CDC frustrated that they haven’t been given access in China

By | February 16, 2020

CDC frustrated that they haven’t been given access in China
CDC frustrated that they haven’t been given access in China
15Th case of the coronavirus has been confirmed right here in the United States in the CDC is warning that the virus is likely to impact the world for months to come, and even Beyond this year is bringing our chief medical correspondent, dr. Sanjay, Gupta Sanjay got a Chance to speak with the CDC director tell us more aggressive containment mode. Well, there’s things that are happening right now. That haven’t happened in 50 years in this country. Quarantines, that’s worth it hasn’t happened in nll in a long time here. How effective is it? What is the thinking? What is the strategy going forward? I sat down and talked to dr.

Robert Redfield he’s the head of the CDC and we visited the emergency Operation Center. This is going to obviously being a significant investment. I’M the same day, the CDC confirm the 15th us coronavirus case. I went inside the agency’s emergency Operation Center with the Rector Dr Robert Redfield. How good is the public health structure at reporting in to give you an idea of how rapidly the situation is changing with the worst-case scenario here in the United States? So far, we’ve able to contain it, but I think this virus is probably with his be on this season or Bonne Vie on this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission and you can start to think of It in the sense, like seasonal flu and the only difference is, we don’t understand this fires, which is exactly why the CDC wants to be on the ground in China.

It’S probably redfield’s biggest frustration right now, there’s no to me that this outbreak is at all under control. If it’s definitely not controlled in the sooner, we can help them get it under control, the better for the whole world. So I guess that does raise the question. Why are we sitting here in Atlanta talking about this versus the CDC being in China collecting some of this data? I don’t think it’s a medical decision that we’re not being invited in what do you think it is political decision? All I can say is. I think it’s above the director CDC cuz, I know he would love to have a system is waiting to hear whether it’s going to be a part of that team in the meantime Redfield is his priority, is to keep Americans.

Safe are whole issue. Right now is, as I said, aggressive containment to try to give us more time. But it’s going to take you no one to two years to get that probably developed an out to prepare to the all systems to be able to be flexible enough to deal with the potential second major cause of respiratory illness.
As the number of people diagnosed with coronavirus rises to at least 15 in the US, Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks to the CDC about how they are handling the outbreak and their predictions for the future. #CNN #News

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