Corbyn v Johnson: BBC election debate round-up – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

Corbyn v Johnson: BBC election debate round-up – BBC News
Corbyn v Johnson: BBC election debate round-up – BBC News
You made up your mind yet, whatever you live, whoever you bring for one of these two men will be prime minister. In a week’s time we have a deal. It’S a wonderful deal, we’re coming out on January 31st. If we can get a working majority and I’m afraid, listen to Mystikal play somebody new Labour party, otherwise we Conyers identify, since it doesn’t believe in the deal by himself. It would be put to another referendum to the people of this country. Country would spend a whole year, probably more rats in the beta by brexit, when what people want to do is move on and focus on the issues, access to all public services on the price of medicines and button on the access to our National Health Service.. He knows, are you into relationship with nobody, and that is where the chaos will come going to break up that you actually supported the full decade we already destroyed about the arrangements in Jackson, baby’s nose, an island he spoke at. Do you pee company, said there would be no restrictions whatsoever? We now know there are restriction. He should and could have said that at the time, and so it is a question of openness on all of this. Brittany says you supposed supposed to. You need your whole life. You didn’t believe what I’ve always wanted to see a peace process in Northern Ireland than that is exactly what we’ve got still claiming that the NHS is up for sale, because your document doesn’t seem to show any such thing. Well, read the documents that were discussed in secret and the government refused to release them between themselves and the US Administration about access to public services and the extension of the life of the paintings on medicine, which would increase medicine cost in this country. Doesn’T Trump has said many times, people take to nipple the US medicines? Well, that’s the kind of agenda the Prime Minister wants to get involved with that’s the kind of deal they’re trying to make with a u.s. social studies as you want to sell it, and I got to say this is pure Bermuda Triangle stuff. We put it time and time again from the night of hockey juniors election campaign next take care of it’s a fantastic thing.. We believe in NHS free of the point of you. Under no circumstances will we set it off to anybody, Socialism or capitalism in a democratic. Why, in this country in Scandinavia and other places has raised the living standards of the very poorest and it was supposed to live without limited massively to improve the living standards of the poorest working class communities? This country and our labor government will do the same again. I would say it is one nation conservatism which understands the Viking Buddhism, a dynamic, the Fantastic Public Services giving to the poor and needy in our society. I’M trying to achieve with this cup
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed over Brexit, the NHS, security and the economy in a head-to-head live debate.

It was the last head-to-head between the Tory and Labour leaders before polling day on 12 December.

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