Cooper reacts to Graham’s revelation: They aren’t even trying to hide it

By | February 12, 2020

Cooper reacts to Graham’s revelation: They aren’t even trying to hide it
Cooper reacts to Graham’s revelation: They aren’t even trying to hide it
We talked about this notion that some Republican Senators Express before voting, to equip the president that the president has learned his lesson. It wouldn’t do it again, but keep him honest. What is the only lesson he’s learned is that the guardrails are all gone even for continuing to do. We got him and Pete’s in the first place, namely working with Rudy Giuliani, who is still looking for dirt on the bidens in Ukraine and, as we mentioned, he’s now got someone to send it to and they’re talking about it publicly.

This morning this morning, has the Department of Justice been ordered to investigate the bidens Department of Justice is receiving information coming out of the Ukraine from Rudy created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if his verified so they’re, not even trying to Hide it anymore. The presidents TV lawyer and former infomercial spokesman for LifeLock Rudy Giuliani, is still digging up dirt in Ukraine and process. That’S the word. Lindsey Graham used a process to get that information directly to the Department of Justice.

Graham said that on Sunday, and today the Attorney General Barr confirmed it saying he has an obligation to quote – have an open door to anybody who wishes to provide us in mission that they think is relevant. He also said this. There are a lot of agendas in the Ukraine a lot of cross currents and we can’t take anything we receive from the Ukraine at face value. For that reason, we had established and intake process in the field so that any information coming in about Ukraine could be carefully scrutinized by the department and it’s not intelligence, Community Community Partners.

This applies to anything that Giuliani might provide. Lindsey Graham, was yesterday well-known man. He’S a crime-fighter he’s loyal to the president he’s a good lawyer when he is a well-known man for the lawyer is not a crime fire. Keep him honest. It’S also reported you may be under Federal Haitian by the southern district of New York, which is already invited. His to Ukrainian go-betweens, Lev, parnas and Igor fruman is neither a federal investigator. Any kind of officially doesn’t have a badge is just a disinterested private citizen just disinterested.

He is the president’s personal attorney. If attorney general Barr was telegraphing a certain sense of caution about wholeheartedly embracing whatever Giuliani hands him, it’s hard to argue he’s got no reason for it, but it’s also hard not to wonder how what he said. There was the same kind of anodyne language. He offered up when presenting with later turned out to be misleading summary of the motor part. He was a cute as you’ll recall, of acting more like the president’s personal attorney than the country’s attorney general Rudy Giuliani is the his personal attorney.

His client is bars boss. The arrangement they apparently have is now raising questions. Unless you ask Sandra, Graham who don’t forget, chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is responsible for overseeing the justice department, when you’re talking about being asked to do these things and a channel being opened between Rudy Giuliani and the justice department, this sounds a lot like. This is in some ways a taxpayer-funded, Oppo research Opera against Joe Biden. Isn’T this exactly what was at the heart of the impeachment probe to begin with? No, not at all the present has learned his lesson can do whatever he wants.

It’S really something to talk about. Jeffrey toobin, Asha rangappa should anyone may be paying attention to these claims? Rudy Giuliani anybody can give us information. I mean, I guess you can call 911. If you see something they want to say something, but like does Gyptian Giuliani? Have us some wine to the one in my criticism of Attorney General Barr, sympathetic to his position here. Department people bring them all sorts of accusations, all sorts of information all the time and it gets evaluated.

That’S it. You can’t say Rudy Giuliani, can’t come in the door anymore with information. I think bar indicated inappropriate level of skepticism about anything that might come in here. So you know, I think this word channel, that they’ve created a channel I’d like to know more of what that is, if it’s, if it’s something sure if it’s something like they are setting up prosecution’s based on what Rudy Giuliani says, that would be one thing: if It’S just a place to deposit information. That’S get its gets evaluated, like any other information that I don’t really have much of a problem with that impeachment.

Now, over what stops the president from having Giuliani you know, set up shop down the street from the White House and go over Ukraine until you know the president of Ukraine zolensky to launch an investigation yeah, I ask Jeffrey said: I think that the question is: who Is Giuliani talking to and what’s the process if it is the process that any other person has? What did you call the FBI? You get a call or a visit from some agents and they get the information they look to it. That that’s one thing: the CNN reporting suggested that Giuliani is talking to special prosecutors, which to me, is putting the cart before the horse a little bit.

You know, where is the FBI and all of this, and also, why is this public? Why is this being made public? Because it seems to me that if there they were in taking this information that they shouldn’t be commenting at on it at all? And it’s almost like Ukraine 2.0 trying to achieve in someway what President Trump unable to Dubai, getting zielinski to announce. The investigation now they’re announcing that there is this channel, where I guess Giuliani, is the investigator and providing information to them.

I I find it incredibly bizarre, at least a weighted in frame in the fact that it’s been commented on at all. . Fox News Giuliani can just go on there and it’s like a special, sound behavior in giuliani’s park. One of the most interesting pieces of evidence that came out at the trial was the letter that he wrote to salensky asking for a meeting. Presumably he’ll still want to meet with Selinsky; presumably he will have demands or requests of soul. All of that is that wildly inappropriate, okay! Well, I am in under under the the fact that, under the Republican Senators opinion correct the lessons not learned are, you know, ready on dramatic display.

I mean the firing of the Edmund brothers and and sonneman the spikes quote was allegedly according to CBS news report. You know someone at the White House with it was characterizing. That’S the message that was being sent to Senators about not you know, breaking ranks in going against the president and just go ahead with an acquittal. It does seem like that’s what they’re doing what you know. They’Re not literally putting people’s heads on his bike, but they aren’t like cutting people off the knees in and trying to destroy the end.

And if you remember, when shift used that phrase they got all of his baby. They were so outraged by this by this. This dramatic image, but, of course it’s exactly what happened and look at the Mansion is going through its worse for Mitt Romney. The other day they said Mitt Romney shouldn’t go to CPAC the big conservative meeting cuz. They couldn’t vouch for his personal safety. Now I don’t think they’re going to put his head on a pike, but I think you know when you’re talking about people’s personal safety.

That gives you some idea of the Venom that that is directed at the president’s critics believe he actually is nominatim to work with. Buildbar he could, you know, I mean Nixon, give Elvis a badge. I guess he could give Rudy Giuliani some sort of it badge as it. As a lawyer, I think it’s worth noting hear Anderson that we spent the last three years hearing that anything that originated as opposition research cannot be cannot form the basis of any kind of Investigation Jeanette. It is inherently biased and is toxic and is a part of a you know which haikyuu.

Meanwhile there this is originated, as opposition research Giuliani, said so on CNN, the Chris Cuomo that he was digging up dirt on binance. Now, there’s just this. You know flow of information where they’re happy to receive it. You know I find it incredibly problematic and but I guess this is where we are now dossier, it does seem. This is like the Giuliani. You know, manila, folder. , CA and and we’ll see this this channel.
CNN’s Anderson Cooper says President Trump may not have learned the lesson Republican senators think he did after impeachment, as his attorney Rudy Giuliani continues to go after the Bidens in Ukraine.

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