedented because he’s at the beginning of the inquiries – that’s correct Congress – this is actually a rule in the house. Rules that was passed by Republican Congress is, it was used in Benghazi. Was used by number of committees for the past decade or so presidents facing impeachment. Is that correct options the committee he could have provided documents? He could have provided the witnesses that we asked for him, but he obstructed rather than cooperate twice. That’S far. Yes, yes, not a single one, not a single. Federal agencies have a specific committees that correct. If I could just add document case, if you were Prosecuting this case documents, so the fact that those. being withheld is quite significant and it’s on the witnesses. That’S correct and more than a dozen members of the Administration has a request for Testimony or documents by testimony and documents. That’S correct so true that when Witnesses chose to follow the laws and Testify the president denied those Witnesses accept to the documents they needed to properly prepare for their testimony. For some of them that’s correct, but I also must acknowledge that this process is been challenging and in many respects less than fair. I have not had access to all of my phone records, State Department, emails and many many other state department documents, and I was told I could not work with my EU staff to pull together the relevant files and information. These documents are not class bide and In fairness and unfairness should have been made available. The state department has collected all materials in response to the September 27th subpoena. That may contain facts relevant to my testimony. I have no such documents with me today to participate participate and he has consistently tried to obstruct the impeachment investigation to ensure no one testifies against them, but no one produces a document that, and you engage in a cover-up to prevent the American people from learning the Truth, I yield back recognize that we’re moving too fast that we should try to get more evidence. Let’S examine why these arguments are. We President Nixon stated during the Senate Watergate investigation quote all members of The White House staff will appear voluntarily when requested by the committee. They will testify under oath and they will answer fully off proper questions and quote during the investigation of President Clinton. Ken Starr interviewed White House staff. President Clinton also provided written responses, 281 interrogatories from the house Judiciary Committee. Unlike his predecessors, President Trump has categorically stonewalled. Congress has investigation at every turn and deed. As far back as April, the president expressed his intent to Stonewall. More recently, White House counsel, Pat cipollone Echo this sentiment in a letter reflecting the president’s instruction that. officials not testify in this impeachment inquiry. Are you aware of that letter, mr. Goldman Goldman, is it fair to say that President Trump is the only President in the history of our country to seek to completely absurd impeachment inquiry undertaken by this house as part of the house impeachment inquiry 10 of whom defied Congressional staff semi right, given the president sweeping directive not to cooperate with Congress, did the investigative committee’s believe that there was any chance that other Administration officials would come forward if subpoenaed trying to block everything and block everyone. Eventually, they came up with an alternative reason to write an opinion to prevent people from coming, which is quite a anagram, The View that that they took but it. But it was quite clear that they were trying to block every single Witness National Witnesses. And we want this to be as thorough investigation, but, as you can see from the Deutsche Bank case or the McGann case, it takes months and months until the next election, because we’re all intimately aware of it. On April 22nd, this Judiciary Committee served a subpoena for Testimony to White House counsel, Don mcgahn and after me, Gambit refused to testify. May 21st the committee filed a lawsuit on August 7th to compel his testimony, and even though we did request expedited ruling, it was another three-and-a-half months before judge Jackson found. The Constitution does not allow a president to Nika Congressional investigations because, as the judge wrote and I put up on this screen quote, presidents are not Kings. As you know, McGann has a field and a hearing is set for January 3rd now of next year. As we sit here today months since we issue that subpoena would you agree, it’s likely we will not have an appeals court ruling for many months to come appeal to the Supreme Court and conceivably that could take another many months year. More depends on to the next turn: go to court to enforce, enforce the investigative committee subpoenas we could face another months or years long delay to hear testimony to win the election. It’S not a it’s, not something that happened in the past, its continuing in the future. So we cannot delay and just wait for the courts to resolve this, when the reason why we would have to go to the courts. It’S because the president is obstructing an investigation into himself. What are elections, but also a national security, and my right is a critical component to it. What is playing is that means never. We must not let this President disregard defy and delayed. That’S just this president has shown that he repeatedly abused at the power entrusted to him by the people. Every moment we wait is another opportunity to chip away at the foundation of our constitution so carefully crafted by our Founders. I thank you. Miss Sherman and you’ll. Back is Jackson. Lee referred in my questioning statement of administration policy. Thank you. Mr. chairman and mr. Tasker, it’s been a long day been a long couple months. You’Ve been in the middle of this, and I know previously you wanted to say something so thank ever existed. My willingness to Pediatric Care in the afternoon, but I want to say a few things. First of all, Nunez send a letter on November, 8th asking for Witnesses. Regular Collins send a letter on December 6th asking for Witnesses. Some of these Witnesses would have touched at the part of the issue that our members are concerned about, and that is are ukrainians trying to interfere with our election. To me, this is a fact that is meritorious of Investigation. The ukrainians are investigated. That hasn’t happened. Republicans have attempted to to do that during this process. So mr. Armstrong, if you know a bassador is songland is, is, you know, relied on and he went from witness. It was not very favorable to two very favorable at his hearing and one of the one of the remarkable statement at his hearing was it. Everyone was in the loop email to to Pompeo to the secretary. The emails are not conclusive at all this statement. That was going back and forth during the early part of August. First of all, I think the statement was a good idea, voelker and yarmak around with the statement and ultimately decided that it wasn’t, and so the fact that someone is emailing the secretary talking about this statement and so forth. It’S just doesn’t show that everyone’s in the Louvre email. The secretary I mean the secretary, gets email of course, but it’s not like this. You know, there’s a whole Secretariat that filters his email, and so it’s not emailing estate is not quite as simple as I think. Ambassador SoundLink made it seem here, and so I just wanted to address that. We talked a couple times about the reliability of Georgia. One of Ambassador volkers assistance, Kathryn Croft, a testified – is rather startling piece of testimony. She was asked whether note would be reliable, typical question. Everyone expecting answer to be yes exception. Do you know perhaps Mister chance? You know, felt some emotions about about some of these issues and his notes, at least according to one state department official, might not be reliable. The CNN interview that there’s been discussion about discussion about possibly doing a statement which was there was there was discussion of a CNN interview, but Amorphis fact that was out there. Ambassador Taylor testified that he was worried. It would happen, but we didn’t. We didn’t really talk to anyone that could tell us precisely was going to occur. You know me the CNN interview and in weather president solansky was actually going to do it. If you look back at the statement that you were talking about possible that your MacBook has advised president selenski not to say what people thought he was going to say, I’m sorry, mister in French Sherwin win on TV yesterday and said they get a conviction in 3 Minutes but my question is for what car at the mall or conspiracy fell flat? The obstruction charge was abandoned when the public hearing was over campaign Finance. The victim of bribery and extortion says he’s not a victim, because you can’t prove any of it does not mean you can use all of it and that’s no way to prosecute a case, and it is no way to proceed with impeachment. Thank you, Azucar Sao. Paulo is recognized the biggest national security threat and that’s foreign interference in elections, and I can tell you Florida were extremely concerned about the security of our elections in the potential for election interference by Foreign governments, especially Russia, because Florida, my home state, was a victim of Russian hacking in 2016 and there’s every vacation. They’re trying to do the same thing right now. Our country was founded on the premise that our elected officials are elected by the people, but President Trump doesn’t share these ideas. He has and continues to demand for an interference. Intro election, he doesn’t want the American people to decide he’s inviting foreign interference allowing foreign governments to decide that for us, mr. Goldman has been confirmed that President Trump’s campaign actively sought Russia’s interference in our 2016 16 elections. Correct interference, welcomed utilized it and, in 2016 Trump said Russia, if you’re listening and within 5 hours, Russian intelligence Target at the emails with Trump’s opponent. When asked what he hoped, president selenski, would you about to bite, and this is what President Trump said about. They should investigate provide because how does a company but slowly formed and all these companies, if you look at and by the way, likewise, China just started investigation into the body, and let me just point out the president: doesn’t mention corruption. Does he, mr. Goldman, in all of his comments and all of the other Witnesses mint and the evidence showed this was really a euphemism for the investigations correct? The president’s pattern of behavior is incredibly disturbing. Russia-Ukraine China he’s inviting three countries to help him in his re-election campaign and mr. Goldman. I don’t see any reason believe he wouldn’t ask any other governments. For example, Venezuela, multiple times he’s, also shown a lack of Contrition, a lack of acknowledgement that what he’s doing is wrong and then it is wrong and if you don’t recognize that has no reason why you’ve already done it. We saw Giuliani in Ukraine just three days ago and last night. I want to point out that the Washington Post actually released an article saying that Rudy Giuliani has been advising on how to open a back Channel between President Trump. So I’m very worried about that. Now. I don’t think we have any time to weigh to see if any countries are not going to take him up on the offer to help him in his re-election campaign committees reach any conclusions about the ongoing threat. The continuing risk that the president poses June television with George Stephanopoulos this year, where the president of vacated that he would once again welcome for an interference, is another datapoint to understand where it is, and I would just say to Mr reschenthaler – was questioning it was saying That he’s got such a great record Democrats. Just don’t want him to win. The question is: if that is the case, then why president follow the rule of law and fight to keep our elections Fair, free of corruption and free of Russian interference? Excuse me for an interference Florida and I work only for the people of this country, I’m not going to let them in office. Anyone interfere in our elections or threaten our democracy. The continuing pattern of behavior we’ve seen from the beginning of a dictatorship, Latin America. I’Ve witnessed men in office, abuse the power inviting foreign interference and also obstructing any checks on their power. The Constitution, the Constitution, has no Allegiance. We cannot allow this behavior from this president or any future president on it. Thank you. Mr. chairman, the witness was wrong when he said that we were able to subpoena people and get our way is escobares recognized spent the entire day with us for very grateful to have stated over and over again their own witness. Mr Castor has agreed that these investigations have indeed produced direct evidence, direct evidence which any objective observer, in my opinion would regard is overwhelming. That evidence proves the president’s solicited foreign interference in the 2020 election pressured Ukrainian president zelinski to publicly announce unfounded investigation conditions. A white house meeting the president condition to White House meeting 390 $ 1000000 on the announcement of the investigation and then the president covered up his conduct and obstructed the investigation. Those findings reflect a serious abuse of power by the president. We are being asked to ignore what we seen with our own eyes and what we’ve heard with our own ears. So mr. Goldman I’d, like your help in responding to some of the claims that my Republican colleagues have made today, the president quid pro quo. In other words, they claim that the president wasn’t with holding the aid in exchange for the manufactured political investigation. Isn’T it true that the aid was withheld and that there has been no law. explanation for the withholding of that Aid leads one to conclude that investigations and then there’s also direct evidence in that. The president’s own words online on September 7th said the same thing zelenski and in fact, David Holmes testified that Ambassador sons and told President Trump that president do anything you ask him is that correct evidence shows that the ukrainians, in fact, that the aid was being withheld. My colleagues to continue to say, and their witness continue to say that there could be leveraged because they had no idea that the that shows that they knew. Is that correct for a second here to take a step back. It doesn’t matter when they knew as long as they knew at some point. They realize turn on the 8th but they’re. In addition, there is a lot of public on August. 28Th is still there by the criminal about to commit the ACT. My Republican colleagues also make much about the fact that it was finally released, but isn’t it true that it wasn’t released until the president got caught and all of the money didn’t actually get to Ukraine? Explain away the president’s request for foreign interference in our election by claiming that the president had three concerns. The president was concerned about Ukraine, corruption that number two. He was concerned with Europe and number three. He brought up the debunked conspiracy theory about the about Ukraine election interference, which, by the way that last point we know is a Russian talking points. Did the investigative committee’s consider those three explanations and if so, what did the evidence show about whether President Trump’s request was actually motivated by those concerns we’re discussed here today? What is evidence and 1 are is assertions and opinions based on the evidence. There is no evidence to support any of those three things that you just mentioned: cuz of his concerns about corruption, even concern concern about other European countries getting enough money motivated him, and that was certainly not a reasonable evidence that he believed that Ukraine interfere in our 2016 elections drawing a foreign government into our elections, isn’t especially a serious abuse of power. Teacher president German Elijah Cummings of the oversight Committee in his first Hearing in the new Congress which prescription drug prices
House Intelligence Committee senior adviser and director of investigations Daniel Goldman and senior investigative counsel Stephen Castor faced final rounds of questioning from members of the House Judiciary Committee about the Democratic and Republican impeachment inquiry reports.

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