Dangerously cold temperatures to impact millions in U.S.

By | February 16, 2020

Dangerously cold temperatures to impact millions in U.S.
Dangerously cold temperatures to impact millions in U.S.
Dangerously cold temperatures are expected to impact millions of people this weekend across the northern United States. On Thursday, temperatures fell below zero in The Dakotas part of Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin, the extreme cold for schools and business. How to close route. The Midwife continues. Eastward is expected to cause dangerous conditions route, the Northern Plains, the Upper Midwest region and parts of New England, CBS News weather producer David heading into this weekend.

I mean this is kind of a sorry state of our winter. When we talked about this being the coldest are the year and we’re not really all that smack broke for records this morning, but essentially, what’s going on, we’ve got a jetstream starting to dive down a little bit of some Arctic air, starting to make its way south And as a result, what you’re going to see here is that you’re going to see it’s primarily Northern New England and also parts of the Midwest that are going to be the coldest, but In fairness this was the Sub-Zero area this morning, as we Advanced this into Tomorrow, one of the interesting things as you’re going to notes is the Colts going to back off a little bit to the west, but it’s going to be bitterly cold by in the Northeast, so negative, 22 in Caribou.

That is rivaling pretty much anything that I’ve seen. This month, negative 13 and conquered a New Hampshire SoBe. What is the primary care. Negative 2 in Leominster? These are actual temperature is either not feels like. Temperature is a good 10 or 20 degrees off of these numbers, depending how windy it is where you are negative. 9 Burlington -18 in Lake Placid, so even if you’re in the city of Boston will be about 4in, New York, it’ll be just over 12 or 13 degrees. So it’s going to be really really cold, but then we rebounded nicely on into next week.

Other big story in terms of weather is flooding so every place you see a red dot or Circle here is going to be a place where there’s moderate flooding purple indicate major flooding or close to record flooding and you’re. Seeing across these 10 states there’s a lot of places, particularly here in Mississippi, where they got close to or over a foot rain over the past week and then rain coming next week, There’s a spotty area and Alabama 3 to 5in. This is the last thing they need their own up into the northern Parts, the Uplands of South Carolina and then even Mississippi, which has just been beleaguered by that week.

Rain there’s another 2 to 3 in of rain. There so reprieve until early next week, and then the rain does return to the South. So that’s the sort of good-news-bad-news the rivers will start to go down. They are cresting this weekend, but that is not going to. Unfortunately, the end of the flooding – probably in fact, Noah’s forecasting, Really Bad Blood season on the Missouri River, as all the snow melt does melt into the spring, and that is on top of all of the flooding that they had last year.

So one last thing to note quickly intrigued that we mentioned last week: that’s happening again. We got a wicked Jetstream. You can see just how far deep digs down, and that is where the cold air is so that is the flow of air over the Atlantic Ocean. South of the jet pass, so we recorded those record speeds going between New York and London last week. We’Re just not going to probably do it this time because you can see this is the route that most planes take transatlantically.

This is where the jet stream is. What they are going to be some Wicked winds, 125 mile, an hour winds over the weekend in Iceland, as well with a big old low pressure system here and a whole heap Dome headed to Europe. In case you know, presidents week takes you abroad forecast play Dan weather-wise in Parkinson’s. Thank you.
Dangerously cold temperatures are expected to impact millions of people across the northern and eastern United States this holiday weekend. CBS News weather producer David Parkinson has more.

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