Canadians leaving Diamond Princess will face 2nd quarantine

By | February 17, 2020

Canadians leaving Diamond Princess will face 2nd quarantine
Canadians leaving Diamond Princess will face 2nd quarantine
Hundreds of Americans left the Diamond Princess cruise ship Sunday night boarding buses on the Yokohama pier and later US Government flights to California. They are the first passengers allowed to go home with Canadian set the Halo boarding to an announcement from Ottowa late Saturday. They are to be brought back on plane charter flights, Wednesday eager to escape Jennifer Lee calls a luxury jail, a ship full quarantine. We’Re almost one-in-ten have been gradually infected, so it is 200 other uninfected Canadians have been emailing and lobbying Ottawa to bring them out of the cabins and limited deck areas or they’ve been confined for almost two weeks.

Just getting a been stressful, frustrating to Trudy Clemente told me from the ship today related today with the news, but it was a long time coming, but it’ll be a long time before the ordeal is over once they are flown to Trenton Ontario Clayface. Another two weeks of quarantine, regular ex, is exasperated glad. The government finally got after button did something 14 days: more quarantine, princess largest cluster of the disease outside China, but in China the coronavirus continues to spread infecting more than 70,000 and killing over 1800 State media is claiming signs of progress.

Showing pictures of patients were recovered. Leaving hospital officials say new infections are dropping you, don’t the change, shows. Prevention and control are starting to work, says the National Health commission know it’s numbers are hard to track because China’s way of counting has changed several times. So if it’s not clear from the numbers alone with her China’s turning a corner, what is Beijing focus at this point? Well, Ian’s Beijing is under a great deal of political pressure on this one. Over the weekend, there was a statement saying that President Xi Jinping knew about the dangers of this virus weeks before any serious moves to contain it.

That was meant to reassure Chinese that he’s on top of things, but instead it’s raised questions about why he didn’t act sooner.
Canadians being taken off the Diamond Princess cruise ship because of a coronavirus outbreak will spend another two weeks in quarantine upon their return to Canada.

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