Dallas Stars coach fired as NHL cracks down on behaviour

By | December 11, 2019

Dallas Stars coach fired as NHL cracks down on behaviour
Dallas Stars coach fired as NHL cracks down on behaviour
And a half after he was hired Jim Montgomery, it’s out, Dallas Stars, general manager, Jim Nill, wouldn’t say exactly why I’m not going to discuss the ACT. Unfortunately, can’t. That I cannot divulge, I would say, is that Montgomery was fired for an unprofessional act disclose to the team on the weekend. That’S worth personal life which, if and when uncovered, would reflect poorly on him and on the team weight stomach month that all started. When the Toronto Maple Leafs fired head coach Mike Babcock stories quickly emerge from former and current players alleging Babcock’s mental abuse text, then former NHL Rakim Ali, you said Calgary Flames head coach Bill, Peters made racist comments to him. Peters resigned a few days later. There lines that cannot be crossed clearly Fizz LA buse and racial and homophobic language crossed the line. Mandatory diversity, training for all coaches and general managers and plans of possible hotline still Batman acknowledge a gray area. If something became harassment that would get my attention more than you know, a single yelling incident, the union there paid wages for the work they perform, highly-paid I’ll, be it but nonetheless, it’s a workplace and like any other workplace in Canada and the United States. There have to be rules around the treatments of the employees changing quickly in the NHL can’t afford to stand still Jamie strashun, CBC News Toronto.
A day after the NHL promised to crack down on staff behaviour, Dallas Stars coach Jim Montgomery was fired for “unprofessional conduct” not related to his time behind the bench.
To read more: http://cbc.ca/1.5390679

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