Chrystia Freeland says throne speech’s message is that the government can ‘get a lot done’

By | December 10, 2019

Chrystia Freeland says throne speech’s message is that the government can ‘get a lot done’
Chrystia Freeland says throne speech’s message is that the government can ‘get a lot done’
Well, this is the second round speech by the Justin Trudeau government, but the First with a deputy prime minister listing in the crack cuz you’re feeling is that Deputy pm and she joins me in the studio to have you Beach into three key priorities. What would they be overarching, and it is saying to Canadians and to all members of parliament that each one of us in the house was elected and we were elected by Canadians to make the lives of Canadian better. And if we all focus on that. It seems simple, but if we also focus on that, I think the message of the throne speech is: we can get a lot. Size 8. That is message one I would say message to. Was she really point out that this Parliament shows that strong majorities of Canadians saver both ambitious Targets on fighting climate and Bishop actions, fight climate change, and they also working hard to get Canadian natural resources, including our oil resource 2 markets, and by the way the Transmountain Pipeline officially started on Tuesday, and so that balanced approach is something that Canadians voted for, and this Throne speech talked about how we need to pursue that balanced approach. 430. The third one, I would say, is making Canadians healthier and safer, and that means working on things like pharmacare. It means working on things like getting military-style assault rifles Offer Street. Are these Regional concerns when they’re Justified, but should there not have been more empathy foot into this speech for Western anxieties, which feature charged with dealing with say? Actually, all Canadians need to have true empathy for the economic situation in the Prairies right now and being concerned about, and supporting the Prairie conomy, including the energy sector, is the right thing to do as compassionate Canadian. It’S also the right thing to do as Canadians who Wonder and that our prosperity depends on the prosperity of all regions of our country has a strong Alberta. A strong Saskatchewan is a strong Canada and that’s the approach that I think we all need to take him by the way when other parts of the country have suffered economic difficulty. Let’S consider the car sector in Ontario and 2008. The country has rallied Hines that extra the economy, and I think that it’s the job of any federal government to really work hard to be sure our national economy, in all of its amazing Regional diversity, is firing when you meet Jason Kennedy next week and I’m sure You’Ll be in the room listening, I mean as a constructive meeting with less than the pie. Was there on Monday of last week in this beat say: that’s the proof. We heard what you told me about 10 days ago and we’re acting on that in working with all parties in the house and working with all premiums across the country is really going to be. First and foremost, she looks that common ground to say, let’s begin the conversation by speaking the areas where we agree and seeking to make progress there and I actually think there’s a lot of progress that can be made. At the same time. I think it’s important for us to be frank about the fact that there are political disagreements. There, political disagreements in the House of Commons, their political disagreements across the country and they’re going to be some issues that we want to, and that’s okay too. So I got to ask you – and you knew this was probably coming that says. A prime minister’s overheard comments. Trump saying is Too Faced and how we got Joe Biden into the acusing. Trudeau ComEd says campaign, advertising, father and Donald Trump. Juniors tweets with Justin, Trudeau and black face thinks he is Too Faced anything well, you know what I can tell you. Don is just a boat, my kind of working day-to-day relationship with the us, and we are in a very critical face of the NAFTA conversation right now, as the u.s. works hard to get to a place where the US can ratify NAFTA, and that has actually meant Depth up works together between Canada and the United. Just over a week ago, I was in Washington meeting with Ambassador lighthiser and he’s the stated, the Mexican negotiator, and since that time I have been on the phone with Ambassador lighthizer a half-dozen times everyday. I talked to him at 9:45 last night, I talked to him again just a couple of hours ago. I will speak to him again this afternoon or later this evening. You know there are some very specific issues that were working on today. That’S what I can say to you is that we have developed, and you know we did have some difficult conversations along the way, but we have developed a really effective working relationship. The part that working relationship with belts with us Administration – and I think you know we would agree that the current US Administration, the current government of Canada, disagree with each other about a lot of things and work ended with each other about that. But we have also really understood that emit casing Canada, US relationship. We are destined to work together and our two countries and the Pea nr2 country Prosper much more if we can find a way to do that, and maybe that is a lesson for how we need to approach things in soil Crustaceans with Ambassador lighthizer. But I can say to you that we are working extremely closely together right now and extremely effectively and actually wanted to take this opportunity to thank Ambassador lighthizer for extremely hard and tearful work. She is doing right now to try to get to ratification in the US. That was my practice during the NAFTA negotiations. When we were actually at the negotiating, we didn’t yet have a deal between can of you at the Mexico to be careful about making prediction. I think it’s important to take that same approach. Now. People are working very, very hard. Ambassador lighthizer speaker Pelosi are Mexican counterparts, Canada’s very involved to get to a place where the u.s. is able to ratify the deal. But it’s not over until it’s over and you know. The u.s. today does have a government which is divided and so threading that needle really challenging optimistic, though I am always optimistic.
Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland discusses the government’s throne speech as well as the viral hot mic video of PM Trudeau talking about Trump.

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