Chris Hayes: The Only Thing To Stop Trump Is Us | All In | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

Chris Hayes: The Only Thing To Stop Trump Is Us | All In | MSNBC
Chris Hayes: The Only Thing To Stop Trump Is Us | All In | MSNBC
But it’s only been one week since our impeach president was acquitted in the Senate when we could go and the abuses of power just keep going intensifying, has been openly assaulting. The independence part of Justice in the behaviors become so routine of what he is doing now. I would say is even more destructive than anything he’s done before he knew what he was impeached for and amidst all that says, you watch these headlines that are kind of dizzying. The same last week, the only thing standing between the rule of law and a kind of authoritarian decline is us.

Is that any law anywhere and it certainly not the words as written the laws we have the institutions we have. Those are all vitally important, but fundamentally we are what stands in the way and here’s what I mean by that release, averted and corrupting in front of our eyes by the president and his hand-picked bagman for lack of a better word Attorney General, William Barr. But here’s the thing is not in the US Constitution the Department of Justice, the tax, because there was not in front of justice for almost another Century.

After ratification, there was not an FBI. There were barely any federal crimes right around the time the Constitution was adopted. It was a states that did all that, and I was the case for nearly the first hundred years. A country department, just us, is actually created by Statute of the Civil War, nor the years have grown in scope and power and when it was created, there was no constitutional, delineation or demon Haitian about the relationship between the president and this massive law enforcement body that He started to run to the doj to bring the rule of law for the Post Confederate South, where local, juries and local investigators win prosecute violent white, Terrace Federal investigators.

How to do that in the 1970s very very powerful trucent surveillance system targeting many of his personal enemies, he uses his power to essentially blackmail politicians, including president’s right to kill himself as a commie abuse of power, never left the post until his death in 1970 to 1972 and then we got Watergate investigation 1973 when President Richard Nixon Department weapon to wield against his enemies, known as the Saturday night Massacre right when Nixon tries to fire. The special prosecutor investigating him and we need attorney general and then the deputy attorney general refused to carry out his order.

They resigned in protest, there’s a realization after the after Hoover, after Nixon Watergate that the misuse their part of justice is just unbelievably dangerous, existentially threatening to the rule of law and democracy in general, and the government needs to have some kind of ring on it, because We cannot have the rule of law and we cannot certainly having personal Justice with the Department of Justice using its power to Aid. The agenda of one man for the post-watergate era included a number of reforms instead of being FBI director forever, for instance, your term probably good idea cross administrations, but of course we saw that too was basically just a tradition, and one of the biggest performance was establishing A wall between the president and the Department of Justice on certain matters right and some of those are DOD regulations that are internal to department, but the crucial thing about all these reforms that are established, post, Hoover and post Nixon didn’t come is amendments US Constitution.

Most of them are not walls at all. Many of them are norms and tradition and precedents. There are rules that presence of both parties have more or less on Earth for decades and the most important of all these warms. The most important is the separation between the White House and the president and the department of on criminal matters and investigations, and the function of the government is used by strong man everywhere as a tool of pursuing harassing and purging political opponents in Russia. For just one example write the leader of the main opposition party: there’s a guy named Alexei navalny.

If you’ve heard of him Russian federal agents, basically they’re vs. the FBI and gets brought up on charges over and over again, do we think that’s because Alexei navalny is an incorrigible crook or because Putin is clearly using the prosecutorial go to Target his political enemies and That is what is so dangerous about where we are right now, as I’m talking to you, there is nothing specifically and explicitly in our Constitution. That says you can’t do this. There are not laws, can’t Princeton hand attorney general Barr, a list of all the people who I don’t know contributing to Democratic presidential candidates, the maximum level and tell him the deal open up investigations into those people not technically illegal.

It would obviously be an absolute descent into tinpot authoritarianism. We all know that it would violate a whole bunch of Department regulations, amendment constitutional right to due process. Of course, they could defund Department of Justice. They sell the power of the purse, they could even impeached. Remove the president does not seem particularly likely today and they’re really two ways to wield the power of the Department of Justice in the kind of authoritarian tool right. You can use it as a shield friends and you can use it as a sword.

Prerunner, we’re watching right now in front of us in broad daylight attorney. General Barr is using it as a shield for Donald Trump’s parents. Still further intervention is Rodger Stone, case right, a sentencing recommendation and then they replace it with a much much lighter sentence against the recommendations of the prosecutor’s working the case that leads all four of those line prosecutors to withdraw from the case, one even resigns from doj. All together today today, we got news that attorney general Barr has installed it outside prosecutor to review the case against Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security advisor a man who himself pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, Rodger, Stone and Michael claimed.

They are the president’s friends and allies and Associates the crimes they committed were committed in part, at least to benefit the president himself. The president does not want the law to touch them. The much more terrifying precipice that we have not totally crossed yet is using the boj as a sword against Trump President right. That’S in the valdi example in in Russia, we’ve known from the time that he was on the campaign. Trail Trump wants to do that. He wants to use Department of Justice against his enemies, the same way Putin does.

He literally ran unlock her up. She tweeted at the all the time I’m coming in to investigate the political Rivals. We know the president wanted James Comey prosecuted. We know that thanks the washing post that Trump hit the roof when the doj declined to prosecute Comey, can you believe they did not charge it from Port and then Trump wanted comey’s predecessor acting FBI director Andrew McCabe prosecuted, because he opened up a counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in election and a impossible pie, and also because his wife, a Democrat, that is something like real authoritarian stuff.

Today, we got word that after months with extended back and forth about whether they would or would not actually night McCabe doj said they are not going to prosecute and there’s reporting today different slipped out about that too. Threat of Investigation, even without prosecution, creates unbelievable pressure and coercive force on political enemy. Just asked Andrew McCabe. What the last two years of being under federal investigation domestication can change the trajectory of your political fortunes as well intervene in federal case and nothing in the most literal sense.

He is not perfectly wrong. There is nothing spelled out in the Constitution or spelled out and visit. There is no Department of Justice in the Constitution, but that does not mean there is no check the restraint, the thing stopping the present from doing whatever he wants, our people, people, mobilizing and organizing, and calling switchboard a Congress and civil resigning in Fire Department of Justice. Like those folks did and then telling us what they know, people marching and protesting outside the Department of Justice – if that’s what it takes, because the only thing to stop him is up hey there on Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube.

Chris Hayes: “The thing stopping the President from doing whatever he wants are people mobilizing and organizing.” Aired on 02/14/20.
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Chris Hayes: The Only Thing To Stop Trump Is Us | All In | MSNBC

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