Collins delivers opening statement at impeachment hearing | ABC News

By | December 10, 2019

Collins delivers opening statement at impeachment hearing | ABC News
Collins delivers opening statement at impeachment hearing | ABC News
Famous moments in impeachment that woman where’s the impeachable offense, why are we here? I tell you this. Maybe they’ll become known as the focus group in Peachland, because we don’t have a crime. We don’t have anything. We can. Actually, nobody understands really what the majority trying to do, except that interfere in basic, make sure that they believe the present can’t win next year. If he’s in you know, we really aren’t working with good facts, but we need a good PR move. That’S why we’re here today? This is in the counter, and it really became true because last Wednesday, after we had a long day of hearing here the next morning before anything else, could get started. The Speaker of the House walked up to the podium and said: go write articles indecent she just she just stopped. I appreciate that the majority she took your writing articles of impeachment. Why couldn’t we just save that time today and if you’re going to write the oldest impeachment, go ahead and write them? Well, there’s probably a reason for that claim. The American people can honestly look at and see an overwhelming and all of which we are not. So why not in your case or a crime against what the motive means opportunity? How long do we have to do this? Because if we don’t and the grocery store this weekend, he said keep doing what you’re doing economy this good, he said are being taken care of, and this is just a Fatal Distraction on a president. They don’t like 17, just a few minutes and the Washington Post confirm whatever democratic well, the minions became. What we see now is working on behalf of the American people and not to do what we’re doing right now and that is run a process that doesn’t fit fairness or decorum to run a process and a fact pattern that you’re having to force against a president. You don’t like opportunity opportunity last November when they got the majority and they began their impeachment run. They began in the before we had any hearings before we had even more sworn into this Congress. For anyone, the media or watching TV or being honest, your presumption is now become the standard, instead of proof. Anyone to begin to question because the entire case option freestylers connected to an investigation, but he said directly. I know that this is also problematic experience. Just looked over the past 3 weeks when the chairman of the intelligence committee, who, by the way is absent today, guess he can’t back up his own report, but he started his own hearing. By making up the facts will call he started the fairy tale that we’re having today, if you can’t even put the transcript in the right cut, its just read, it chairmanship couldn’t even read the transcript. The chairman misled the American people as an attorney as a chairman as a member of Congress, who swore an oath to tell them to be honest with the American people. That was such a massive malpractice. I’Ve never seen because you know why, again, they don’t care about what actually was in the transcript. They don’t actually care. What happens this simply looking at the facts to make it fit their narrative. What else happened in collusion? In plain sight, all this was going to happen to just not stop commenting on chairmanship in his foot, because I may end up on the next phone records subpoena as we go forward. You see we’ve taken dangerous turn in this Congress. Properly done and should be done properly, but they should never be at the expense of a political, Endeavor Vendetta. Professor Turley, the current legal case for impeachment committee, said it didn’t go real well, so we had a lot of hearing reading some Capitol Hill. They made dramatic comic book Renditions that breathes life into and it didn’t work they wouldn’t convince Factor feel flat instead he’s sending his staff to do his job for him. I guess that’s what you get when you’re, making up impeachment as you go committee, is not hearing from a backdoor witness. This committee is not doing anything past hearing from law, school professors and staff. We’Ve not been given the chairman said something about the present not being able to come. Show me where he would like to have a proper process in this is not talking to staff and not talk. I love this institution I was here is a nineteen-year-old kid visiting turn almost 32 years ago. This institution, as we see it today, is in danger. We see chairman for issuing subpoenas for personal vendettas. We see committees such as the district committee has helped. Many many substitute hearing has been the very center point of impeachment being used as a rubber stamp because we get not our marching orders from this comedian. The intelligence committee chairman, I love this institution within the last three days I sold last year for 3 or 4 days, I’ve seen stuff that just bother me to know when it should bother everyone, speaker of the house after hearing one day of testimony by Al Green, Adam Schiff, what he told us he wasn’t going to come instead hide behind his staff. He also told us that we’re going to keep investigating because they know this is going nowhere in the Senate and their deaths. Impeachment vote on this present the economies, good job creation and step military strong, our country is safe and the Judiciary Committee has been relegated to this because they have the means they have the motive and they have the opportunity and, at the end of the day, all This is about it’s about a clock and a calendar because they can’t get over the fact. Donald Trump is president of the United States, and they have a candidate that they think it’s all political and its we have talked about before this is a show. Unfortunately, today the witness who is supposed to be the star witness, chose to take a pass and let us
Ranking Member Rep. Doug Collins attacked Democrats, saying they have already decided to vote to impeach President Trump.

Historic public impeachment hearing underway: Live updates and analysis

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