CNN reporter: This Trump impeachment claim ‘is almost comical’

By | February 12, 2020

CNN reporter: This Trump impeachment claim ‘is almost comical’
CNN reporter: This Trump impeachment claim ‘is almost comical’
President Trump holding a rally tonight in New Hampshire, ahead of tomorrow’s Democratic Primary in a whole lot of what he said, doesn’t really pass the smell test. Let’S get a fact check now what he had to say with CNN’s Daniel Dale, Daniel hello, thanks for joining us President Trump read tells the story that he is repeated so many times about hundreds and hundreds of bus is being shipped to New Hampshire and 2016 insinuating. Boda watch remember last time we won the Primary tremendously. We should have won the election, but that buses being shipped up from Massachusetts, hundreds and hundreds of us what’s reality is fiction.

There is no basis for it. A New Hampshire election authorities looked into this in part because of the president allegation and simply found no evidence whatsoever. They found that is where buses were used to transport voters. They were illegal voters, proper voters, nothing wrong with them, and so this is a conspiracy theory. The president has cooked up contradicted, even by his own former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, a New Hampshire man who said that he himself to see no evidence for psych his voter fraud commission.

That was supposed to find all the voter fraud. It was disbanded because there was none, listen are they didn’t find substantial? The President also spoke about his impeachment. We won 196, the nothing and then we got three Democrats are in the Senate other than Romney. We had wings 52 to nothing 52 to nothing out of something Chinese supposed unanimous decisions. Why is that? This is what he’s doing here, obviously is riding out of History, all of the votes for the other side against him, so in the Senate, he he was acquitted.

Of course he did win. What on the article of impeachment, where Romney defected and voted against in the vote was 52? Yes, but to 4850 to 248? So what Trump is doing here is like the Kansas City Chiefs, think we won the Super Bowl XXXI. Nothing will know the other side. Some points in the house, of course, it’s even more egregious. He lost all those impeachment vote. He was impeached so while he did get a hundred 9690 798 and both there were many more votes in the 200 to impeach him, so yeah he’s a little bit. He seems to think that he wasn’t impeach but I’ll go on, so he says that he is hearing a lot about a lot of Republicans crossing over to vote in the New Hampshire primary year that there could, because you have Crossovers and Farmers, don’t you.

So I hear a lot of Republicans tomorrow will vote for the weakest candidate possible of the Democrats. Is that makes sense you people wouldn’t do that? What kind of impact Daniel can Republicans have in the primary and when, what’s the whole truth here, Republican, a registered Republican New Hampshire do not try to vote in a Democratic primary because you won’t be allowed to if you’re, an Undeclared voter, not aligned with either party. You can vote in the Democratic primary course. If you’re a Democrat, you can do so as well, but if you’re ready Republican, you can show up and vote and you can’t put your registration tomorrow either so the presents given you some bad advice.

CNN’s Daniel Dale fact-checks President Donald Trump’s comments he made during a rally in New Hampshire ahead of the Democratic primary. #CNN #News

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