CDC confirms 15th coronavirus case in U.S. as number of cases in China skyrockets

By | February 14, 2020

CDC confirms 15th coronavirus case in U.S. as number of cases in China skyrockets
CDC confirms 15th coronavirus case in U.S. as number of cases in China skyrockets
The CDC has confirmed another coronavirus infection here in the US. America’S 15th case comes as infections, Skyrocket across mainland China and spread worldwide. Chinese officials now say that they’ve confirm nearly sixty four in cases of the virus and roughly 14 hundred deaths. Carter Evans is outside of University of California San Diego health system facility, which is treating 3 coronavirus. Patient has basilar tree to patients with coronavirus and they’re treating another one is under investigation right now.

All three of those patients arrived on that flight from Wuhan last week to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar continues to rise. More Medical Teams arrived in China’s hard-hit Hue Province, Thursday, as officials confirmed, roughly 1700 health workers have been infected by coronavirus and six have died dial after the Japanese government reported its country’s first coronavirus. Yet prime minister Shinzo Abe Olympics Miner that began its trip last month. They were finally allowed to disembark after several countries turn them away, even though there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus on board, it’s good to stay on the 15th he’s now being treated at this Hospital.

The risk is low for the American people, but that could change that specializes in prevention of infectious diseases messages, stay, calm, don’t get frightened and let it influence your life right now. Okay, so Carter 3 people at this hospital to have the coronavirus another one sort of being observed. Are they expecting to be treating anymore Casey? It really seems like they are not just here in San Diego, but also in Texas. The CDC is warned us that they expected it’s very possible that more cases could develop the good news they say: they’re prepared they’ve got these people in corn.

He already and they’re ready to take them to the hospital. If need be, I can go to the CDC to find out exactly what’s going on, but there are other kind of organizations similar organizations all around the world. There’S CDC Africa. They all work independently. I’M wondering if there is international cooperation when it comes to figuring out a vaccine or treatment. There are a lot of companies, not just hear the us. There are several here in the US, but there are companies around the world that are working on a vaccine and some are medications that they’ve already developed.

For instance, there is a company in California here that is testing out of medication. It was successful for Ebola. Another company is using a medication that works for AIDS patients and some of those medication have already been tried on coronavirus. Patients, in fact, that first coronavirus patient we had here at the US in Seattle was given a dose of that medication that was intended for Ebola and he was better in 2 days slowly but surely were making some progress. Carter Evans.

Thank you.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed another coronavirus infection in the U.S. as the number of cases in mainland China has skyrocketed. Companies around the world are racing to find a vaccine. CBS News correspondent Carter Evans joined “CBSN AM” to discuss the latest on the outbreak from outside a San Diego facility treating two patients who have the virus.

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