Dan Crenshaw shuts down Bernie Sanders over his Green New Deal claim

By | February 14, 2020

Dan Crenshaw shuts down Bernie Sanders over his Green New Deal claim
Dan Crenshaw shuts down Bernie Sanders over his Green New Deal claim
Congressman Dan Crenshaw, you know, he’s a former Navy Seal in the air of outrage, which is a great title for what we’re going through right now tell us about your book. Well, I am just so happy to be here so bitter beer on Valentine’s Day. My wife is here as well: she was at she’s a big part of helping me write this and you need that will touch on about mental resilience and toughness in this era of microaggressions and outrage and cancel culture, and you know not too long ago. I was here New York doing that Saturday Night Live skit and America sort of breed the size of relief when we made amends on the show and an inmate something positive out of it right with the right and look, but everybody was really surprised us.

Why was everybody so surprised about that? It is so it’s through this and taking lessons from the SEAL Teams. Taking lessons from information Philosophy from our own history is American, and each chapter is, is a simple lesson in mental resilience? How to be tougher and it’s a bit about your own personal Journey story and how we can really be more resilient, vulture and you guys came together and did a funny show, and he said he was sorry right and then I get into that in the book And others have a sense of humor about the really dark humor of the Seal team actions.

You know there’s a lot of old idioms like a count to 10 before you react longtime. What’S taking to the some of the lessons I’ve got from the SEAL Teams and how and how we remain still before before we react how we might look into a few layers of a policy before we instantly assume that the person proposing a paw, it’s somehow bad Intentions and a half months, if you put everything going to a halt, then the budget comes out. That is the most outrageous just like Nancy Pelosi, one crazy and then all the sudden, the president tweets about a sentence recommendation about his buddy Rodger Stone Italian people trying to impeach everybody over-the-top an example of some of the outrage.

This is an abuse of power that the present is again trying to manipulate federal law enforcement to serve his political interests, and the president is what it is. He thinks he’s above the law. It’S all must be investigated. Something egregious like this demands that the inspector General investigate and resign, so you think he’s going to resign being ashamed and embarrassed Willie bar no. No, I do not get a job and yeah. I think he shouldn’t be surprised by what we just saw. These narratives will continue over and over again that they’ve got their words that they like and Italy, sounds something like abuse of power and they’re going to say that over and over again, because it’s vague because you can make anything an abuse-of-power again.

This is this is why they’re impeachment scam was was, was so shallow and so thinly based. I need to do this and the rest of us going to remain calm and read, fortitude instant, very well and then Amy Klobuchar as well Bernie Sanders, though apparently right now, the face of the democratic party which is freaking out some of the people, not only in Joe Biden’s quarter but notice didn’t you yeah. Did he respond back to me? I actually didn’t notice if you did, but this is a climate emergency and then you tweeted back then.

Why didn’t you vote Yes for the green New Deal when it came to the senate floor? Maybe because it’s not a plan or a good deal or even green. It’S a 3rd grade science project generous generous with that. Actually, first-rate you’re not afraid to go with her live and and makeup, but you’re also bold policy perspective. The green new deal is not an actual proposal, there’s no actual plan in the green New Deal. It just says everything is going to be wind and solar and we’re going to get rid of airplanes and cows.

That’S not a planet project in the irony of it. If you care about reducing emissions, you can’t do what they’re saying what do they say all the time, but they ban fracking ban fracking. We just we just reduce emissions in this country this past year, when was 3 % more than any other country. Absolute terms. Last couple decades in the last 12 countries combined, that’s a really big deal, but why is that natural gas fracking? That’S? Why? Because natural gas is a cleaner, two younger people, Republicans and Democrats, climate change matters and there’s something there and there’s a responsibility.

This way between. There’S a place between the new green deal and no deal exactly so. It is a lie and leader, McCarthy, gargraves a great wall in we both put together all of these different plans. My part of that is new energy Frontier. It’S about carbon capture, interesting stuff! You are you, have you have plants in Houston or taking a natural gas trading electricity for 5000 recirculating CO2 through that process zero-emissions? So this is not science fiction. We want to invest more in Savannah: ecology, create carbon Innovation Hub to figure out what to do with carbon dioxide, make it a commodity.

It’S not a waste product market for it, just real, quick cuz, it’s just too much as anybody is yesterday that 7 or 9 Republic Republican Senators voted along with Democrats to limit the president’s ability to declare war or take out a solemn, a knee in the future. By Phil, override War, Powers, Resolution and it’ll be will be overridden, but your reaction to the fact that this brought up but really muddies the waters, and it’s really great for Ron Iranian regime. I’M not sure I understand the premise that it’s based on this false promise.

Activ one that the president acted illegally in the first place by attacking soleimani. He did not absolutely not continue attacks either. There’S no reason to overreact. It again not act with fortitude was going to bring this back my books and subjective art Estates in there. This isn’t any different from the War Powers Act. Well, then, why are we passing it? What what is? What is the point guard for propaganda purposes to signal to the Iranian regime that you that you, that you support and not doing anything against them, don’t understand any of my clear and Paul among those and Senator? I think they felt insulted by it by the process or earlier in this is their way of showing it asking.

If you do, you have any questions. Brown has a congressman’s term limits. I think more more people want to see term limits in Congress change that we would need a constitutional amendment didn’t, and I – and I do support that. I also look at this with a great degree of nuance. You know it’s a lot of people say they want term limits, but you asked them that I could ask my own constituency, maybe term-limited and four years, that’s kind of extreme wonder what you’re asking for a lot of people.

There is a Nuance conversation here. It also gives a lot more power to the executive branch right. If you always have jr. Congress, people in Congress will then who’s in charge staff in the executive branch to be ocracy. It’S not it’s not! It’S not obvious that this will make things better. Question 4 Dead with illegal immigrants in protecting the rights of illegal immigrants. Yes, I knew there was a new proposal reason I think, of the new path forward, making that right New Path forward as 44 co-sponsors Democrat co-sponsors, which is one of the more unbelievable, only amnesty but refusal to to enforce the law at all with respect to criminal Illegal and not just illegal aliens, but ones who have committed other crimes, while here in the United States, its one crazy person to propose this, you know I don’t think we have a right to batch.

That too much with 44 co-sponsors is significant. That’S a movement within the party we should be focusing on American citizens. We should make new should be able to make the case that we have a right as a country to protect our own sovereignty and protect our own borders. There’S nothing wrong with that. There’S nothing to be ashamed of there. We are pro legal immigration where anti-illegal-immigration Kevin good morning to you is important to me. I’Ve even written the White House and has asked me to president – is there something that we could do as far as start a fire? Maybe like a go fund me or whatever, because the American people are interested in his problem and we want to do something to help get that border all provided quicker.

It’S not just illegal immigrant as well. Is there something we as people can do to help get that go in the pasture Direction? Isn’T that fun called? Are taxes Belton El Paso? That was privately built it with that reason now, but the reality is, the president is still diverting funds from certain military construction projects to build the border wall. What can you do as a citizen honestly get out and knock on doors and explain to people that we are pro legal immigration lawyer against illegal immigration? And you can’t just have people walking across the border? We have to enforce the laws.

The border wall fix is part of the problem. A huge part of the problem, though, is the catch-and-release nonsense that has been happening for years now. Now it’s our current Homeland Security Department has gotten their arms around this problem in a very big way. We should be very proud of that that doesn’t get really much attention, but it should doing a much better job of actually once you’ve crossed illegally, getting you back in the ported, as opposed to just released into our pockets and he’s gotten the deals with private landowners.

A lot of them are given insane. Okay, I need the wall to who’s, got a hundred miles Bill to got a real shot by January, 1st 2021 of getting 400 miles Bill and he’s putting technology on top camera turn lights. So I think this is a real good story to tell if it’s Goin In a good direction.
House Homeland Security Committee member, author of new book ‘Fortitude,’ Rep. Dan Crenshaw joins ‘Fox and Friends.’ #FoxNews

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