Cleveland isn’t the place for Odell Beckham Jr. – Ryan Clark | Get Up

By | December 11, 2019

Cleveland isn’t the place for Odell Beckham Jr. – Ryan Clark | Get Up
Cleveland isn’t the place for Odell Beckham Jr. – Ryan Clark | Get Up
A lot of people thought that Odell and Baker Mayfield together, would be phenomenal, but he has caught. Two touchdown passes be worth in 97. Other players in the NFL this year is also averaging career lows and reception and receiving yards per game, and is all this chatter, but the possibility that this will be one-and-done, Brody, LSU, guys and all the rest of that. What do you think you know? I don’t necessarily know what the Cleveland Browns I haven’t talked to him about this. This is just me. This isn’t. The place for Cleveland isn’t big enough for Odell Beckham jr., and he also can’t be with the quarterback, who won frankly, isn’t playing very well and is talking more than he’s playing. There are things that are going to surround necessarily think this wouldn’t be so much news and then, when your quarterback, when your quarterback it continues to make the atmosphere around you, toxic, Odell, Beckham jr. needs to be somewhere with a quarterback, don’t say nothing, he just plays It may have come out and said what he said about a. Maybe a terrible idea, but at least it might have had some logic behind it. Show me come out in and let him know that look we’ve got your back. We know that maybe the medical staff didn’t handle this. The way that you wanted them to, whether that’s true or not. He was trying to make a public statement. He didn’t think it through and that’s been a problem with some of his decisions on the field and certainly has problem with his decisions with the media. But of course I went out, I don’t understand how anybody could potentially be the best. He was second all-time. Receptions per game and also second all-time in yards per game like he was going to be an all-time great and they are squandering a year of his greatness, they’re, stealing it from us and they’re stealing it from him because they can’t get right. So I don’t blame anyone who has a problem with publicly. Maybe you don’t whisper to somebody on the field afterwards, you tell your agent get it done, but obviously you went out. Your great and part of his greatness is also part of what his personality has been, but I agree with Dominique the other part of it. Is it’s either Freddie kitchens to me or Odell Beckham jr.? You need to get someone in there that can get the most out of all of these players, especially him cuz. You can’t you are wasting him and wasting money, but can they can if they replace the coach, can they, as basically constituted, be a good team? How many other Playmakers on that often? But if they replace the coach with the right move, can this team achieve next year, but it should have this year if they get all those things quick point in the right direction to there is really no glaring weak spot on their own. You were like it become you covered Mayfield to the college football playoff. It would be great this year. I think this is the first time, though, that he’s really failed in a moment where he was expected to succeed so he’s trying to work through that and figure. It out and and not handling the right way. I would say that if they made some changes brought in a coach that works better for him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he scorched-earth is. He still has that same Talent next year with him, because they thought he that coaches are dying to come and get it if, indeed, they do decide to make the change. Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports, highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN +
Mike Greenberg, Ryan Clark, Laura Rutledge and Domonique Foxworth debate whether Odell Beckham Jr. should continue to play for the Cleveland Browns next season.

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