Champagne on national unity: ‘We all work for Canadians’

By | December 10, 2019

Champagne on national unity: ‘We all work for Canadians’
Champagne on national unity: ‘We all work for Canadians’
So very happy to have fun Sofia, champagne joining us as well from the Senate building, and he is of course Canada’s newly-minted foreign affairs minister mister. I know it’s busy be here. No doubt you were part of the conversations and all of it when you see the votes in different parts of the country, Canadians are sending a message to to work together, not to divide, but obviously to focus on what brings us together as Canadians, and I think, Canadians will be able to see that what you see in the tree baseball bring Canadians together. That’S really our mission. They’Ve elected people from different parties are obviously in the 43rd Parliament, but what they sent us overall is a message work together, because we all work for Canadian and I think I’ll be happy to see in the Trump speech today what we have to offer, obviously being From go back to yourself, you know, National Unity is a big issue in our country for any and National governments. You talking about bringing Canadians together the fact that your party didn’t win any seats in Alberta or six unicor shut out of those two problems, and how do you reach out to those parts of the country and say: listen, you know we we hear you, we are Listening to you example, be the Mayors in the Prairies in in the west as a former infrastructure Minister, we each other network. Jim car is going to play a big role in bringing the voice of the West into cabinet on McClellan as well. But I think it’s each of do. I have to do more to do more for us to reach out to her colleagues in for back to do more to reach out to our colleagues in Alberta in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and British Columbia. So we’re going to do that collectively and and it it goes also with policies that will bring Canadians cuz. That’S what didn’t expect in the modern Parliament is to bring people together, focus on what is we have in common and work on that basis, for all Canadians, taking the time for CTB is always great to have you. Thank you see you very soon.
Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne discusses national unity and says ‘we all work for Canadians.’

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