Coronavirus emergency on flight to London

By | February 16, 2020

Coronavirus emergency on flight to London
Coronavirus emergency on flight to London
The coronavirus emergency this evening, the CDC now revealing new measures being taken right here in the u. s. today, we learned Americans in five major cities who have flu-like symptoms will also be tested for Coronavirus, even if their flu tests are negative. It’S a preemptive strike against the virus here at home and it all comes amid increasing Global alarm. In fact, today, passengers on a flight from the US to the UK, leaving from San Francisco were told by the pilot. Someone on board might have coronavirus.

One passenger says they were stay in their seat. That was never confirmed, but it was certainly alarming and tonight China now revealing the virus, has sickened more than 1,700 medical workers on the front line. 6 have died are also now expanding Mass around us to contain the vibe include people who might have thrown a virus not just confirm cases. Abc’S Maggie Rulli lead us off from Japan tonight with news on that cruise ship, with Americans on board and news on those tests in five major US cities.

I miss United Airlines jet Landing in London. Experts at home, save the virus could last into next year. We want people to understand, we likely will see more cases here in the United States negative in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles to Chicago and New York. Individuals who present with flu-like symptoms will also be tested for the China coronavirus. This will give us an early warning system of further spread in the United States, a wartime campaign to stop the virus after cracking down on patients violating quarantine rules.

Now home fever check send a mass Roundup of people who could have the virus. Then tonight we’re getting our first look at the toll on the front lines of this fight. China, revealing more than 1,700 of its medical workers, have contracted the virus and 6 have died. Doctors, they’re begging for more mass scientist from Hong Kong or out with a new video showing how you can make your own in Japan. Passengers allowed off that cruise ship for quarantine on Lance so far today for the virus him at his wife team on the ground.

In China for weeks now, you report it to us earlier today. It looks like that could happen in the next few days, but Becky back here at home in the news here at the CDC says they’ll test here in the US all part of the preemptive strike Services held that they’re going to start this testing out of an Abundance of caution to get is happening in those five major cities – Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles to Chicago and New York. Again, this is a precautionary tails are trying to stop the wave of us outbreak from happening here in the US.

Passengers departing from San Francisco were told midair there may have been a case of the virus on board.




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