Day 7, Part 10: Committee members continue grilling witnesses on impeachment

By | December 10, 2019

Day 7, Part 10: Committee members continue grilling witnesses on impeachment
Day 7, Part 10: Committee members continue grilling witnesses on impeachment
They repeatedly pointed to a highly scrutinized phone call between President Trump and Ukraine’s leader, but were going to take you back now to the hearing, as it has resumed applications in other aspects of the FBI. Crossfire hurricane inspector General’s report will. I would like to follow up on the two series of questions that the ranking member Misha Collins directed mr. Goldman relative to the telephone company subpoenas and the inclusion of certain in Haitian, not in the majority report from the intelligence committee. Let me see that there are two issues involved, one that is not involved. That was a subpoena that is fully authorised. Congressional up procedures, where I do have a problem, however, is the fact that somebody made a decision to match certain data Mega data with phone numbers of journalist and members of Congress. I think is outrageous, particularly since, with the Freedom Act in 2013, we pretail the nsa’s abilities about about that now and chairmanship decided to man up and come here and talk rather than hiding behind. Mr. Goldman is Chief investigator, as is surrogate or Lee gate. If you will, I think we could have gotten to the bottom of this, and we could have taken action to make sure that this never happens again. That I do not want to see members of Congress willy nilly without any kind of caulk, to match the numbers with somebody else and Publishing any report that in the White House and in the executive branch here, we see a clear abuse of power on the part Of the people who are Prosecuting this impeachment against the president of United States, they should be ashamed of themselves. Now I come from the state where Joe McCarthy came from. I meant Joe McCarthy twice when I was first getting into Politics as a teenager.. You have made Joe McCarthy look like pipe with what you’ve done with the electronic surveillance involve. It is something that has to be put a stop to now. It is something that has to be Fest up to now there. It’S you, mr. Goldman, that authorized the matching and the publication, or whether it was chairman s***. I would have loved to put chairman shift under old so that he could be required to answer the same way. Mister Golden on how this all happened, but has been quite a bit of time, is of the Patriot Act with the Freedom Act, also authored the surveillance State and get out of control. This is a major step in the surveillance tape getting out of control in the hands of the Congress and in the hands majority party that wants to influence political decision relative to politicians, in this case President Donald Trump that they don’t like and they haven’t like them From the beginning of his term, they have tried to talk about impeachment. Since the beginning of this term. They thought that the Mueller report was going to be the Smoking Gun that ended up being a captive portal, they’re working on this and the steps that they have gone violation of Common Sense, the president that they have started and looking at the way the chairman has Conducted this hearing today and the previous year make a point of order, and if we want to get back to something objective, maybe it’s time to push the reset button. I yield back quickly. On the I didn’t ask him a question. I made it the general back of the Jackson music conversation on July 25th with president selenski. President Trump was narrowly focusing on his own political survival, using his public office for private and political matters, assuming that referring to anti-corruption was sharply illustrates. The president’s willingness to use the power of his office for his own personal benefit of that call is on the screen. In front of you – and it shows that President Trump says and by the way right after president zielinski spoke about defense support and the javelins, I would like you to do us a favor, though, so this is a president’s on Cajun words. Mr. Goldman was that favor for favor was to investigate a debunked conspiracy. Theory related to Ukraine, interference in the 2016 election. The investigative committee’s received talking point in preparation for the July 25th call Garrett or protecting the American Peoples National Security. They talking point, certainly where the part of the official US policy in the included anti-corruption efforts in National Security efforts. Yes, foreign leaders is that right. That is correct. It’S a routine process that the National Security Council does, but the president generally is able to use them or not use them. Witnesses said they’re the presents not required to use them. What was so startling here? Is it not only beer dolphin from them, but that he went to his own personal interests, call include a recommendation to encourage president selenski to continue to promote anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine, which has a focus of American foreign policy in Eastern Europe? Is that correct president or the principal’s to discuss specific matters that really protect the American people, pinpoint mr. Morrison release references to crowdstrike the server in 2016 election and two bites, President Biden and his son, were they included in the presidents? Talking points they’re, not. Are you aware of any witness who testified that investigating the Biden’s with an objective of official US policy? No, it was not before and it was not after this called anything ever found. Applications that might have occurred. Vice-President, every single witness said: there’s no factual basis for either of the investigations correct corruption program consistent with us policy. We were hoping we recommended the president very clearly support what prisons Alinsky had one on his own election and what his servant of the people party received. A majority Band-Aid – yes, that’s what they have done, showed it’s clear that the president really care to be considered, that kind of puts, in perspective ambassadors filing that they didn’t care, whether Ukraine active investing. It is well known that it is a continuing threat to under the Constitution. That is Define the truth. Thank you, mr. chairman, the agenda Latios back the gentleman from Ohio. Thank you, mr. chairman. This is a second hearing on impeachment that this committee has held in the last week skating wrong guy at least look at the fact that you’re, Castor Ukraine at the center of attention in this impeachment hearing has historically been one of the world’s most corrupt Nations. The current legislation did Congress passed the National Defense authorization act. It was President Trump’s responsibility his duty to see that us tax dollars did not go to Ukraine unless they were making per grass in reducing corruption. Is that also write, and isn’t it true that Joe Biden, son Hunter had placed himself right smack-dab in the middle of that corruption? Is he did one of the most corrupt companies in Ukraine and, contrary to what house, Democrats and many in the media would have you believe the concerns about Hunter Biden, involvement in Ukrainian corruption? There not some sort of vast right-wing conspiracy concocted by supporters of the president. The concerns about Hunter Biden first raised by the Obama Administration, is that right, that’s right now, so Washington, Post lot of Publications and the state department concerns about obeid. At the former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie jovanovic said she was coached by the Obama Administration on how to answer pesky questions related to Hunter Biden and that might arise during her Senate confirmation process. The state department was so concerned about this. They gave her a Q & A on this question and nearly every single witness who testified intelligence committee. Impeachment inquiry agreed that Hunter Biden deal created at the very least the appearance of conflict of interest. Is that correct? That’S correct? In Enid there was an investigation into Verismo. Ukraine was working on tracking this money down. There was an investigation, active investigation going on and it was paid and that Godfrey right around that time is when Verismo, when about sprucing up their board, shall we say with all the evidence. The Democrats here are determined to sweep the Biden, corruption under the rug, ignore it not let us call Witnesses on it and it said to impeach the president to the country. You got the Vice President, Joe Biden in charge of overseeing our Ukrainian policy and his son Hunter Biden receiving 50 Grand a month with no identifiable expertise. They need their energy or Ukraine. If the Democrats won’t let us Witnesses on that. So, let’s do the next best thing, since we can’t bring the witnesses here. Let’S watch a couple of videos, the reasons why you’re on that boy, you did not list. The fact that you were the son of the last name was inviting. Do you think you would have been asked to be on the board of a reason why I don’t know I don’t know liar challenging him, do a push-up contest, among other things, and successfully, falsely stating once again that nobody said there was anything wrong with his son Steal and Ukraine what you know what people have been saying that for quite a while now and they’re right and what’s worse, is that first, the intelligence committee and now this committee are conducting an impeachment investigation against President Trump based.on is Professor Turley? Put it last week? Send evidence in ignoring evidence of a high-level Us official who actually did engage in a quid pro quo with Ukrainian government in fact confessed to it in this video 6 hours. Thank you, sir, to bring us back to the next president. Not the the this President, not the next president and then stay focused on the July 25. Call the president’s abuse of office for his benefit. Elsa’S jackson-lee confirm the president’s request, for these investigation was not an objective of US foreign policy. Correct a throat. Is there any, are any elected Ukrainian interference in 2016 2016 election now that the ukrainians did not want it either? In fact, they made it very clear. They did not want to be an instrument of the so-called an instrument in Washington. Domestic is President Trump and that’s why everyone in the July at 25 call do was wrong. They knew was wrong, but listen to that call. That call testified. They were concerned by the calls that correct, yes and a fact, the legal counsel is that right, that’s right, and why did they do so? Are they did it for separate reasons, Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin? What was concerned about the substance of the call that it was improper? Mr Morrison is concerned about the potential political ramifications if the call was released because of the substance of a call in the political nature of the call channels. Mr. Goldman. Place Lieutenant Colonel vinman’s. Testimony about you reported the call on the strain. Am I correct? His concern was based on the fact that the president was asking a foreign power to investigate a US citizen. It’S not the only witness to express that concern Award winner, metal winner from Iraq and and he has been in the Department of Defense for 20 years and has a great sense of Duty and a great patriotism to this country and felt that he compelled to follow That sense of Duty and reported president Pence was present for the call and she testified that you brought out. I was brought out earlier that it was unusual and inappropriate and the IMF in Germany and France and said you got to do something about corruption. That was okay because they were doing something for the common good of a bunch of people as distinguish what’s going on here, where somebody’s doing it for their personal good. Is that not correct right? There’S a distinction but doing an official act at for an official purpose and doing an official act for a personal purpose. And if, if I could just respond bride ahead of Barista in order to get out from under the prosecution, that was exactly the type of conduct that vice president, the anti-corruption policies that Vice President Biden was objecting to using the official policy. Getting this committee to understand the difference between doing something for the national good for the international good for the common good and for your own good, a foreign government to investigate a political rival, video official, I don’t think we should be asking for it is improper for The president of the United States to demand a foreign government investigate a US citizen and a political opponent, security systems that would go to a country that is fighting aggression from Russia for no good policy. Reason no good substitute security reason and we are going to check that type of conduct. We are the people’s house and I owe back the balance of my time. He is absconded end, the very reason that he wants to see the president for the first time any president ever been removed from office. It would be time to have him removed from his position, but that’s only if we applied his his own standards in it beginning to hear lawyers present evidence, lawyers are going to come in here, normally happens have been mistreated in hearings before Witnesses in about their testimony And about their impression and what the law is, this is, are you sitting president and it’s also a weather or not Jessica, changed the law on immigration, and then you decide to get with a pen and a phone is more like a monarchy and treason. The Constitution itself says you got to have and that none of the positively identified themselves jumping I overheard to treason like it’s. No big deal first testify bottle under the rules of decorum, and then I’ve never seen this. He gets to come up and Grill his opposing adversary. Witness I feel like to be fair if we were going to make this thing, fairman’s Chester, it’s not about to process. This is about a kangaroo system and those that think you’ve done something special here. You have set. are Solo, I’m afraid I mean people already mentioned. You know the next President Joe Biden were told Synergy he may be. The next president have to do is eliminate Donald Trump improperly. So I’m scared for my country, because I’ve never seen anything like this supposed to be the Congress. Nothing of the kind in here today and it’s outrageous that were trying to remove a president with a kangaroo court like this. I could just clarify treason is not in our report. I just wanted. Thank you very much, mr. Johnson. Thank you mr. Chim and I’d like to get us back to the Undisputed facts of the president’s abuse of power. Mr. Goldman, as a prostitute in the southern district of New York, when you prosecuted drug conspiracy cases, was it standard practice for drug kingpins to try to beat the case by distancing themselves from Spirit seat and blaming their accomplices for the crime. All the time as conspiracies have different layers and the top layers make the bottom layers do the work so that they’re further removed from the actual conduct. Okay, questions about the president’s role in what Ambassador Bolton refer to as a drug deal. Did the testimony and evidence compiled by the intelligence committee Beyonce was at all times working on behalf of President Trump. Yes, Mr Giuliani said that President Trump said that to a number of other individuals, and then those individuals, Ambassador Sunland ambassador, also said that thank you in on May 9th 2019 Rudy Giuliani Trump to meet with presidents 16 collect election is not correct, and Mr Giuliani told The reporter that his trip was not about official US foreign policy and that the information he starts with B helpful to his client client, meaning it would be helpful to President Trump is that correct investigations of the bidens and the 2016 election meddling. In fact, and on July 25th, President Trump place that fateful phone call to president Selinsky Gilinsky to investigate the. I will have Mister Giuliani. To give you a call, the Giuliani were intent on making these investigations happen Chase in the 2016 election, a course of conduct by President Trump and his agents. Does it not continue long after our investigation began, it shows of common plan, correct, that’s right, common goal, correct and the gold was to get foreign help for the 2020 election correct. That is that’s what all the witnesses said and mr. Goldman, who was the Kingpin of that plan. President Trump. Thank you. Miss Goldman Ambassador Bolton called it a drug deal as a Kingpin. President Trump tried to force a foreign government to interfere in the upcoming presidential election. An overwhelming that Rudy Giuliani acted as part of a conspiracy with President Trump to obtain Ukrainian help for President Trump in the 2020 election. This was not an influence, could turn a president into a desperate, so they adopt impeachment as a backstop to protect our democracy. The facts, ladies and gentlemen, demands that we use that remedy today and with that on your back, I want to go to the document that started at all the August 12th whistleblower complaint fisher cats are who are these half-a-dozen us officials, because we never got to? Is entire thing we’ve been going to now for 3 months, but we did talk to 17 people register Caster 17 deposition in every single one, round1 Witness turn 11 *. They relied on Ambassador song on Mr caster., this money going to Ukraine. That’S what Ambassador silent said that your pastor was there an announcement by present dolinsky about investigating the Biden? Yes from the United States happened to the guy that build a case around that right. Mr. Solomon is amazing, and it is clarification. It is clarification, add a meeting with present Alinsky, that’s his clarification, six people. They said before, having four conversations in one sentence about the tailor anime with presents around it. That’S their case forget the 4 key facts. They forget. The fact that we have most important today did nothing to get the egg released, no announcement of any type of investigation whatsoever. If we get all that those those keep facts, they build a case around the guy had to clarify his testimony with that amazing sense. Mr. Goldman, the Democrats did the Democrats public phone records of the present attorney yes, records of a member of Congress, not letting the first place is they published the phone records of the president’s personal lawyer, the phone records and the phone records of the chairman of the Intelligence committee, political opponent, but these guys did to impeach the president of the United States, focus on the facts or any the president abuse of power. They talked about treason, bribery be admitted for the record be made for by record president abuse of power using the meeting. As leverage help his political campaign, you testify that the committee found evidence that present for personal benefit return from zalenski’s inauguration and they briefed the president. In that briefing, President Trump directed government officials to work with his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is that correct. They face the choice: either work with Giuliani or abandon the goal of a white house meeting right and 6 days later on May 29th. President Trump sent the new Ukrainian president a letter that said America stood with Ukraine and invited. That was the second time that he invited him to the wise vestigation testified in a July 10th meeting that investigation of the bidens with a deliverable Terry to get that meeting is not right, yes, and if I could just take a second to correctly mr. Castor said About that meeting there really is no inconsistent statements about whether or not the issue of Investigations in connection to the White House. Ambassador voelker in his public testimony was forced to admit that he did hear that, and he said it was inappropriate. Commitment to the investigation on the July 25th call correct. That’S right, updated senior, multiple quote prepared to receive verses about the investigations that right. Yes, that same day, yes and address any specific Personnel issues, your Mac and that text to his aide said – and I quote, heard from White House assuming presidency convinces Trump. He will investigate get to the bottom of what happened in 2016 meltdown of visit a date for visit to Washington and a transcript released by President Trump shows Trump request, investigations and zalenski. Greece is not correct from President Trump himself. Potus really wants the deliverable. Now it’s just one of many messages during a flurry of follow-up activity, there were meetings and calls and text on July, 26th and July 27th, 7th 8th and 9th August 10th, 11, 12, 13, 15. Mr. Goldman, including to secretary Pompeo as well. Here’S the point, those who work for us: instead, they were working hard to help the president Advanced his personal interest. What you found desperate for White House meeting the president promised a white house meeting what time you blocked the Oval Office, you blocked it and said I need a favor favor to help America. A favor help me get. Reelected are Framers feared one day we would face A Moment Like This. They gave us an impeachment. They gave us not to punish the president and our Constitution and that’s what we must do is telephone call Dave July 25th between President Trump and president solinsky and Ukraine knows alot about it. I would like you to find out what happened the situation with Ukraine later. He says I would like to have the attorney general and I would like you to get to the bottom of it. The US intelligence Community had 2016 press release from the majority on their report, says public auction article from Politico dated January 11th, 2017 Trump backfire. Is that correct? I want to read you the second paragraph Ukrainian government officials, Hillary Clinton and Trump Trump, and suggested they were investigating the research information on Trump. True that President Trump had a legitimate reason to request help from the Ukraine about the 2016 election and I’m not suggesting for a minute there, any fear, of course, in her fear, but the in Ukraine officials tried to influence the election. Yes, Ambassador Sunland only have ten fingers and ten toes. I can’t count about 20 Mister Caster did you know how many times Ambassador Sunland and then he files a clarifying statement and he clarify a few things, but did you time of is clarifying statement? You have no idea the evidence that that we should take into account before but will never know, because the council has a right to assert a privilege. As the information that’s relevant to this committee’s decision, the majority Council has to assert a privilege and any Communications. He has with the chairman, Adam Schiff Mission. Act does not apply to okay, so the majority has a privilege. The President also has conversation, majority has subpoenaed those Witnesses and the president has refused to produce those Witnesses. In fact, the report says president obstructed the impeachment
After a break in the hearing, members of the House Judiciary Committee were allotted 5 minutes each to question the witnesses, House Intelligence Committee senior adviser and director of investigations Daniel Goldman and senior investigative counsel Stephen Castor, about the Democratic and Republican impeachment inquiry reports.

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