Coronavirus: What’s still not known about COVID-19

By | February 16, 2020

Coronavirus: What’s still not known about COVID-19
Coronavirus: What’s still not known about COVID-19
The spike in Covent 19 cases has prompted more questions for doctors on how the virus spreads now from moron, why doctors are finding the fight against Cove in 19, so challenging we’re joined Now by Dr John Conlee. He’S an infectious disease too attended the World Health Organization meetings in Geneva. Dr Conley joins us now from Calgary. Let’S begin with your assessment from those meetings at the World Health Organization, what are the most critical factors? In fighting 19, the meeting of developed 8 immediate actions from looking at items to provide rapid diagnostic test to looking at what therapies might be available.

New treatments might be available. What is the animal Reservoir, what are the most effective protective equipment and then how do we best communicate that so those are the immediate goals that have been set from the meeting at this stage. What do we know about this virus? How did it come to be what how did it become, what it is now and what is its mutating into? Do? We have a sense of any of that virus is very similar to a an Asian Bap coronavirus. So in that respect, it’s not so different from Corona virus that causes SARS and the one that caused the Middle East respiratory disease, origins in Bat populations and one of the questions is it: was there an intermediate animal Vector, such as the Asian ant eater? Much like the camera was the intermediate factor in the in the Middle East biggest challenges in fighting this virus, a more efficient means of transmission, and that appears to be one of the difficulties and combine that with the fact that there was a large number of people Who are gathered in Wuhan in China and hebei Province at the time because it was during the holiday.

? There was the ability great to be able to transmit, do secondary and tertiary cases, and we saw that occurring and then it spread from there. Paces and fatalities are but yet they’re still remains quite a bit of skepticism about the information coming out from China, including some very top us officials within the White House Administration, expressing concern that maybe China isn’t being as forthright as it should. Maybe they’re not taking the necessary steps, they need to take. What’S your assessment of how China is communicating about this in handling the problem attended the meeting in Geneva and, from my perspective, they’re being relatively forthright, I do know a number of colleagues who are with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and there could scientist so from That perspective, I believe that the information that were heading should be relatively reliable.

So what are the next steps that I guess globally are being undertaken to fight this virus research questions to be able to try and answer some of the gaps that were identified? It is global Summit meeting that was held in Geneva recently and we expect to see those that, towards the end of the month, there’s active work going on now. I’Ve been on the email. The already this morning call Lisa on my section to be able to look at mapping out the research agenda, terrorism, and yet the spread of the next major pandemic could wipe out.

So many more people could be so much more lethal in so much more devastating, economically and politically. So, from your perspective, what is it going to take to get governor how to make this a top priority? We’Re seeing some of that has been investments from a number of countries, the Linda and Bill Gates, Foundation and there’s expressions of interest from government, so hopefully they’ll be some solidarity and solidarity and consolidation of resources that will come forward to be able to provide the necessary Funding to move the agenda forward, which of the numbers that direction they’re headed in, are you optimistic about this? Is it coming under control or is there? Is it going to get a lot worse before we get a handle on it? Reduce numbers of case counts.

I know last week that occurred and people were protecting the end of this by April and then suddenly there was a job.
Speeding up research into drugs and vaccines for coronavirus is a priority for the World Health Organization’s efforts to contain the outbreak centred in China.

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