Coronavirus, UK reshuffle, Griveaux quits Paris race over sex video, Parasite’s historic Oscars win

By | February 16, 2020

Coronavirus, UK reshuffle, Griveaux quits Paris race over sex video, Parasite’s historic Oscars win
Coronavirus, UK reshuffle, Griveaux quits Paris race over sex video, Parasite’s historic Oscars win
What’S the weather this week, 7 days for power space correspondence 1 hour the world this week in partnership with The Daily Beast for knitted Christopher Dickey, is with us. How are you, sir good Paul Taylor, contributing Editor to a Politico? Are things pretty good, pretty good? It’S been one of those weeks. It’S been one of those weeks. I’Ve been one of those weeks has, or has it been for a friend’s 21st, very own, Julia Kim the undesirable friend. The end of a of a of a story is that he translated franco-german relationship.

# is world this week, for some, the vacation from hell is over. Welcome Cambodian leader Lon sen, welcoming passengers from the MS westerdam that set sail from Singapore in January 16th, the Corona virus outbreak at Thailand and others refusing entry fight there being no confirmed cases aboard. Meanwhile, the ordeal continues for most of the 3700 aboard the Diamond Princess quarantined in the port of Yokohama since February 3rd. There there’s 280 confirmed cases of board Japan now allowing those 80 years or more those in frail Health.

Those who have a windowless cabin if they want to to disembark, but only if they test negative so far, 11 passengers. If, if the offer consideration, citizens concerns and coordinate with municipalities towards preventing the spread of infection and we’ll do our best to strengthen testing Sims is what is expand and strengthen treatments and consultation systems, let them come ashore. Will it sounds like hell. I mean absolute hell? Can you imagine if you had an interior cabin there, already tiny, no windows on a ship like that you’re supposed to be having a wonderful time, Sun and Fun and in fact, you’re locked in something is worse than many prison cells and for what? Because somebody on this ship got sick, but then you add to that the problem that the disease clearly is spreading on the ship.

Two people having hundreds of people have it so the proportion. What I don’t know what the proportion would they would maybe 10 %. Now of the people on that ship, I’ve got the disease when that is just scary. As hell, it’s like a horror movie difficult to gauge. What is the right thing to do? There’S no set protocol is there, but a lot of confidence we should have in governments. Like in Japan and China to deal with that crisis, I mean I, I have went as many catastrophes natural catastrophes like stars like the earthquake in China and Japan in the past, and I think confucianist governments do have a way of dealing with a citizens.

Tough, but also not appealing to civil courage and silver discipline, which usually has worked in these kind of Crisis situations. So absolutely, and we all, I think doubt that sees more hierarchical. Political systems can deal with this crisis. But let us know, let us count on what I would say is it. This is the civil rights of the citizens of these countries to to go along with this crisis. Metroswitch art everywhere into you know not only protect themselves, but protecting the one next to user. The neighbor and restrain yourself from movement in there so much civil, a courage and obedience which receives these Days, Inn in Japan and most in China, which I think is underestimated.

It’S very difficult right now trying to trying to keep 60 million people under quarantine effect. It is really difficult. , I’m actually very impressed at the way they’re going about this. Having said that, there is a lot of issues surrounding how transparent that being there was a journalist and recently John list who had taken videos of a Chinese John has a Chinese citizen. John list, who done taking on this phone videos of the hospitals in China, he showed, I think it was a short video showing sort of on the streets people wasting the hospital’s embeds on the streets bodies on the street, I’m and then he was arrested shortly after.

I think his name was Finding and then there was an outpouring of support. Old is John list, I’m here eventually freed and he contributed that directly to this song support for him. So I think you know that. That’S that’s not the whole story. It’S a double-edged sword. The way you tryna is dealing with trying to contain their this disease nearly of 1400 killed since the out break the president, who had been keeping a low profile back in the spotlight this week, sacking top officials in Hubei Province at the epicenter, replacing them with hard-line Loyalists and again appearing in public in Beijing.

How are the prices of vegetables just as usual. ? You should always remain confident. We will be able to we’re confident wish you a happy life and good health images, courtesy of Chinese State broadcaster CCTV, whether it’s the old Soviet system or the Chinese system. Today, people are scared to tell the truth upstairs. There’S there their they’re scared to to to pass on bad news, and the system doesn’t want to hear bad news and publish brand new. So that’s why coronavirus got off to such a bad start in terms of the management of it.

But then, when it come on system clicks into action, as China has done, maybe it has additional tools that are scary to us, but which can actually help it to to confine into quarantine and therefore tutu tutu shut down. As far as I think, what’s what’s clear is that nothing has now understood that you know he is in the front line that he has to be seen to be in charge of all this. Okay, he sent his prime minister to Providence because I think is Primus is also probably a bit more of us should have empathy guys and then he is, but ultimately he will be judged on whether you know this system, which clearly is scary and repressive, is efficient And I think resume the system has survived so long in China and hasn’t turned into soda the same way that the Soviet Union did is because it’s been very successful in spreading prosperity.

Tryna, wonder: is this a Chernobyl moment for for China 1986, when the disaster happens, Mikhail Gorbachev, CVS that he has two IBEW be more transparent on information and nnnn? Eventually, though, it leads to the downfall of the Soviet Union. Are we reading this too much through Western eyes, I think, to try and make a one-to-one analogy with Noble in the downfall of the Soviet Union? That is definitely going too far, but I think that this is we said last week. This is a Black Swan moment. This nothing will ever be quite the same in China or four season thing.

It is true that if you have a regiment command Society, you can organize things more effectively, but look at what they have to organize 60-70 million people under quarantine. That’S not a little thing. That’S not a little thing for anybody in the thing in the turning point. Fulcrum was the death of dr. lee. When the man who tried modestly to say, we really need to take a look at this and wound up being called in by the police and told to shut in December when he died from this disease. That was a huge emotional turning point and the Chinese government.

Whatever the obedient people of China are doing, and in this command. they are asking questions that they were not asking before and just got used to it. China is nautical man government, like the Soviet Union before and it’s it’s it’s it’s misleading to say it’s. A cool and government all comes from above China has a party was 19 million members which public servants in every city you no work for this party and who are often well minded to its people, and it counts is those, but you sing or not. No, it’s because the Central Committee and other people tell him he has to be out there.

It’S not nice, but then fatigue. The confusion play wakhra C is what is best in Chinese. Politics often is when there are inundations flooding natural crisis. They were often where we well and feeling was that, and it’s the moment where they can. You know it’s to see the International System, World Health Organization who is Chyna it’s a moment where you know we’re. Also, globalization can tell us how well it is working if everybody takes precautions and if, if people is bad, so the crisis will be worse than people under quarantine.

It’S a great system and it’s a great irony, part of the way China Works is based on Facebook. Facial recognition, software that recognizes everybody in the country and track them, unfortunately doesn’t work when everybody’s wearing a facemask. So there’s been a little hiccup because of that I agree, but I ask myself: is there? Is there no coronavirus in Africa, Egypt and criticized the system in China? Now it’s easy in a week with all these masks and so forth, but it can be a moment where we understand how we can work together with China to Hotel.

One final question on this, which is when the stars outbreak happened in 2003, China, 4 % of the world economy now is between 16 and 18 %. So if this goes on a long time, is it the whole world? That’S affect yeah, I’m the whole world is going to catch any economic, and you know you’re you’re you’re, beginning to see for the moment. It’S it’s. It’S largely the Chinese to cut economy that’s affected, but you begin to see the supply chains breaking down generic medicines. That weird used to using in Europe that come mostly from China or where was starting to see shortages face boss to be mentioned.

But you know there are risks going forward that this will have more of an effect on the economy in other countries. May make it difficult, amongst other things, for China to meet the commitments it made in that trade agreement with the United States last month about buying more liquefied natural gas, because the the demand for energy is collapse, is the Chinese economy stops? So I think those days are lost. We conomic consequences can come if it if it last, if it’s confined to the first three months of this year, broadly than I think the world economy.

Also after the size outbreak, there was a. It was a rebound in Economist, say that now, if there is a glitch, is continent after is Landslide general election win back in December after brexit day last month, Boris Johnson’s, long-awaited cabinet reshuffle, showed no change in political Direction. Instead, the only high-profile changed signals: a consolidation of the PM’s power Finance Minister, Savage David forced to resign when Johnson insisted he Sac all of his political advisers and replace them with those vetted by number 10 hens.

Reporters asking whether Dominic Cummings the same political strategist, who play Johnson’s brexit campaign, has more power than the chancellor of the exchequer. The people that have worked incredibly hard on behalf of not just the government for the whole country did a fantastic job. I was unable to accept conditions. I don’t believe any self-respecting Minister would accept such conditions, and so therefore, I thought the best thing to do was to go to who’s running Great Britain to his resignation.

They apparently are in political circles. Such a Chevy was being cooled. Pacino chancla, in name only and the man who he’s been replaced with, is actually being nickname babyccino because he has experienced in topnet. You know if they picked him because he’s easy to control because he’s insulting some loyalists. I think we’re looking at the man who’s in charge of this country right now important poses it’s not it’s not a coincidence that his at his house is next door number to Central tenets of British power concentrated into small houses in the center of London and you’re.

Not even stole someone who is not even 40 years old who he was so I didn’t. He was a junior Minister. Oh, he was in a relatively unimportant member of this team and he suddenly have this astronomic rise to chancla. It’S actually unbelievable. I think this is everybody happy for in British politics, and we need to ask you sure that the Bruce of its and Boris Johnson, we will know, is very dependent on Dominic Cummings and he wields a lot of power within this government is very scary, thought how To fix and where Benedict Cumberbatch nice power he’s so how to resume his predecessor failed to do so and how her government fell apart and became paralyzed and Parliament was paralyzed and he wants to really be in charge.

I think there’s also a little bit of policy differences, not necessarily with sajjad javaid, but the role of the finance minister at any government is is the person who holds the purse-strings and says no. You can’t spend money on that know. You know what we’ve got a balance: the books all week over the site of the economic cycle week on take on lots for death or whatever, and I think Boris Johnson is very impatient. He wants to get big investment, public investment programs rolling. He announced a huge increase in spending on public transport, a big Rail Link to the north buses all of this stuff, and he doesn’t want somebody sitting next door saying sorry, but you can’t have the money for that.

Just yesmin Bloom well in and wanted to. Yes, women yeah, I think you know, but he’s so far is Johnson is not. Is somebody who, although he tends to improvise a lot himself he he is absolutely ruthless, as he should we’re going to pick up on that point. When we come back stay with us, you’re watching the world this week joining us, it’s the world this week or this week in partnership with The Daily Beast, Adidas Predator, Christopher Dickey, is with us, as is a Paul Taylor, of a political editor-at-large of Politico Kim, and I were also in the company of a Paris correspondent for a German newspaper hi to Georg bluma.

We were talking about Boris Johnson, who wants to go full-steam ahead with his a biggest spending projects and doesn’t want any Bean counters in his way. Yes, it’s with an eye to those Northern labor voters who deserted deserted Jeremy corbyn for the conservatives in the December General action that the Prime Minister this week also gave the final green light to the hs2 high-speed rail line, which will first link London to Birmingham before Leeds and Manchester the decades-long battle settled it may make for what will be Europe’s biggest infrastructure project.

Your reaction Gorilla Glue contractors. The change will be ahead of us know Christopher Dickey, your thoughts on on boris’s week, project. It cost lots of money. It was worth it, but of course it was all built almost all built quite a long time ago now, in today’s economy, it’s going to be amazing to see how much money they can spend on it in Great Britain, a hundred plus. That’S what I told you about and of course it’s you know in in Britain, unlike in front, so you don’t just have the prefect who says write this is going to go right down the telling you will have endless public inquiries.

Judges just saying you come for the: are you confident that nobody wants this wonderful rail right Road in their backyard in in Britain’s traditional system? It’S much easier for individuals to stop things and environment. Is there is one hand Basin environmental benefit of train travel compared to add travel, then, at the same time, if it falls was being this North or South divide in the UK full for ever, and it does seem like you know, for the first time, UK is Trying to redress that balance was 1000 investment into future.

We don’t know what it’s for and Brittany, we have a product which was exactly fit in the equation and forward for the green teal. It’S just these kind of problems, Twain everywhere, which we need for a green dealer wondering where the money’s going to come from and they’ve left the European Union has. His campaign was already in trouble running a distant third in the race for mayor, which is 1 months from now, the first round, glazed Benjamin throwing in the towel. After an exiled Russian performance artist, published a private video of the married father-of-three masturbating for his mistress.

She got down there yesterday, a website and social media posted vicious attacks targeting my private life. I cannot expose my family and myself any more to that kind of violence. When there are no limits, it has gone too far. That’S why I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for the Paris municipal election announcement coming earlier in the day, Christopher Dickey and it’s been heated conversation in the France 24 news room is American puritanism taking over France? No, no! No! This goes back a long way.

This is not a problem of puritanism. This is a problem of lead acutely. He looks ridiculous, he looks like an idiot and you have to say that he, whenever the most popular person on the political scene, he was always seen as an arrogant. What would the word be? He was always seen this incredibly arrogant, difficult guy to deal with macarons baby, always protected ugly appointed to be the mayoral candidate, doing terribly against two women, the incumbent mayor and Russia. T, and then it shows up this video shows up.

That was made in 2018 by the way when he was the spokesman for the gun. You know showing himself jerking off. I mean it’s just unbelievable. I agree with Chris that if indeed this was him great opportunity to do something sensible, I mean it’s a self-destruction, but of course it does show the power of of social media to amplify this sort of thing into it. Parade of hypocrisy today, where everybody say how disgraceful you know, the French like to Shield their private lives, which are much more colorful than those of a lot of anglo-saxon politicians, mean hypocrisy.

It’S they’re saying what they voted. They think their voters expect them personality and at least had some kind of ideas and some some initiative, but not called, couldn’t tried and failed to persuade him to pull out of the race. And I don’t think he’s not going to say what all right you can be our candidate since he’s kicked him out of the party, so the exit Cedric B, so they’re going to have to find somebody else to lose the election. But you know the direction was going to be lost anyway. I think I think they’ll go a lot of parisians, don’t particularly like, because she’s gummed up the traffic so badly in the sea in particular, looks like she’s go to Boulevard to be re-elected.

So what surprises you more Julia? Is it the Scandal or the reactions to the skin? I would save a scan tool itself just because I think it really it’s not when you were asking is a puritanism. I just think it actually just shows how pull his judgment is, and I think that’s really important passing the video is not me, he gracefully try to buy a vowel to the Rays, so I sang it or he wanted to protect his family, etcetera. But everyone has said that it is him and December the most my phone and it would really hurt the president in the way.

You know it’s good to know, but he was, as you said, Amino squeeze almost second-in-line. You put them up for Paris because he is just the baby of Mangiano hits man and you know Wynonna what is like to make micro More Lonely at the Top Of You Will and much more will it let you know he is bit accident-prone. I mean this comes off to the person that he nominated for the European Commission not to withdraw, because the European Parliament would not approve her because she was under investigation by the police here and subsequently been.

I think one of the things this illustrates, since the micro has a relatively shallow talent pool. He doesn’t have that many really real stars that he can. He can suites with her when you win areas around this story of how is the video? Why was the video leak a? How is it leak to chew a performance artist who is living in Exile here in front of his pyotr pavlensky? He justifies his act, a saying that levo stage-managed his family life too much. We can show you images in April of last year, where, when he decided to run mayor of Paris, he posed with his expecting wife for French news Weekly Magazine Paris match call political party who spread propaganda for a tiny.

He despises himself he’s a great hypocrite whistleblower. This man, you know – I mean it’s an interesting idea – that pornographic politics site that mean. Maybe we should have that me tonight at all. If it’s even more seriously when you make, I think he committed, or rather you know that I still Public Service. He gave us information on account today did could influence pensive sense of humor pulling the strings while I want another plaid by the Gru and by the KGB KGB people back watching this, no more like the kind of pranks that they play.

Meanwhile, France’s answer to the Oscars is in crisis 2 weeks before Awards night, the entire Board of the Academy resigning over a call for reform, Saint actors, directors, producers denouncing a lack of transparency. They say that the board refused a voice to prominent female filmmakers at a recent dinner organized to honor up-and-coming actors, and they don’t, like those 12 nominations bestowed on Roman polanski’s latest film, an officer and a spy Polanski who faces free. Can accusations of rape of a veteran filmmaker still wanted in the United States over a decades-old charge of statutory rape against a 13 year old? The outgoing board insist: it’s only mandated to judge films on their marriage only putting out some of the deepest in the form for the baby we’ve.

Given the results from the first rounds, then I must respect eating treatment for everyone. We’Re only here to look at the movies that it’s important to note that in every profession, in the world, whoever you are, there is a minimum standard of behavior expected. I think that either if we set the minimum update rate for 13 year-old, I think it’s a good start. I don’t think it has anything to do with morality. It’S just you know you work in a profession, you walk as part of an association of filmmakers.

Why not like a decent member of society, and I think that you know Academy is promoting. His films is really operants and actually fimi sends a message to in a pedophile directions around the well. But you might not be able to have a career in the US, but you call Taylor: bogna was an anti-semite. Leeteuk Strauss was an anti-semite. Should one not listen to their music. Listen to him anymore. I have the honor of country won the first public concert of a varnish music in Israel in the 1980s with yours after you dispute objectively, the Roman Polanski has made some great films, I’ve seen that koozoo officer and a spy.

I think it’s a very good Phil and on any objective criteria. It deserves to be at Lee considered for an award. So I I would go with what to Tuscany. The great conductor said about the couch couch he said to Richard Strauss, the man I take off. My hat yeah take off my hat. Does the man I keep my hat on? These men have done violence to women like they shouldn’t have done. I don’t care about their feelings anymore. Willy I love lots of us know what that doesn’t make him any less of a pig, and I think that when it comes to the nominations for the says I’ll 11 nomination 12124 – I think that’s a little are the top.

It may have been very good film. I haven’t seen it yet, but 11 or 12 become a Common Thread. Cuz this time last week we were discussing the Scandal that had to setting french sports with the small Clique at the top out-of-touch when there’s wrong dude, or I mean I was I was watching your presentation here. I was thinking you know. This really is the beginning of the end of the old boys clubs, whether it’s in sports or fill Aurora, Boris Johnson and his cabinet, eventually they’re going to all get their comeuppance, because, basically, we live in a world where that’s just insupportable and in literature.

It’S certainly the case, people who was a Master of Ceremonies for French literature for 272 Destinies. You know and who has supported this writer with his Peter field castigation I mean it was about time for you to also for the French editors, choose to see what they have been publishing to what happened last Sunday Times They Are A-Changin in Hollywood Heroes. Welcome for the cast of parasite at souls in Xi’an airport after the South Korean film became the first ever foreign language picture to win best picture at the Oscars.

It ain’t even prompted Applause at the very top of a 1/4 Woods at the Academy Awards. He’Ll scream fight and best International feature film. What’S it like in South Korea, this week, sighted people very proud United States, music recognition. I think it’s the first time that a foreign film hackles who won best picture there, is an enormous achievement for South Korean which is kind of expensive these past two decades there it’s it’s really lifted up. You know a whole generation of people. I guess it’s real validation for the all done for the people is really unique.

With his eye on the world is – and he has a way of filmmaking – that I’ve just never seen many films and I just never seen the way that he’s so effortlessly Benz and Mel genres together, and he can create something completely original using conventions from various genres And usually went direct us to do that. It doesn’t quite work, but he’s managed to make something pretty fantastic, with parasite class neighborhood of the capital, where half of the movie was shot on location. The Pride there is certainly isn’t doing well Botanical watching the film made me feel like I was almost watching my own life movie.

It’S hilarious, it’s brilliant! It hold you with it’s a long movie with 2 and 1/4 oz, your grip by it, and I think they did the interesting thing I mean the president of South Korea is, I was was applauding it there and, of course, this national pride about it. A movie. That’S very withering about the social divide in suffers in the end. There’S another important aspect: Americans they say they say, don’t like to read the subtitles and the people who vote for the Oscars are all Americans and is there a sense that sort of a streaming effects is? Is the US changing? Is it more open to foreign language films? I think it is more open to two foreign language films.

There was a huge critical success for Roma, for instance, which is all in Spanish. The there was the name of the French silent movie. The Artist also did very well in the awards in the United States, and I think there is a sense that this is a truly Global industry. Now a lot of the money that Hollywood makes maybe half hour more is made overseas now. So there is a field. It’S a global business, it’s not just about making American films for Americans and how about the tastes of moviegoers the changeable I mean.

If you look at what Hollywood is turning out all the time, what are making the same movies are: remaking movies are making sequels to SQL to SQL and making endless comic book movies, and I think, even and especially especially in the Academy of Motion Pictures people look Around for something that really feels different and I haven’t parasite, but from what you tell me – it’s really very low this weekend. What you want about it, but it hasn’t, had a positive message to the world, and this film has a very negative message to pull people killing.

The Witch and dinner queen movies are excellent in Chinese movie, two excellent met, but we’re also disturbing in their negative view of the world and intent and how they look at the old pictures from Japan and the decency. And so you let you know, you’re feeling that it’s boot ality to globalization and with just you know which nobody gets as well across as this in Korean and Chinese pictures, but switch is disturbing itself. Alright, we’re going to leave it there before there’s any spoilers anti. We say hello to James Bates still raging upstairs in The Newsroom or after the resignation.

Of that there are many debates. Choosing thing to note is an object. Apologies admission of guilt. He hasn’t even said that it was him in those images. It just seems to have an anger from him: radio. Won’T he cold Foxwood. You will conquer all the ground. What he has succeeded in doing is making himself a household name around the world, Avenue time among those at reporting. This story that really has gone every West by one minute. He was just a pound of it to America. Harrison Pick 4 that has been deemed to be very close Ally of Emmanuel macron, one of the first socialist to defect to the new policy when the president created it.

But he says this is a combination of months of defamation, even death. He is not stepping down in shame, he says he’s doing it to protect his family. Look the reactions to this online, including some funny ones. I think we’re fools underway and you put a picture of him and somebody else, his smile, that I was just that help you with pleasure. He says and pleasure for is the operative. What and lots of politicians are very, very unhappy about this invasion of Navi Prive private life here in France to politicians is very, very fiercely guarded and what time the meteorite she sticks with it Ja Rule wash away.

Is my local Senator and he says that it’s high time you regulate the charts of Mudd, that poor iPhone social networks at freedom of expression must feel that the boundaries of private life? Not everyone agrees that John list, who described himself as a liberal and says when you want private life to remain pilot private. You need to act accordingly, and it is a very good point, because once you start taking photographs and film yourself is it really is not private anymore? This gentleman is no great fan of Emmanuel macron.

Here she wrote a book that said Emmanuel macron at the the false prophet that stifle on a broader level. He is very much the atmosphere, Clevo here saying that turn out this new level of Americanization and political life. The US and the UK certainly like to rip her to shreds. They hold them to account beholden to a higher standard Destroyer his family, to prevent him from winning is Despicable. His private life only concerns him. You might be able to his wife and his three children, but outside I’ll, come back to that in a moment, and it’s interesting to see, though, that the French media has wrong with it, because mediapart, which is an investigation of investigative News website, actually met with the Gentleman who leaked these images, who had these images on Tuesday and they decided not to run the story today – that talkin about Elsa homepage is covered with images.

I’Ve had Lions over Farrington a new job else. Is I don’t know if it’s just a question of now that he’s stood down website for shaking his head when it came to that the Yankee bashing that we heard a minute ago there, but just putting to bed conspiracy theory? What are your thoughts on by Benjamin green, some kind of Russian conspiracy? This is the man in question about arresting looking fellow, he was back in 2016, he’s a Russian office in Exile hair. I don’t think this is a conspiracy. He is one of those people who his precious is so extreme that you can understand why people maybe I’ll, take him very seriously headline his who you, with and courageous to the couple’s of Red Square.

, What he says if he was driven by anger, hypocrisy, especially he’s Sighted, this Paramount tragically lost yet, but don’t you posed with his wife having pregnant with that, but a child. This is an April talking about his love for her and his love for Paris, and he said he was Motivation by hypocrisy.
For some, the vacation from hell is over. Cambodian leader Hun Sen welcoming passengers from the M-S Westerdam that set sail from Singapore on January 16th. The Coronavirus outbreak had Thailand and other refusing entry despite there being no confirmed cases aboard. Meanwhile, the ordeal continues for most of the 37-hundred aboard the Diamond Princess – quarantined in the port of Yokohama since February 3rd. With 218 confirmed cases aboard, Japan’s now allowing those 80 years or more, those in frail health or those in windowless cabins to disembark, but only if they test negative.

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