Christine Sinclair going for gold at 2020 Olympics

By | February 17, 2020

Christine Sinclair going for gold at 2020 Olympics
Christine Sinclair going for gold at 2020 Olympics
Christine Sinclair the goat, Christina, we are so very proud of you. Thank you for all the joy that you have brought us National goals record. What an accomplishment. national team has scored the most goals in international competition by any player from any country close to unprecedented highs. For Canadian team on her way to goal 185 off-the-field Burnaby native remains uncomfortable with all the attention but deeply aware of her responsibility on and off the pitch. I spoke with Sinclair at fittingly BC Sports Hall of Fame about that goal and the Big Challenge ahead.

I’M going to ask you about 185, the question answered a million times before what it mean to never forget. It’S obviously something that’s been waiting on me for the past. Year-And-A-Half just has a gold tooth the way – and I knew it was going to happen or just a matter of when put to be able to do with my teammates in an olympic qualifying tournaments, pretty special and and then we went on to qualify for the Olympics. Successful tournament get a chance to take a breath at all and to step back and see how the world reacted to it, because really people from all walks of life, amazing things did you see any of that a little bit of time after The Game diss her To see what was going on and yeah, I heard from some remarkable people, Billie Jean King or prime minister and then obviously very nice, things to say is she’s thinking about you is so some of the star.

U. S. players were thinking about you too so and they reacted to Billie Jean’s a tweet so that that was a that was prequel speaking The Americans. What do you think about the US team often, and you think, about Canada – and you know playing the US, perhaps in Tokyo, so yeah? If we want to reach our ultimate goal, which is to get on top of foot of the podium in Tokyo? We we have to figure out a way to beat them, and we just we have to be at our absolute best for the type of team that takes advantage of any mistake you make but they’re beautiful, they’re not Untouchable, and I think that’s something we realized recently That we’re right there are not untouchable.

Success is just having our team picking individually and collectively, and when we do that, we’re capable of anything I’m not going to lie like a gold medal.
Canadian soccer star Christine Sinclair just broke the international goal-scoring record, and her next goal is a gold medal at the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo. 

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