Chicago non-profit aims to help community with gun violence | USA TODAY

By | February 14, 2020

Chicago non-profit aims to help community with gun violence | USA TODAY
Chicago non-profit aims to help community with gun violence | USA TODAY
They want to spend 25 million dollars on Research by everyone for their, but I do have to really look at what is causing the violent give a person opportunity in this is what you get from it, and we have. You know community that you know we just don’t want it to buy. You know we want to thrive and that’s telling us to go and let the angel pushing for you need to care for people, and you need to care for each other and you need to care for a community. And so we really value the fact that everyone is welcome on it and left and when we use that as our base do we can add things like okay.

We need to do a gun safety presentation. So if you hear please come and visit us, we have on many functions that we offer to the community play place to hang out during the summer. We have a lot of activities for children in just some telling the neighborhood and emphatic here is family. You really need to get in these neighborhood and, and let people tell us look the reason why this is happening is that I have no doubt I would equally go ahead and shoot someone if I have an absolutely no reason to lie.

I have no reason to wake up. I have no reason to hold on. I have no one that cares for me and I have absolutely nowhere to sleep know where to eat, and I know other agree with that, but I think we have to look at what we have done to communities thanks for watching you, like this video check out These other videos from USA Today to stay up-to-date with all the latest news.
I Grow Chicago believes that community intervention programs address the root causes of gun violence ​in a way that research cannot.

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