Chilean Police Are Blinding Protesters: We Spoke to the Injured | The Dispatch

By | December 10, 2019

Chilean Police Are Blinding Protesters: We Spoke to the Injured | The Dispatch
Chilean Police Are Blinding Protesters: We Spoke to the Injured | The Dispatch
Emeritus Phoenix Theater near okay, streets of Santiago Chile protesters, say they’re fed up with growing inequality most come out in peace, but their met with force in the situation quickly escalated. Chile is supposed to be one of Latin America’s most stable democracies, a model for Success since the countries dictatorship ended in 1990, stop suggested security tactics haven’t changed all that much police have fired pellets and rubber bullets. These rounds are often shot at close range, hitting people where they can do maximum damage. More than 180 protesters have been partly blinded and the numbers continue to rise. I follow Carlos Puebla into the eye. Trauma unit have a public Hospital. The waiting room is full of people who tell me a similar story, I’m back with Carlos Puebla, dr. Carmen Torres several days ago, trying to insert an implant, but the pain is too intense. Halal international news, Minnesota compliment and Electric who also declined international human rights groups are investigating allegations of abuse, but that process, where seeds and bringing the powerful to account. After all, it was Chile’s president Sebastian pinata, who set the stage for the ballot clampdown, Kenora Pita and at least five deaths more than 180 severe eye injuries, 1800 hospitalizations, 5000 arrests, + allegations of torture and sexual violence. Many of the victims say they were not acting aggressively when they were shot. All they can do now is file a lawsuit and wait. They give you an a letter, that’s your own. He worked in quarto. The police. Violence hasn’t deterred, people from coming out the contrary. A few days after I met him in the hospital Pablo Verdugo, his back on the streets taking care to protect his face and eyes from
Our correspondent goes inside an eye trauma unit in Chile that’s responding to “an epidemic” of protesters who have been shot in the eye by police pellet guns.

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