CN Rail shutdown impacts cross country business

By | February 16, 2020

CN Rail shutdown impacts cross country business
CN Rail shutdown impacts cross country business
Even with the Western half of the country, mostly still rolling, the ripple effect of the blockheads and CNC stand, shutdown is being felt here near Regina Todd, Lewis isn’t moving much grain all winter. The rain rail system has been backed up. This is making it worse. We’Ve heard reports of Dreams being backed all the way up from the West Coast, all the way back to Melville Saskatchewan. So it’s really, you know almost block on those Airlines days. This BC blockade cut off access to the Greenport and Prince Rupert, which is now reopening, but CN is still working through a backlog from its striking November.

Now it’s lost its eastern ports and it’s not just a group you’re feeling it in Halifax. Ships are waiting is inbound, containers pile-up, the import cargo, that’s coming in can’t be loaded onto raiola and the longer this goes on. The more of it is going to pile up on the docks, as with the strike, their fears of shortage propane and Quebec, chlorine for water treatment in Ontario and again warnings from real Reliant manufacturers. Thinking of companies are looking to shut down production lines, even close to certain shops are plants because they don’t have access to this Supply product.

They need ballpark you’re, probably looking at something between 60 million and 160 million a week and lost GDP are hard to pin down it’s not just about the money across Industries. A common worry about how Canada will be viewed. The damages our reputation as a reliable supplier. Back on the farm, it’s simple: the farmers are able to haul or not getting paid, at least not yet like many with trains.
After a backlog from CN Rail worker protests in November, businesses that rely on transporting cargo via rail are stalled again after anti-pipeline protests lead to a shutdown of CN’s network in Eastern Canada.

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