Coronavirus: Americans from quarantined cruise ship flown from Japan – BBC News

By | February 17, 2020

Coronavirus: Americans from quarantined cruise ship flown from Japan – BBC News
Coronavirus: Americans from quarantined cruise ship flown from Japan – BBC News
Hundreds of American citizens mobile cruise ship quarantine off the coast of Japan has arrived back in the United States, be across Wisconsin by the US government landed at the Travis space, which is in Celsius in California. If you can see it here, arrived at Australian kind of South Korea and Ashley Olsen their plans to evacuate their Nationals. Japanese official assignment number of infections on the ship, the Diamond Princess – has risen to nearly 400, and that makes it the largest cluster cases outside China.

When China itself, the outbreak is now known to have infected more than 17,000 people, more than 2,000 ukases closest on Monday, most of which were and hebei Province. As far as these pictures released by Chinese State media show is sparkling clean Hospital floor with neatly prepared beds. Lined with perfect the victims of the new coronavirus, but this on verified video shared on social media paints a very different picture of the person who posted it says this is a situation in the emergency department of who Bible show peoples Hospital on Sunday afternoon.

The hospital is in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, it is cramped and overcrowded. Communist party has insisted it is managing to Kirby upright strix. Travel Bans are in. , Especially in the who, by province, citizens in order to stay at home unless there’s an emergency, but some Public Health experts, se qua pain, isn’t the only answer that you can actually expect to be contained. It’S probably weeks in China before anybody knew about it since at least November, so we did see that world’s it’s likely mixed in with are cold and flu season in many different countries, because most of the cases are mild and not recognize.

So I don’t think this is something that’s containable and we really need to move from containment mentalities to mitigation, because we’re really wasting time and resources on containment. The latest official figures reveal that has been a decline in new cases, but the number is a still-high more than 70,000 worldwide scientist the working furiously to create, but until then it remains of volatile Global Health situation, Freya cold BBC News Fairfield. We cannot see the second plane was carrying us Nationals just arriving there now.

So are there been two planes carrying a few hundred passengers, us passengers from The Diamond Princess – and this is the second one that we can see now, but what is actually happening on hold that cruise ship? At the moment, Japan Coruscant skip again today at the Japanese companies in quite rapidly to Tron test everybody on board. They texted another 500 for people today and out of those 500 for 99, was found to be positive to have the virus. So that’s around 20 % of the people that they tested today that follows large increases yesterday and on Saturday 17u Casey’s on Sunday, 6070 cases on Saturday.

This very clearly points at least a strong suspicion, the quarantine on board that ship is not working properly because you’re not 13 days into the quarantine. Out of what is supposed to be a two-week quarantine. And yet today we have 99. Ukases is one of the reasons. A number of government, including Americans, have moved to get their citizens off the ship. The first evacuation took place overnight to eckroth, came from America to pick up close to 350 Americans who went on food and have now recently, just in the last few hours touchdown in California, where they are going to be quarantined again.

Easy to contain something like this quarantine is not effective. Will the Japanese government has not made a clear response to that allegation? They are continuing with with that line that the quarantine that is a safe place, the best place for those people to be quarantined, but that has been challenged by experts from all over the world, including from places like Harvard University in America. We’Re Health experts have said a ship is not a good place to quarantine people, because you can keep people in that cabins, but there was a consistent and conditioning system that circulates around the ship.

If the virus is Airborne, it can get into air conditioning systems. If it’s not Airborne but droplet bone, then it can be passed by the crew. The crew are still working, that’s still happening to take, make food and take it round two of the passengers on board, and there is a possibility that for contact infection and so Health experts say they should have all been tested and taking off that ship as soon As possible weeks ago – and that didn’t happen, and where is it, I say: celebrations for the empress birthday have been postponed for this weekend, any other changes to daily life in Japan.

What is still pretty have to say all those infections are slowly Rising Japan, affections of a number of different areas of Japan popping up in a number of different areas. People are pretty come here, but the government is now moving to curtail some public activities. As you said, the Stampy’s birthday, usually the emperor, comes out and greets thousands of people you meet in front of the Imperial Palace on his birthday that has been canceled because they worried about so many people gathering in one place to get together, and there is also Now tour: what happened to the Tokyo marathon on March 1st? It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there are unconfirmed reports that Tokyo is considering only allowing professional athletes to take Todd and discouraging or even stopping all the amateurs from take Missy is Madison.

Briefly to the United States, where the second across that have been bringing US citizens Home from Japan has not landed. This is actually at San Antonio in Texas, so the plane at 1, California – and this one here – is Texas web.
Two planes carrying hundreds of US citizens from a coronavirus-hit cruise ship have left Japan, officials say.

One plane has landed at a US Air Force air base in California, and its passengers will be isolated at military facilities for 14 days.

There were some 400 Americans on board the Diamond Princess. The ship with some 3,700 passengers and crew has been in quarantine since 3 February.

Meanwhile, China reported a total of 2,048 new cases on Monday.

Of those new cases, 1,933 were from Hubei province, the epicentre of the outbreak.

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